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Pharmacy Mall Online Review - A Dangerous Online Pharmacy

14/08/2020 by

Pharmacy Mall Online Review - A Dangerous Online Pharmacy

Pharmacy mall online is a pharmacy online that sells generic drugs at a low price. However, it is a difficult website to navigate and use as it does not have a good English translation which is a major blow for the safety of the visitors.

The website displays great care on their part for their information but it does not always correspond to the information provided by the site in an attempt to hide their role. They do not provide copy pasted text about the details of the drugs which means that they are not reliable in showing.

It is not a good sign for the store that they do not have any customer reviews which are subject to distrust.

The drugstore is a pharmacy that claims that they are a Canadian Pharmacy with a full-service pharmacy as well as a discount section that enables you to save up to 40% on your drugs. They also claim to have a wide variety of generic and brand-name medications available for your review. Our investigation tells a different story. Here is our report.

News of the domain name records suggests that this store has been around for several years. They can also be found in the WHOIS database, a domain registration database that allows them to gather information about the people behind the site.

Pharmacy Mall Online Coupon Codes

Pharmacy mall online is one of the most reliable online pharmacies on the web. The fact that they have a live support team is reassuring, and they offer an eight-day money back guarantee.

With their low prices, they are an excellent choice for ordering medicines online. They offer a lot of products and are constantly adding to their inventory. They also have a live support team with a phone number for people to call.

This online pharmacy offers an awesome deal, however, with shipping taking up to 30 days, there is no express shipping and the trackable courier service takes up to 21 days.

They do not offer a lot of products with only generic medicines on sale. Their best seller is Viagra, which is a drug used to treat male impotence.

Should you decide to place an order at this online pharmacy, you will want to make sure that you read their terms and conditions, their policies, and their fraud alert page to avoid any risks.

You can use their site for almost three years and it is not clear whether the drugs they supply are FDA approved. However, most online pharmacies do not have this long of a history.

There is no disputing the fact that they source their medicines from the manufacturers themselves. However, they do not provide a lot of information about where the products are dispatched from and how long they have been in production. You have to dig deeper to find the truth.

This drugstore is not without criticism. The shadiness of the site is another red flag. Many shoppers do not know where the medicines they are purchasing are dispatched from. This is not a good thing especially since a lot of online pharmacies are transparent when it comes to supplier information.

We also want to note that some of the drugs they are offering are generic. They claim that the generic drugs are as effective as the branded ones.

Regulatory Approval

They also don’t comply with other legal requirements that the online drugstores they are supposed to be following should be following.

This online pharmacy has a wide range of medicines that can be bought from them. They sell men’s health related drugs, as well as more generic drugs.

But we noticed something strange when we checked with the “about us” section of their website. They only provide a brief description of the products that they offer. This means that they don’t have much information about who is operating this store and where in the world they are based.

This pharmacy offers a considerable amount of discounts to its customers, giving them the chance to save as much as 20% on their drugs, as well as giving you free shipping to the same address.

Shipping is very fast and can take as little as 5-7 days. It is free on orders over $200 and requires a qualification from them that you are a registered member of their database. You can use their mailing address to get a prepaid shipping label.

We noticed a number of similarities between this online pharmacy and other mirrors, so much that they are trying hard to hide and deny these obvious similarities. Their own testimonials tell a similar story and, therefore, can be considered a fake.

Pharmacy Mall Online

These two testimonials are only two of many mirror websites that are claiming to have been around for a long time and have a high trust rate.

Customer Support

To discuss your concerns, you may contact our customer support team using our form on the bottom of our website or by calling their toll-free hotline at +1 888481620172.

We asked around about customer testimonials and David from Austria said that there were numerous customers who had already written about their experience with this website.

Although David's testimonial is impressive, it is likely to be a fake. Many fake testimonials are posted easily on the Internet, are made-up, and have no credibility. David may have made it up, but he hasn’t checked it by checking what other customers have posted.

Another fake testimonial was posted on the same day in which it was written, and it has the same subject line as the first. This is obviously an attempt to convince you that the drugstore is reliable.

What can you say, pharmacy mall online is a web pharmacy that is not trustworthy. They do not provide any real-world feedback about the website or pharmacy, just a few fake customer reviews. This shows that this company is not likely to be trustworthy. The fact that they have been around for a while shows that they aren’t a scam.

We think the best thing that you can do when shopping from this website is to try and avoid them. They are not legal online pharmacy at all, they operate an illegal affiliate website across 3 different countries. We don’t know the country in which they are based, but it seems likely that this is a money-making operation rather than a genuine drugstore.

Available Products

There is absolutely no evidence available about this store to prove its legitimacy or reliability. It is simply a perfect example of an online scam and we strongly suggest that you avoid it!

According to the FTC, there are over 1,000 online stores that are just pretending to be local stores; they are actually located in China, an illegal country that is notorious for the counterfeiting of products. There are also over 300 online pharmacies that are operating from Pakistan, India, and Mauritius.

