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Texas Chemist Reviews. A Mixed Bag

21/08/2020 by

Texas Chemist Reviews. A Mixed Bag

Texas chemist is an online pharmacy that claims to offer the best quality and service for their customers. They have different stores and different products on their website, such as Herbal, Antivirals, Anti-Estrogens, Blood Pressure, Cancer, Erectile Dysfunction, ADHD, Eye drops, Hair Loss, Heart Disease, Insect repellent, and even Magic Pen, among many others. This is a good sign that states that this pharmacy is legit.

While this online pharmacy offers low-cost medicines, they have additional offers for their customers. They offer free shipping for orders valued at $250 and they offer a 5% discount for qualified orders.

They do not have all the checks and balances to make sure they are operating legally and providing the goods and service to their customers that they claim.

Texas chemist is an online pharmacy that offers different types of pills, generic and brand name treatments for a wide range of health conditions. The site has a logo that says “Online Pharmacy”, which, in essence, means that it is related to an internet drugstore. All the products on this website are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, as well as being FDA-approved. We are going to be thorough in our review of this pharmacy to determine if it is legit or not.

We have found that the domain name registration has been done from the Czech Republic. A license to do such a thing is not available on the internet, as it is not currently being used.

This domain was first registered in October 2014, meaning that it has been online for close to a year. The domain is owned by Eran Associates, an internet health company based in Prague, Czech Republic. A license to do such a thing is currently not available.

We have tried to validate if it has received any regulatory approvals from various regulatory agencies.

Texas Chemist Reviews

The website promises to sell to its customers all over the world even if their delivery is coming from different points in the world. It has an online pharmacy and they sell generic medicines for as low as $ 2.60 per pill. They say that the price is cut by half its branded counterpart.

This online pharmacy doesn’t deal in drugs related to addiction or mental illnesses. Drugs such as Ambien, Sildenafil, Diflucan, Propecia, and many many more more are their top selling product line.

Reliable Support Team

Their warranty is for 100% of their products and services which are provided by their pharmacist. This guarantees that all the drugs that they sell and provide good services to the clients.

Some customers have also expressed their confusion about why this online vendor is a target of so much negative publicity and fake reviews.

The pharmacy/web store has been giving out free pills. This is quite generous and shows that they care about their customers.

Prescription Requirements

Purchase of medication must be submitted to the Compliance Unit (801) 487 9792 prior to issuance of a valid prescription for the medication.

Not every online drug store is a favorite to get reviews from its customers. However, there is a way to validate the authenticity of every page on a website by tracking the user's location.

Not all reviews agree with each other—some comments express opinions that are very negative toward the site.

Personally, I want to buy from the store to validate its service so that I won’t be scammed, but there are plenty of reviews just like them.

Customers are always interested in discounts, especially when they are offered in strong discounts. Since texas chemist has a strong discount offer, I did not feel free to enter my full discount savings into the menu.

An allowance of one free shipping insurance parcel is given to all customers regardless of their order size.

Texas Chemist Prescription Requirements

The company also provides you with a 10% discount in any product when you order products worth more than $200.

I am so glad that I found this website because it has a great variety of medications available for a very affordable price. It also has a good refund policy, so if you have a complaint with an order, you can always get it sorted out. I really enjoy the coupons that they have, so I would recommend them to the customers.

It also has the distinction of being one of the few Canadian pharmacy stores that offer high-quality medication. This is not only good considering the fact that the medication is all Canadian-grade but also the quality of the medications are excellent, considering most online pharmacies offer low-quality, counterfeit drugs which are not safe to use.

I tried searching for other pharmacy stores but couldn’t find any information about it other than its fact that it is Canadian-owned and operated. So, as an online buyer, you must know what to check before choosing a Canadian pharmacy.

Reliable Support Team

During business hours, with the help of customer support services, the online pharmacy can be reached through the phone numbers provided below:

An online pharmacy is a good place to visit because it allows consumers to buy medicines on one platform which is convenient to use and consumers don’t have to go out. However, it is good to see many reviews appearing on the web for this pharmacy.

A number of testimonials for consumers are available on the web and the ones below are from previous buyers.

Another testimonial for texas chemist is from a consumer living in the US. He shared his experience of filling a prescription from the pharmacy and said that the products were effective and safe to use.

Jacob from Germany shared his experience of receiving his orders from this website and said that the customers were very helpful. He thanked the company for working with him for more than two years.

Texas Chemist

On the drugstore website, John is also happy about the fact that his order was delivered with no problems. He further explained that he was very impressed by the speed of the company and stated that he would be trying it again in the future.

Cheryl is also happy about the fact that the drugs arrived and expressed her gratitude to the company for their assistance and support.

On the other hand, Monica has also shared her appreciation for the good job the company has done to her and her husband, saying they are happy and they are going to be ordering again from the store.

A 5% discount on all future orders is also given by this site to the customers who purchase drugs above $200.


This is a simple online pharmacy but it has several issues. It is not clear who operates it and the drugs it sells are not licensed to be dispensed without prescriptions. Also, they do not seem to have the right paperwork to be part of a Canadian pharmacy.

From all the information that I have gathered about texas chemist, I will have to give them an overall rating of 3.2 stars out of 5. I therefore do not advise you to make your first transaction using the drug store until more studies are published.

I am always interested in finding out what others think about online pharmacies. I decided to check who is and who isn’t a member of the Canadian National Pharmacy Association.

The site is not a member of the association which means that they are not trusted by the public. They are one of the most popular online medical stores in Canada. Their drugs are safe and effective to use. They also have a mail, fax, and phone number.

Well, they have a lot of reviews. I was able to find reviews from, a member of the association.

The review from says that ''the pharmacy is responsive and has a great range of products''. They are able to help customers around the world with their medical concerns. They also say that they are supplied by an authorized doctor in Canada.

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