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Pro Act Iv.'s Shop-vendorsing Policies

30/11/2020 by

Pro Act Iv.'s Shop-vendorsing Policies

Pro act iv is a provider of low-cost medications for male enhancement. Not all online pharmacies are legit but this pharmacy is the best of the best. Here are their testimonials:

The site is a Canadian pharmacy which promotes themselves as being internationally recognized and trusted. They have 5 years of experience and don’t grant any guaranteed discounts to qualified consumers.

They have no customer reviews but they do have a testimonial for one of their satisfied customers. The review is from a customer who is clearly pleased with the service and products they have received from this store.

This store is not in the Canadian pharmacy category and is on the United States Âs list of rogue pharmacies. This means that it is operating illegally.

So what is the point of this website if it is not approved by CIPA, the FDA, and other regulatory agencies?

The discount they give to their non-Canadian users is absurd and is usually reserved for expensive drugs. The people using the discount should get a refund or a replacement order.

Their customer service is available 24/7 and they are alive to help any of their customers that need them. They have a contact form that you may fill out and the number of phone and email support they provide should make up the majority of your questions.

Sells Unapproved Medicines

In the most blatant of cases, rogue pharmacies have even tried to deceive by selling generic drugs that are not approved by the drug authorities, thus violating the laws stipulating the right of consumers to purchase approved drugs.

There are many factors that determine the legitimacy of any online drugstore, hence it is important for the buyers to know how to look for these factors. Customers should now take additional measures like regular checks in real-time and start looking for reputable pharmacies to use instead of the rogues.

The owner of the website has chosen to keep their contact information confidential. This is a common practice associated with many rogue pharmacies.

This online store is using a modern-looking website design with a lot of colours and fonts to provide a modern look to the site. However, it is not an SEO friendly website.

This store uses the “Online Pharmacy” flag as its logo. However, we have found that this domain is all but empty, meaning they have not had any patients make payments on their account.

The pharmacy has also received approval from the Pharmacy Checker and Medical Association of Ontario.

The Pharmacy Checker is a non-profit organization that provides a platform for people to be sure they are safe whenever buying drugs from online pharmacies. The club is not an affiliate of this pharmacy and they only sell drugs to offer.

This store offers a wide range of generic and branded pills. They sell a lot of different drugs which makes it tough to weed out the legit drugs from the fake ones.

This store has a valid SSL certificate to make sure your information is encrypted and safe. However, they do not have a mail or courier service and therefore, you may have to pay extra fees.

Pro Act Iv

Scam Analysis

The company has been listed as an Unsafe and Unapproved online pharmacy. It is strongly believed that the owner is using a Free Registered Agent business with no visible physical location in the United States.

The company is not a member of any regulatory bodies such as CIPA, NABP, DEA, and MIPA that are required to provide valid certification for the store.

Although you can find a wide range of products for various health conditions from this store, the most popular products tend to be men’s health drugs. This is not a good sign considering the fact that it is illegal to purchase drugs related to men at any time.

The store has a very convincing and authentic look. The crests, vases, and other natural light fixtures in the store are very pleasing as well as the informative website.

  • Patient Kits - We have lots of meds for different clinical conditions. The pharmacy also supplies you with care products and supplies to help you in the care of your specific condition.
  • Pregnant women's products - This is a solid section as well as the pills that help with nausea and the medication for erectile dysfunction.
  • Male Viagra - This is one of the most popular erectile dysfunction pills being sold by this store. It is a generic toy that helps you achieve erections faster when you first start using it.
  • ED Medication - The pharmacy offers all types of ED meds from a variety of different manufacturers.
  • Canadian Express and American Express
  • E-Check
  • Bitcoin

Shipping is offered via USPS First Class Mail, tracking-enabled express shipping, and regular shipping.

The pharmacy has a testimonial page where you can read the positive feedback for the online store. However, it is advisable to check it out yourself as feedbacks can be manipulated.

