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Ti Romel Advantages Over Other Online Pharmacies

04/07/2020 by

Ti Romel Advantages Over Other Online Pharmacies

Ti romel is the online pharmacy that claims to sell high quality high-quality generic drugs. However, our investigations prove otherwise. Below are some of the findings of our inquiries:

A search on any popular anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spyware sites gives us no results. The owner country is being hidden, but it’s likely to be based in either the United States or the Russian Federation. The owner of the domain is also spending a great deal of time and resources on the web, which is a good sign.

This drugstore is just one online pharmacy that is clearly illegal. This is not only surprising, but unethical as well. Most legit pharmacies do not allow their customers to purchase their drugs from their stores.

Most online pharmacies that do not adhere to the law have been accused of being money laundering operations. However, our investigations prove otherwise.

This drugstore does not have any verification or a validity proof. They do not require a valid prescription when dispensing Rx drugs. There is no mention of insurance on their website.

In regards to the shipping, there are two options. You can opt to choose the standard shipping method, such as Airmail, Trackable Courier, and EMS. The first option will take between two and three weeks to arrive.

The reviews do not seem to be genuine and are instead copied. The fake testimonials have been given additional weight by the author and this shows that they are most likely not authentic.

Ti Romel Coupon Codes

Could this business not have made more money for their hard work? Well, as a concern, they may have been able to keep their names on the Internet. However, this shop never got around to advertising that they were doing this.

So, when you do a search on the Internet for online pharmacies, you will come away with a lot of results. Maybe it is because they weren’t able to get enough subscribers and were only able to work with one vendor for their online store.

If this business had a real online store, it would have attracted a lot of clients. Maybe it was just trying to fool the customers by offering an online pharmacy that had no genuine retail stores. It is safe to say that the drug store was just a transitory store that never got a true review.

Ti Romel

While the site is now closed, we do not know why. Maybe the company was bought up by someone else and they decided to close the store for good. It is tough to say because we don’t really know who owns this store. No matter what the reason may be, it is a sign of a fraudulent business.

I am interested in the products on offer, and the way they are priced. I have seen them advertised at $25 for each pill, and I am thinking $50 for a pack of 10. If you order 120 pills of their range $0.85 to $1.02.

I want to make an order so I can find out if they are legit. They have a tracking number and an email address, but the phone numbers are unknown. When you have a customer support team that responds and tries to answer all of the email associated with your online pharmacy then it is very hard to get a reliable customer service response.

If reviews are not available for this online pharmacy then it is safe to assume that they are fraudulent.

I checked and, and found out that ti romel is only listed as a threat once again.

Available Medications

You can find anything you might want from the drug store on their website, including serious medications. Most of these medications require a prescription to be filled out in order to be dispensed from their site.

The site accepts payment by credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. You can also use Paypal and money orders registered in Canada. They offer two shipping methods, including Airmail and Trackable Courier.

There are no reviews on the Medscape Pharmacy’s website for this pharmacy. However, there are testimonials from customers on its testimonial page.

All of these reviews are positive though and seem genuine. However, no independent reviews are available for this drugstore. There is also no Social Security number found for their Facebook page.

Ti romel is a legitimate online pharmacy who is operating legally. They have the correct licenses and approvals from the proper regulatory agencies.

Ti Romel Coupon Codes

This site is also certified as a rogue online pharmacy by LegitScript. This means that they are operating illegally through the use of fake social media profiles to lure potential customers.

This review says a lot about this pharmacy. They only have good reviews from their customers but there is a lot of risk associated with them.

We highly recommend this pharmacy to you as they have legitimate services. However, they do have a lot of risk and you are highly recommended to run your own research before ordering drugs from this site.

Generic drugs are underdogs in the race between companies for consumer preference. Think of a generic Viagra as a more competitive alternative to the popular Cialis. The drug was invented and patented by Pfizer and it was developed in collaboration with Eli Lilly.

Gene Aptedich, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Pfizer, believes that generic products are superior to brand-name drugs in terms of effectiveness, safety and quality. A trial for the generic Viagra was conducted and the results are still awaited.

There is no doubt that generic products are superior to the original brand name.

Available Products

The products available at the drug store are not simply ED drugs per se, but they also include both generic and brand name medicines.

  • Acidity
  • Allergy
  • Anti Viral
  • Sleeping Aid

This is great news for customers who are prone to having allergies and other allergies which are caused by viruses and bacteria. If you have asthma, you can opt for generic benzodiazepine drugs instead of using your doctor’s advice. Brand name allergy medications are also available for more customers, including the popular ones such as Alli, Aspirin, Viagra, and Levitra.

While there are many benefits to ordering from the pharmacy, some of the reviews available for the store contain some negative statements. This has to do with the people who have tried the product and found it effective, but others stated that they had experienced dissatisfaction while using the product.

Ti Romel

Some bad reviews are included in the table below, which gives a glimpse at what the customers may have experienced:

There are no testimonials available for the store, which is unusual, but they do have review members on Facebook.

This site has a lot to offer. However, for the cost of their products, they would not offer many products. For their prices, this may be a good option.

Ti romel is an online pharmacy that offers low costs and convenient shipping. The only drawback is the lack of reviews available for the website in the past 10 years.

They do not have any testimonial pages, which shows that the customers are not impressed with the product and service of the drug store.


I am giving this only a 1% out of 5 rating due to the risk that they are accepting payments through credit cards at the moment. I would of course, advise people not to deal with this store at all.

The pharmacy accepts debit and credit cards. The shipping is done worldwide using two methods namely UPS and FedEx. The delivery time is within 1-2 days. However, there is a slight risk about the shipping method since no precise information can be found about it.

The testimonials are not positive. They seem fake and forced. People who have been recommended this pharmacy do not deserve their trust. I will not recommend this pharmacy to anyone who has not tried it yet. They may be able to save your time by reading the whole review.

To check whether ti romel is still operational or not, I went on the internet and checked its status in different online platforms.

The results of show that the pharmacy site is offline and it is not safe for browsing. It seems that the site is not reliable for buying either generic or branded medications.

From, I discovered that the pharmacy meets the criteria of a Rogue Pharmacy.

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