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Pill Pack Review - Online Discount Store With Rare Deals But Not For Everybody

04/01/2021 by

Pill Pack Review - Online Discount Store With Rare Deals But Not For Everybody

Pill pack is a pharmacy which claims to offer FDA approved medications for both men and women. They say that they provide drugs that are up to the mark in quality, delivering results no other pharmacy can claim. This online drugstore seems to be legit despite its clean shave of all their links to Russia. This review will give you an idea of what to expect from this drugstore website.

The domain was first registered on the 9th of May 2001 and last updated on the 6th of May 2005. Scam online pharmacies do not usually last for more than a year or a few years, often closing shop within a set period of time.

This site is unlikely to have existed for much longer than that, if they ever actually operated as an online pharmacy.

Nothing about this site suggests they are associated with any legitimate businesses. They are not on any government-approved websites which is a huge risk as this puts the lives of their customers in greater risk.

The information we have found about this site only suggests that they have been approved by the LegitScript and have been in operation for a few years despite the short registration.

LegitScript check if a pharmacy is genuine by checking if they meet their criteria. They give it a rating of ‘certified members’ of a trusted regulatory agency.

This online pharmacy accepts payments using Visa and MasterCard. They also offer insurance for their customers to help reduce their insurance costs. They have a shipping policy that is same as other online pharmacies.

This website has a testimonial page with over 100 reviews on TrustPilot. This is a positive sign as it emphasises the testimonials they have got from customers. Except for the first few comments, they seem to be genuine.

The reviews seem genuine but you should still consider this a potential scam. They have a number of suspicious mirrors on the web.

This web drugstore is a possible scam that is trying to deceive customers by claiming to offer 100% guaranteed delivery. They don’t tell you how to place an order, only that they accept the following:

  • Checks are accepted
  • Checks are insufficient
  • Checks are over-the-counter
  • Checks are over-the-counter and have to be filled out by the customer

Pill Pack

The fact that they don’t provide any information about who they are or how they got their information isn’t surprising as they are using fake info to deceive people.

Pill Pack Reviews 2021

The homepage of this store uses a modern design with a lot of information about online pharmacies. This is a good thing to see as newer stores are not as active as they should be.

  • Fertility treatment
  • Allergies
  • Anthelmintics
  • Antibiotics
  • Antivirals
  • Cancer prevention
  • Pain relievers
  • Sleeping aids
  • Weight loss pills
  • Hair loss products
  • Men’s health products

The medicines that are sold by this store are generic at this time. The manufacturer of these drugs does not go by the business name that is displayed on the store.

This store does not require a prescription for orders. However, they do require a valid prescription if you are ordering from them.

If you are ordering from this online pharmacy and need your order delivered to them, they are offering two shipping methods.

The first shipping method that is available is Airmail that has a waiting time of 14 days. This is not a guaranteed delivery however as some orders do not arrive on the promised date.

  • Express Mail in which the order arrives within 14-21 days depending on the reason it is based at the United States
  • Registered Mail which takes 14-21 days to arrive depending on the reason it is based at the United States

The second shipping method is a shipping voucher that is available for all orders that are between $200 and $400.

Pill Pack Coupon Codes

Membership to an affiliate program of Maple Leaf Pharmacy is required to place a list of online pharmacies on this website. I tried looking at the membership as well as the pharmacy, but I have yet to find any information about the pharmacy.

My research led me to believe that the website is being operated from Brazil. This is a country with a high rate of counterfeit currency and is also known for being a haven for money launderers. As a result, they are not a good place to purchase a drug from. The country does not have many compliance programs in place to discourage the purchase of high-risk drugs.

Pill Pack Coupon Codes

The reviews were also somewhat dated though. It looks like they were published earlier than the pharmacy is currently allowing reviews.

I checked Scamadviser and found that the site is now down for a review. This means that customers are not able to give an opinion about the site until they have thoroughly checked it out.

This means that the true status of this company is unknown and there is a high risk that they may be getting scammed.

Membership to this pharmacy is free for new customers. They accept both Visa and MasterCard payments.

This is a great idea as they could offer deboning services such as a custom haircut or an eyebrow removal service. This would be a lot cheaper than the standard ones offered by most online pharmacies.

Apart from this freebie, they also offer a limited time offer where they give you a discount of 10% on your next purchase.

This is the best part though as if you purchase an item they give you a chance to receive free with every purchase you make.

Regulatory Approvals

Moreover, the company is using an invalid SSL certificate which is only available to the company responsible, which means that customers who will be dealing with this pharmacy store are at risk of getting scammers scammed.

The company supplies a wide range of drugs to people located all over the world, including drugs that are commonly prescribed and used to treat erectile dysfunction, blood pressure lowering agents, anti-allergy medication, anti-allergies, antibiotics, birth control pills, and many other health products.

A premium section on this website includes a video portion (around 10 minutes) which is suitable for people who are experiencing side effects such as bloating, hair loss, and other effects.

Trial Packs are also available which are filled with 30 pills of a certain specific product and can be purchased at a special price of $199.80. These trial packs may last for up to 36 months.

Regulatory Approvals

Shipping is done worldwide using regular shipping method only, which takes between 14 and 21 days for delivery. Shipping is free on orders over $200 and there are other shipping options as well.

The company has a page with opinions from both positive and negative reviewers claiming credit for the website.

There are also testimonials on the page from customers who claim to have had positive experiences with the company, although it should be noted that the testimonials are located on the website itself which is means that they are fake.

On URL Void, there is one warning about this online pharmacy which is due to reports from users who have been offered a lot of money for sending their orders.

Mirror Websites

There is also a mirror website for the company with the same web address, but this is not a good thing as it means that several other sites are not trustworthy to use.

When we checked the domain registration history, we were able to find that the pharmacy has been active for 5 years since 2018. This is a good sign since this pharmacy should not be operating for more than a year.


It is safe to say that the website is a rogue online drugstore, which means that they are not meeting the verification standards set by LegitScript. They have also been listed as a Rogue Internet Pharmacy by the CIPA and are most likely involved in cross-border smuggling.

If you are planning to purchase any drugs from this store, you should think again, because they are most likely involved in cross-border smuggling and when you take a look at some of their other mirror websites, you will realize that they also have a lot of suspicious links.

Therefore, it is recommended to use other platforms to source your medicines. Although pill pack is not listed as a Rogue Internet Pharmacy, they still deserve to be closely examined.

Since they do not own an SSL certificate, you can expect some shady dealings from their customers. Therefore, you should go with a reputable and reputable online platform to source your medicines.

If you have a legitimate dissatisfaction with a product or the organization running it, you can call them on their 1-888 number for US customers and you can send your query via their online form on their website.

I am awarding this website 3 out of 5 stars. There is a lot going on with them and I will get into details of it in my next article.

I am also thinking of ordering from them because of the very affordable prices that they sell. The generic Viagra and Cialis cost less than $1 USD. This is remarkably low price considering the generics sold by this store are very expensive. I wonder why other online pharmacies sell their drugs at such low prices?

The site offers two options for payment. They have a US based buyer ordering service that uses a credit card which can be paid through American Express, Visa, and Discover. They also have a Money Chain which means that the buyer orders from the third party facilitator so they can pay their order through that company too.

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