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World Health Link Review – A Rogue Online Pharmacy

16/01/2021 by

World Health Link Review – A Rogue Online Pharmacy

World health link is a drugstore that used to be cautious and careful in their operations. Their website claims to have been running since 2004. They have a live chat support team that can be contacted via phone numbers. These services are unmatched by any other online pharmacy in the world. I was curious about what they had to say about their experience with this drugstore.

  1. The electronic cigarettes they sell are CLEARLY marked as illegal. This is not only an issue in itself, but it also touches the foundation of the credibility of this pharmacy.
  2. They have been known to dispense counterfeit drugs. When I tried to access their website, I came across a 404 Not Found error. This means that their website doesn’t exist and doesn’t have any information about who owns and runs it.
  3. The drugs they claimed to have on their site are fake. They have been known to dispense products of poor quality and not meet the standards expected.
  4. Their orders are usually dispatched after 2 weeks and there is no tracking record available. This is a major concern considering these drugs are not placed in a timely fashion.
  5. Their prices are too good to be true, especially the discounted drugs. They have a good 2-year track record with them being able to dispense drugs from their offices in the United States and India. They also provide helpful customer service to those who contact them.
  6. There is not much information available on their site, aside from their name and contact details. There is a contact form that can be filled out for them to reach out to.

They are asking for a fee of $19.95 for their consultation. A consultation is a requirement for their license to operate as a pharmacy. You can also opt to have a video chat for them by calling their toll free hotline at 1-800-495-3928. If you have questions, you can also leave feedback in their sister pharmacy, Pharmacy Checker.

I was, however, impressed by the fact that this pharmacy has been featured on a few scam analyzing websites. This means that they are more likely to be a legitimate business.

However, despite this, showed that this website has a low trust rating and is unsafe for browsing, thus making it unsafe to use their website. Scamadviser showed that the site is vulnerable to being run by a scammer with zero experience with online fraud.

I was also impressed with the fact that world health link has not been featured on any scam analyzing websites such as Scamadviser and Scamner. What is more is that their location is not very clear. They are probably operating from either Pakistan or India, however, no details were given on why they are from either country.

World Health Link Prices

Like many online pharmacies, the pharmacy used to have its own policies regarding its service but later on, changed its policies to allow its clients to buy directly from its sellers and it made its seller platform available to all.

The drug store is now one of the easiest and cheapest online pharmacy to use online. The pharmacy has stopped accepting credit card payments making the payment process more secure which makes you more secure. They used to charge you $39.95 for shipping but now they only charge $19.95. Their refund policy is still available and they have a help desk that you can call if you have any questions. Their customer service team is getting more and more wonderful as the days go by and we are sure they will be happy with your purchase. They even allow you to call in to a live chat to get in contact with them. Their customer reviews are incredible and shows everyone how much the site has meant to them.

They are also responsible for having escrow on their site so that customers who need it can be sure it will be covered. For your protection, they have a 24/7 customer support team waiting for you 24/7.

World Health Link Reviews 2021

Domain Name Information (DNIC) shows that this online pharmacy’s domain was first registered on 7th May 2019. This is a short time after they claim to have been operating for over 17 years.

World Health Link

This information does not add up as a regular business would expect would normally. From the information available on the site, we can only conclude that this pharmacy is most likely a scam.

There is no contact details available on the site for the business. This isn’t surprising as they are using a free email account that is very easy to abuse.

MasterCard and Visa as well as a few bank transfer. They have postal services and an online store as well. They boast of dealing with customers in Canada, New Zealand and India.

Their products are tested and approved by the FDA. A check with the US FDA confirms they are approved to sell medications to men.

This internet drugstore has a testimonial page that is a great place to check customer feedback. There are over 1,200 reviews on the page and they are all positive. This demonstrates the level of customer service that they provide.

A positive customer review should not be used as an excuse to skip a customer service call. The facts show that this online pharmacy is a dead end and they are likely to be fraudulent and unsafe to use.

Prescription Requirements

You need a valid prescription from the hospital doctor who will treat the condition for which you are taking this medicine to get approved for the sale of this product. The online pharmacy also needs a prescription form from a licensed physician in order to sell their product.

You may use up to 28 days for the order to be dispatched and shipped depending on the quantity of products that you want to order. The online pharmacy accepts Visa and Echeck payments only through the credit card processing center of the national bank of India.

  1. Credit cards from leading credit card processing companies such as Visa, Mastercard, and Amex
  2. Payments made by using your debit card from one of the following seven leading credit card processing companies
  3. Bitcoin and other crypto currencies

World Health Link Prices

This pharmacy offers 24/7 customer support through email, phone, fax and a mailing address. They also offer a chat support team to help you through with your questions.

We hope that they will continue to sell high-quality medications to the public to help them recover from these treatments.

This shop is a pharmacy which is known for selling cheap pills and items which are commonly found in local pharmacies. They also offer prescriptions for many different products. However, this online pharmacy uses a professional customer support team to ensure that the customer’s needs are satisfied when ordering.

World Health Link Bestsellers

The drugstore is an American online pharmacy that claims to be world-famous. The owner of the site provides a good profile for the site, as it clearly shows that the store has been around for a considerable period of time. The store has an international warehouse facility, which helps to reduce shipping costs in international shipping. Risks to the environment are low compared to others online stores, for instance.

The store sells branded products at very high prices. I am seeing, for instance, brand-name Viagra, which is around $83 USD, coming in at $1 USD. This is quite expensive, given that these are the same generic drugs that are easily procurable from other online stores.

World health link prescribes its customers to understand that they are dealing with a licensed pharmacist and to always verify them before purchasing. The store uses a valid security certificate from NABP, a Pharmacy and PharmacyChecker member.

Shipping is via Express Mail or Trackable Courier Service. I am receiving my parcel in a week. The site offers a few options for payment, such as PayPal and major credit card processing methods.


The website is an online drugstore that provides medicines at very low prices. They specialize in impotence relief medicines. Products sold by this online pharmacy are manufactured in India. They accept credit card payments via VISA and MasterCard. They have no hidden identity and are owned by the same company who manufactured the erectile dysfunction pills. Although the exact location of this store is unknown, they do seem to be located in Canada.

I would give this store 2 out of 5 stars for their generic erectile dysfunction drugs, generic and branded. They are very cheap and affordable compared to other online pharmacies.

Continuing my search for the generic Viagra, I came across this site. I was impressed with the company's professionalism and its reliability. I decided to give it a try. They have a medicine in stock for $298.11 and they ship it for $36.76 package.

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