We have seen this exact same pattern many times and it’s clear that these stores are owned by one company, and it is a scam. This is why you only see a handful of stores showing up in the top 20 operating online pharmacies in the US.

We have found that this pharmacy offers very cheap rates of 30% off the normal costs in their site. However, you are only able to take part in this offer if you provide them with a valid prescription.

This pharmacy does not have a lot of integrity and there are many suspicious aspects about the pharmacy.

This site is a licensed vendor of 12 different complementary generic and brand treatments on their website. The pharmacy uses a Canadian-based doctor and operates a safe and reliable delivery system. However, we do not know for sure if they actually provide any of the prescribed products. This is a big problem because it means that ordering from this pharmacy is not always a safe thing to do.

The website claims to operate from Canada with a focus on quality service. They say that they are working with pharmaceutical companies from around the world, and that all of their medicines are FDA approved. Below is a detailed review of the products they sell.

The site claims to have been in existence since 2002 and they have been supplying a range of drugs to customers around the globe. They say that the drugs they sell are approved by the FDA.

Pharmacy Mall Online Reviews 2021

The domain details of the drug store are quite revealing. We have already shown that this site is most likely based in China, and that is why the shop is just trying to hide its real location. This exposes them to an increasing number of suspicious websites.

The business profile of this online pharmacy is quite high. They have 298 more registered and active website users than usual pharmacies. This indicates that this is not a scam. The website is however associated with many other rogue pharmacies.

The website is not certified by any other regulatory agency either. This means that they do not have the necessary certifications to sell and dispense drugs online.

There are a lot of drugs available from this pharmacy site. They dispense products from the US, and some from India.

While the majority of drugs are generic, their website states that they are able to supply generic medications from Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. They also say that their drugs are approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Pharmacy Mall Online

They don’t mention if they are licensed to sell their products in the other countries. This is rather strange since they claim that all the drugs they sell are from FDA approved companies.

This online pharmacy offers many discounts that are almost too good to be true. We have already seen the price of their generic Viagra go as low as $0.27 per pill, but they offer a discount of up to 80%.

The website also offers a 10% discount on top of all your orders, and they even offer you a free generic if you spend over $200.

There is a 3% fee, as well as several other charges. They only allows you a maximum of $24. All the payment platforms accept MasterCard and VISA credit cards.

Company Information

The domain name records show us that this drugstore website has been around for almost 9 years. This shows that they haven’t been able to stop operating for a very long time.

They provide a phone number for inbound calls, and this is also answered by a pharmacist from time to time.

They also have a delivery agent that is available from time to time allowing them to deliver to your door.

This drugstore website doesn’t require you to provide a valid prescription when filling out their prescription. They do also need to provide you with some information about your medical condition to help determine if you would prefer to use their medication.

  • A generic Viagra pill costs $8.50
  • A generic Cialis pill costs $12.75

The store is offering a 5% discount on all future orders, and they are giving you a 10% discount on your next order.

They are also offering special offers on orders over $200. If you are paying with your debit card they offer to use a prepaid shipping envelope for your order while you pay with your credit card.

This online drugstore accepts major credit card payments through most of their payment processors. Then, you can choose from a few different delivery methods. They now offer Airmail shipping for delivering your order in 7 - 9 days, and EMS for delivering in 10 - 25 days.

This online drugstore has a testimonial page full of this website reviews from its clients. All of the testimonials seem genuine, however, they are from different points of view and don’t add up.

They have a good range of feedback from other independent sites though, and this adds weight on their side.

Pharmacy mall online is a pharmacy which seems to be doing things properly and offers a wide range of medicines.


The drugstore is probably one of the best pharmacies around, considering all the benefits that it has to offer. Its service is reliable, as customers are sure to find faultless solutions for their medication needs. However, due to its small pool of customers, I think that it is a more reliable source of medication than it may be. Ultimately, I give this drug store 2 out of 5 stars for its good service and good prices. offers a wide selection of medicines from various pharmaceutical companies for its customers. It is a pharmacy that delivers quality products and has a strict policy on their use. This means that their medicines are safe to use and they do not violate any laws that they are supposed to be following. Here are some of the customer reviews that I came across while looking for the pharmacy online.

Meds are very expensive these days. Because of this, buying ED drugs from pharmacy mall online can be hard. With so many competing online pharmacies competing for your business, it is hard to decide which pharmacy to trust in case of your online pharmacy’s disappearance. But with the help of a friend, you can easily choose amongst these 3 pharmacies in the top part of this review.

Except the ED meds, the pharmacy is offering generic erectile dysfunction drugs too. Compared to the original brands, these generic brands have fewer side effects and are more efficient when used in sildenafil treatment.

I was also surprised when I discovered the customer testimonials posted on other similar websites. These reviews were not from real customers but were copied by the online pharmacy.

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