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Quality Prescription Drugs Review – A Suspicious Online Vendor

13/10/2020 by

Quality Prescription Drugs Review – A Suspicious Online Vendor

If it has received just a single client review, it means that it is not able to meet the verification standards that the pharmacy is using. Hence, we do not think that it will be safe if you decide to make any purchase from them. We would therefore just advise you to avoid them as the content of their website is just too shocking.

Quality prescription drugs is indeed a virtual pharmacy that sells generic drugs to their customers all over the world. Most of their medicines are manufactured in India and most of them are shipped from this country. The fulfillment centers seem to be located in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Singapore. They have also pointed out that all of their medication is FDA approved. Overall, it seems like a legit store that offers quality services and product. We will have to see how they do in the coming months.

Regulatory Approvals

Since FDA approval is not required for online pharmacies, they are able to advertise their status as “Internet Pharmacy” online stores without actually having beards.

Additionally, they are able to display an image of their license on their websites, as well as have a representative on-site.

Since the FDA website is no longer accessible, we are unable to verify if they have actually obtained their licenses.

The shop has a wide range of products, even for prescription drugs. They allow you to choose from over 50 different brands of ED drugs, including the brand-name varieties.

There are also branded pills on offer from QualityPrescriptionDrugs, although their fresh formulations are somewhat expensive.

If you are ordering prescription meds from a pharmacy, you will need to present them with a prescription. Valid prescriptions are not required from any one individual, as they must be obtained from their respective doctors.

We haven’t been able to locate a discount code for quality prescription drugs, though they did offer you some discount vouchers for you to use.

  • Credit card, which is secured with a valid SSL certificate
  • Debit card, which is secured using a valid SSL certificate

To choose from their delivery options, you can choose between International Airmail and regular courier.

The site doesn’t currently accept payments by credit card, though if you choose a different payment method, they will tell you where to pick up your drugs from.

There isn’t much information available about the website, so we can only rely on the testimonials.

Quality Prescription Drugs Regulatory Approvals

The drugstore is a pharmacy that seems like a genuine platform to us, but we are unable to verify these testimonials.

Their site is not yet updated, and we lack the evidence to validate their legitimacy on the platform.

We conclude that we don’t believe this is the best pharmacy for your medical needs. Please find a better option if you can.

The store doesn’t have any specific information on the domain, though, so we are left to assume that it belongs to an online drugstore.

Quality Prescription Drugs Reviews

We've seen these brand ED drugs on other online pharmacies before. These are all fake brands that are all made under the supervision of a drug manufacturer that is clearly opposed to the use of any erectile dysfunction treatment drug.

Some of the things that you can expect from the generic erectile dysfunction drugs include the following:

  • A drug error, higher chances of getting injured
  • A poor user experience
  • You're responsible for the treatment, the customer is charged for your prescriptions and they have to go through additional verification process
  • You may struggle with the site’s delivery and have a harder time paying for your ordered drugs
  • You may have to wait more than a year for your drugs to be delivered, this is normal as a new generic drug has a shorter shelf life as compared to brand-name drugs

In some cases, the pharmacy offers a money back guarantee. If the order you have ordered doesn’t arrive after 12 or 13 days, you can claim a full refund from the pharmacy which will be reduced by 30 days based on how long the parcel has been in the warehouse.

Although quality prescription drugs has a testimonial page, we find it biased towards positive feedback. This is probably because the testimonial is a lot bigger than the page size.

There are also no reviews from any independent sites that we could find, which is rather surprising considering the fact that this pharmacy is online for about three years and has received so much feedback from different platforms.

Another interesting fact about QualityPrescriptionDrugs is that they have been around for so long that it is hard to notice. They are allowed to post their website on the internet using a free website for information purposes.

Despite these benefits to their customers, the website has not been approved by any government agency which is a sign that this pharmacy is illegitimate.

Customers can also choose to save a lot if they wish because of the great deals offered by this drugstore.

Quality Prescription Drugs Business Profile

One of the great deals that you can get from the site is free shipping through the regular shipping option. The next best is free pills and drugs that are used by more than one person every three days.

