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Tin Rx Review - A Suspicious Online Pharmacy With Poor Ratings

28/03/2021 by

Tin Rx Review - A Suspicious Online Pharmacy With Poor Ratings

Tin rx is an online pharmacy that makes genuine, prescribed drugs for their patients. They sell inexpensively (and only for a very limited time) and their prices are amazingly low. Their most popular drugs are ED medicines but they also have a wide range of other medications ranging from Antibiotics to Women’s Health and Men’s Health.

When it comes to the FDA that they are a member of, there is still no way to verify this. As one of the best online pharmacies in the world, it is disappointing to only be able to use their member status as a badge to validate their claims of being an internet pharmacy.

The website is no longer active. They have only provided their membership card information and they do not provide any other details about who owns or operates the store.

Tin rx is an online pharmacy which claims to offer genuine, FDA approved drugs. We found a lot of differences from other pharmacies to this one especially when you consider what we have already been able to discover about their website and their business practices.

It is your call if you want to invest and risk your money in these claims but if you are going to gamble your money you better show us that you have something to back them.

Tin Rx Reviews 2021

The drug store claims that they keep their customers safe, though I was not able to confirm that. They offer credit monitoring and insurance coverage for the payment. They also claim that they provide a secure and proprietary platform that is secure from all the security experts.

They offer refund policy if the customer is not satisfied with the product and the package after 30 days they provide them a full refund. They also offer a 15% discount for returns of orders.

Tin Rx Coupon Codes

I was able to find reviews on the web. They are not all positive. I mean the comments are. But they do not identify the person writing the comments.

This online pharmacy is not safe to use. They are not following any regulatory rules and they may be trying to steal your information.

Shipping is free on their website but they charge a fee of $25 for the delivery. They do not give information about the delivery and the location of the drugs they sell.

Tin rx is a Canadian pharmacy that offers low- cost generic medicines.

Tin Rx Coupon Codes

The pharmacy is an online pharmacy which claims to be based in Canada. They also say that they offer safer and more convenient ways to buy your prescription drugs, as well as a very wide range of products for a very low price. This update also shows that some information about the owner of the website is not available.

They have a certification from Pharmacy Checker and are approved by the PGEU GPUE as an approved partner.

This pharmaceutical website is part of a regulatory organization which is recognised by LegitScript and VeriSign.

Tin Rx Reviews 2021

They claim to offer all manner of medications. They offer Brand Viagra, Brand Cialis and brand Levitra. Their prices are remarkably cheaper than the prices we find online.

They say they sell their products through a third-party company called “Canadian Pharmacy Shop”. However, we are unable to verify which pharmacy these medications come from where they are dispensed from because this is not disclosed on the site.

Tin Rx Pricing

It is not easy ordering from the drug store. They say that you can track the status of your order, which is very convenient, but the shipping is very expensive. It takes 2 to 3 weeks to arrive, which is far faster than the regular option. Shipping is free if your order exceeds $300.

Their customer support team is on standby, and it seems like they are working 24/7. Their phone and email support representatives are also very helpful and friendly to deal with. Their FAQ is also a lot to read, so we have divided the information in two parts below. reveals the real contact details and domain details of the owner of this pharmacy. They show that this website belongs to Canada, and they are using a Canadian provider.

They have a contact form, and we can also use the phone numbers they have listed on their site. They do not provide a live chat, and even their phone number is listed by Whois.

This pharmacy does not provide a physical business address, and we cannot confirm the address they offer.

Tin Rx Pricing


Not surprisingly, a large number of reviews appear online.

R" and "ask" lists. There is also a sentiment against reviews, although it is hard to discern these comments from the aggregated reviews. Nevertheless, the majority of reviewers are positive.

I decided to see just how good the customer service department of the drugstore was as a company. Having worked on the mailing list for them for a year, I noticed a significant amount of customer feedback.

They have 5 online pharmacy stores across the USA, in addition to their retail store. This suggests that they are not a one-stop shop and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

I was curious to find out how much shipping they offer. They offer free Registered Post shipping on all orders, along with 3 additional pills of their Cialis Special.

Tin rx are a drugstore that I want to purchase from, so I decided to check if they have any discounts or specials in their store.

I was surprised not at all by the low prices but the quality of the drugs, especially their generic drugs. There is also free shipping everywhere on their site, although there was also a flat fee of $30 where I live.

There are a lot of good things to say about this pharmacy, but there are also so many negatives. For one thing, I would have to re-order from them in the future due to the lack of availability of the drugs I want.

I sincerely believe that their listing of exclusives and low prices are unfair to their consumers. There is also the issue of the exclusives being low-priced and their generic counterparts being expensive.

TinRx is a pharmacy website that seems to be genuine. However, the manufacturer of the pills that they sell is not known, and the location of the pharmacy remains unknown.

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