This is a very important factor to consider, because customers can find similar websites that just look like this. A site that looks exactly like this could be a scam and it probably is not.

This store is a very familiar one to customers, as it uses the same domain that they used last year.

They should also be wary when dealing with people who look exactly the same as them as this is a very suspicious sign.

Pro Act Iv Coupon

For their ED drugs, you can find them for only $55.92 for each pill. This is a bit expensive but not to expensive for a generic drug. However, you need a valid prescription to order from them.

Even though this website is a pharmacy that sells generic drugs for a few dollars less than it could have you believe, it is still a risky pharmacy considering there are many suspicious elements who are using this website as an airport or a storage facility for all their financial information. These other factors could lead to identity theft, fraud or money laundering as mentioned above.

I must say that I am a little bit skeptical about the fact that this drugstore has an online store that cannot be verified which means that it can be unsafe to purchase from them especially the first time. The fact that there is no proper prescription for ordering from them also shows that they are a low risk pharmacy.

I discovered that the owners, Curtis and Lucy Leibovich from London, Ontario, had moved on to a new location. They did not provide a reason for the organization’s closure.

Pro Act Iv Reviews 2021

However, all three were not perfect. It was not perfect when it comes to customer service. Some of the errors I spotted were as follows:

  • Frustrated customer asked why delivery took so long.
  • Frustrated customer asked if there was something wrong with their order.
  • Frustrated customer apologized for taking so long for their order.

Sells Unapproved Medicines

It is important to note that I am not a lawyer. Pro act iv did not have a license for their pharmacy. I decided to search for a company that can provide legal pharmacy products for online purchase.

I was impressed by the fact that the shop has received good reviews on both official and independent reviews. Although, all was not perfect.

This website had received good feedback on the web. It has also been noted on Trustpilot that the reviews were not from the same person. This is very strange, since trustworthy companies are not like each other.

Josef said that his order arrived earlier than expected and the order was processed properly. He was also happy because the products were delivered and received properly. He said he holds the store to the same standard as they had set. He thanked this pharmacy for a great service and the delivery of his product. He loves the customer service.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA Australia also had good feedback on the website. She was very happy with the products and noted that the store had some of the best prices. She liked the fact that her orders were delivered promptly. She thanked the vendor for a great service. She was even more happy because her husband ordered from their store a few days prior.

I would like to be reassured by others that client feedback was not just a figment of the mind of the vendor.


We conclude that we are rating pro act iv with just 0.9 out of 5 stars based on the information currently available. These discrepancies are simply due to the small size of the website itself. Even if we are granting a high rating for the website, we should at least review it more thoroughly, to make sure that it is really a trustworthy platform for buying and using drugs.

This drugstore is a computer generated website that sells generic medicines. On their home page, they have a list of medicines that are affordable. However, since they only provide an overview of their pharmacy, we couldn’t evaluate the specific drugs that are offered.

It looks like that the website is a Canadian business and that they have been around for a few years since they were created in 2016. They also claim to sell generic drugs too.

There are a lot of confusing aspects of this drug store that we wanted to find out. For instance, we have no idea if they are licensed or not. For their generic drugs, there is a question mark after the word “generic” in their brand name.

We also don’t know their location. They do give a mailing address in the Czech Republic and a phone number to contact them. Their “contact us” form is private and there is only one email address that they provide.

On the other hand, there are reviews that are posted on the pharmacy’s website. We have seen these reviews on other online pharmacies as well.

The reviews are all positive and seem to be genuine. However, we also see some that are written in support of the pharmacy.

We also want to verify these testimonials on other sites. However, we have seen these reviews on all the leading pharmacies.

This pharmacy is very generous. We don’t know how they will be offering their discount or promotions in the future.

However, they help you to take a CVS medicine for only $1.96. They also give you a 10% discount on your next order.

This pharmacy is not 100% approved and they are not an approved member of On the other hand, they have been verified by us and many other online pharmacies.

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