Customer Support

Your order has arrived. You find the account linked to your account and the shipping option has been selected. You want to make sure that everything is ok with your order before you make the decision to contact support.

If you are planning to buy your medicines from this store, you should probably check if they have received any reviews from other independent websites. They did not have reviews from any other online platforms.

You can find reviews from the Trust Pilot,, and even the UK-based website on Legit Script.

The drugstore did not receive a single review from any of the sites listed on the website. The only reviews they had were from the Trust Pilot, which is a report card website rather than a trustworthy online drugstore.

Quality prescription drugs offers a number of different drug categories in their drugstore, but mainly it is a pharmacy. As an online pharmacy, they also offer an online shopping platform, which is a good way to avoid certain websites which have a long service history.

The drug store is not a registered member of any regulatory body in their home country of Canada. They do not have an FDA license or any other health agency license associated with their website.

The pharmacy does not offer any form of payment. They just want you to fill their contact form. Their main competitor is other online pharmacies who accept all major credit cards.

There are a total of seven reviews available on behalf of QualityPrescriptionDrugs. The pharmacy has been approved by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association and is also certified by the Pharmacymall. This means that the pharmacy is functioning correctly.

Business Profile

I attempted to verify the pharmacy on Scam Adviser, but the results indicate that the site is not useful for the purpose of checking the safety of the customers. The site is being monitored at 47/100, and is therefore not safe for browsing and buying.

The name of the pharmacy is not available on the Legitscript website, but the information from the State Department and other government agencies shows that IVP Solutions Inc. Has received all of its necessary licenses.

The cost of drugs is relatively low compared to other pharmacies who are offering counterfeit drugs to the customers. They do not accept cash or other prepaid payment methods since these are the same types of payments that the other pharmacies accept. You may choose the option of making payments through Paypal, but you may not be able to use this as the only payment method at this store. Shipping fees are a bit onerous, as well.

Prescription Requirements

Despite the good reviews and the beneficial services they provide, The Pharmacy Mall’s closure has been predicted by Scamner and This is because they have been given a low trust rating. They have also noted that the company does not have a license for the internet hence all these reviews are just written by one person.

Quality Prescription Drugs Coupon Codes

We cannot recommend this store as we did not get any feedback from customers after our report was submitted.

The company offers several promotions and giveaways including but not limited to a 10% off special offer for returning customers. They also offer free shipping for orders over $200.

Going by the customer feedbacks we have already received, we are going to recommend this company as we have always recommended them to be.

Quality prescription drugs is a drug store that offers high quality generic medicines at low prices.

Quality Prescription Drugs Coupon Codes

Shipping is free on orders more than $200. Thanks to their low prices, the pharmacy can afford to provide the service for a large fraction of the cost.

Apart from these, there are also other discounts and promotions that the pharmacy offers. For example, if you are ordering a product for a specific purpose, the pharmacy will give you a discount of up to 25% on a future order.


The domain has just been registered by a US company called Privacy Shield who is based in the city of San Jose in California. We have seen this address before and it is expected to change frequently. We have also seen the contact and billing information for this company found to be fake.

This online drugstore uses the domain privacy policy as a cover to hide their real contact details. We can see this in other scam pharmacy sites as well.

The website logo they have used before is simply not there. While they have a domain privacy policy available online, we cannot guarantee that this is a valid one as the owner has likely altered it in their own image.

Other than this logo, the domain is completely black and white, with no images or other representation of the store.

It is also not clear if they are using a contact number or an email address. They do provide an address for the US and Canada on their site, but the only contact information we can find are about them only.

This online drugstore does not provide a phone number, and we are just not sure if you will actually get a response to your queries from them.

This online pharmacy is not part of a recognised tax authority and does not take any responsibility for the postal or other delivery costs that come with the sale of drugs to their customers.

We really do not recommend this online drugstore to anyone and we have found some evidence that suggests this is a fake business.

The pharmacy claims to offer a wide range of drugs, both generic and brand name options. However, we found that the majority of the medications on offer are pills, most are ED drugs which are dispensed from Pakistan.

The company also claims to provide a pill-based service, with pills dispensed from different locations in the world.

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