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The Canadian Pharmacy Review – A Rogue Online Pharmacy

09/12/2020 by

The Canadian Pharmacy Review – A Rogue Online Pharmacy

The canadian pharmacy is a Canadian pharmacy which says that they’ve been running their business since 2002. They have dispensed pills to more than 1M consumers around the world. They also have a presence on other online platforms such as Express and Zoho. They sell generic prescription drugs at low prices and believe that they are more reliable as compared to their branded counterparts.

By all means, buy their prescription drugs as they are selling them at the lowest prices. However, if you do not care about saving money in comparison to the other online pharmacies, you should not purchase them. The drug companies have patented these medicines and would only be willing to sell them to their patent holders in exchange for free. Generic drugs are of the same quality as their branded counterparts.

A 6% discount on all future orders is also given to customers who order prescription drugs from this store.

Ordering from this store is very easy as it only requires one click on the order form. There is also no need for a prescription which is a great help to customers who would like to save some time.

They have a testimonial page on their site but it is not a good representation of the experience of the customers. They should have added a few more testimonials since there are many testimonial pages out there from different vendors on the internet.

The domain for this online pharmacy was registered in October 2009 by a company called Eranet International Limited, which is based in the city of Karachi, Pakistan. The domain is set to expire in 2014.

The name of the pharmacy is not available on the records, and we are unsure if they are registered by the owner using a third party site. Since it is difficult to trace the owner of an online pharmacy, we would not risk our financial details by purchasing from them.

The Canadian Pharmacy Generics Vs Branded Pricing

The prices of the medications are quite low compared to other online drugstore prices. However, they still high enough to attract a large number of customers and also be a popular choice as a generic alternative to rare medicines.

This is an online pharmacy that seems to be genuine and offers genuine services. However, our inquiries reveal otherwise as they do not have any customer feedback to date. Furthermore, there is no evidence of them being a verified purchaser.

We would advise you to verify this drugstore through a real-time check by checking their license details, policies, and their testimonial page before using them.

The Canadian Pharmacy

Using a privacy protection service to make sure their real contact details remain hidden. A new domain is registered every three years.

It also shows us that the website was registered in 2008. This suggests that if they are serious about selling quality generic drugs they will need to improve their performance in the last few years.

The website used by the website is a modern design. They have a logo, well informed and well-arranged, and good information about their business.

It also uses the SSL certificate which says they are safe to use. If you are ordering drugs on the home page, using the secure socket layer, there is a padlock icon before it which means their information is protected and may be exposed to others.

This pharmacy is owned by a genuine company called Canadian Pharmacy International Inc.

Is based in Toronto, Canada. The company is registered with several regulatory authorities and has a website for information about their business.

The Canadian Pharmacy Coupon Codes

This pharmacy has been operating since 2019. This doesn’t make much of a lot of sense since the pharmacy was established much earlier, in 2009. It doesn’t have any regulatory approval.

It is not clear where the medications come from or where they are dispatched from. This is all bad as it shows that this pharmacy is not operating legally.

The company that runs this pharmacy has a website that is not online at all. They claim to be based in Canada and have over 500 pharmacies across the world. Their biggest competitor is Pharmacy Mall which has about 120,000 pharmacies behind it.

They say that they have been regulated by the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia. They have also been verified as genuine by Scamadviser.

The Canadian Pharmacy

This pharmaceutical website is using the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia Seal of Approval.

The College of Pharmacists of British Columbia is a maker of a professional and licensed healthcare provider.

This is good because it means that the pharmacy is operating within the law to prevent these kinds of activities.

This company offers a wide range of medications including pain medication, sleeping pills, men’s health, and a lot more. They dispense their medications from licensed pharmacies across the state of British Columbia.

You must submit a valid prescription from a licensed physician to order from this pharmacy. If you do not have a prescription you can ask for a dispensation form.

This online pharmacy uses the secure sockets layer (SSL) on their website. This means that your information is safe and secure online.

All their pills are packed discreetly so as not to be noticed during the journey to your address. There is also a tracking number to ensure that you know when your next order is due.

They offer a two-year guarantee and have a money back guarantee. If you are not happy with your product or service you can return it within 30 days of purchase.

Shipping is only charged $10 and you have to select a delivery method. They offer a prescription delivery for $50 and a traceable courier for $200.

I have been following Facebook Comments on this website for some time now. These are fake comments that are placed by the owner of the website in order to try and convince you that they are trustworthy.

The Canadian Pharmacy Generics Vs Branded Pricing

The comments are used by scam websites to try and convince people to buy their product or service. They also make fun of certain comments and addresses received by the website owner.

They are also used by non-existent online pharmacies to try and make a website look trustworthy. The comments are made fun of the comments and address received by the website owner.

If you are a reader of this site you should look at these comments to see if you should trust them. They are obviously fake and are used by scam pharmacies.

The Canadian Pharmacy Discount Code

The customer service department of the drugstore is very good. They offer a lot of options for the customer to choose from, from a phone number you can use to get in contact with them, fax number, email, and live support online. There is also a form that they can fill out that you can email to them for your queries.

There are lots of reasons why you would choose a certain pharmacy, for a company that has been in business for more than 10 years, you will notice a few strong factors that set them apart from other pharmacies out there. They have their own promise of customer satisfaction as well as being a legit business.

They have a lot of customer feedback to show how popular they are with customers. The fact that they have had positive comments from customers on other websites is a good sign of the company.

These positives and negatives are enough to call this shop a legitimate pharmacy, however the fact that they are only online only shows that they may not be as reliable as you would hope.

The domain name records for this drugstore show us that they haven’t been in business for very long. Their domain was only created yesterday, in 2019. This could be a sign of a scam pharmacy.

However, we don’t really know for sure since they don’t provide much information about who owns the website.


I would give the canadian pharmacy a rating of 3 out of 5 stars. I would, therefore, not trust this store for my next.

In the recent past, I was extremely curious about the whereabouts of this drugstore. I was also interested in what other pharmacies have to say about this drugstore and website.

I was, therefore, glad to find out that the store was not available. I have been following this store’s developments closely.

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