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Pharm Store Review – A Discount Store With Fake Reputation

14/01/2021 by

Pharm Store Review – A Discount Store With Fake Reputation

Pharm store is an online pharmacy that offers high-quality generic and branded medications at affordable prices. They’ve built their business on appealing to the consumers since pharmacy sites do not carry as much variety as online pharmacies. But all is not sweetness and light in since they have a dark past that’s worth knowing about. Below is a detailed report that highlights the dark side of this e-commerce platform.

A monitoring website also exists that provides information about the age of the domain and the registrant. Additionally, a search engine is utilized to locate the records that are most relevant to the purpose of this review.

Firstly, the site may not be good for buying drugs, then there could be a problem. The site is using a privacy service to hide information about who owns it.

The business name of this online pharmacy is ‘BlueSkyPharmacy Inc.’ that’s what their home page says. They are registered by the Cayman Islands based company that is Blue Sky Pharmacy.

There is no information available about the company that operates the pharmacy. We do know that they are located in Canada. They are also using a professional to look after their customers’ privacy.

The pharmacy has several regulatory approvals from various regulatory agencies. They are approved by the CIPA, Pharmacy Checker and the NABP.

Pharm store offers different types of drugs ranging from weight loss to erectile dysfunction drugs. There are also cheaper discounted price offers such as on-site advice, pill sharings, and discount coupon codes.

You do not require a prescription to order from them. However, you should consult a licensed physician before starting an LP drug therapy.

They accept both credit and debit cards. They also have a Live Chat option that you can use to ask any questions you may have about the business. The prices of their drugs and their shipping options are an international Exclusive..

Pharm Store Customer Reviews

I didn't know what brand of ED medicines they offer because they don’t give an exact name. When I’re in doubt, I always make a big impression on a website with a very good reputation.

The only way to find out for sure is to contact them via their “contact us” form. According to their website, they are willing to answer all the time and weekdays. Aside from that, they also provide an address where they can be contacted through phone.

Why is the price of generic Viagra so cheap? It’s a medication that is used by many men with erectile dysfunction. It’s used daily by up to 70 people and is known to be effective. It starts with 20 mg and can potentially go up to 40 mg.

Is it available on all platforms? No. The platform only offers ED drugs. The majority of the items they sell are generic.

Their prices aren’t exact like the prices of other online platforms since they don’t have the exact same formulation when they are manufactured. They also have a 24-hour contact form and pharmacy that they can use to get in contact with them in case of any questions.

Pharm Store

This drugstore is an online pharmacy that sells generic drugs at very cheap prices. Their prices are very low however, compared to other online pharmacies.

What are other things pharm store sells? Their most popular drugs are ED drugs. They have Viagra (Pfizer), Cialis (Eli Lilly), and Levitra (Vodafone). They also have Priligy (Pfizer) and Kamagra (SK-3) which is a pill for treating erectile dysfunction.

How do they justify the prices of their products? They claim that these products are FDA approved. Is this true? If so, why is it that they sell them at very lower prices than other retailers?

  1. A lot of this online pharmacy uses a fake pharmacy license to procure their prescription. The license has been flagged as fraudulent, and they may be engaged in deceptive business practices to gain some popularity

Business Contact Details

Online pharmacies have a huge number of possible business names but it is sometimes hard to figure out which business name to choose since they can be quite creative.

A quick glance at the “About Us” section reveals that they accept several different business names. These include “US”, “Australian”, “European Union” and “N/A.

The “N/A” means that none of these possible business names are actually used by the pharmacy. They are using these names to try and confuse the customers so they can avoid taking them seriously.

One thing that we noticed in the is that they have a lot of different business names, all of which are very similar to one another.

The website claims to be operating from Canada but is actually based in Brazil. It is also using a seal from CIPA on the front page of the website with the word “Erectile Health” written in capital letters.

This is a seal that says erectile dysfunction is a leading cause of men transitioning to women and they sell medication that helps fix this condition. Our investigation backs up these claims and shows that they have been certified by the CIPA.

The website claims that all of their medications are FDA approved. However, there is no way to verify this claim as they are using a third party company called “Internet Pharmacy Inc.” to provide the FDA seal.

They do not require a prescription for their drugs despite the fact that they are claiming to sell drugs without prescriptions. This is a common practice of many online pharmacies which are normally found lacking in providing accurate information about their business.

When you make your purchase on the website you are given the choice of either a tracked shipping option which takes between 8 and 14 days or you can pay through a money order or over the phone. The website accepts credit card payments from their customers but the pharmacy does not currently accept money orders. You can also pay using eCheck or a bank wire and you will be billed after the consultation with them.

Pharm Store Coupon Codes

If you are interested in buying their generic erectile dysfunction drugs, they offer a two-year warranty. They also offer a money back guarantee and exclusive offers.

Pharm Store Coupon Codes

We have tried to find freebies and discounts that could help with the costs incurred by ordering from pharm store.

  1. Propecia: $6.95
  2. Viagra: $12.95
  3. Cialis: $19.95
  4. Kamagra: $39.95
  5. Malegra FXT: $69.95

During your trial, you can also choose a free delivery delivery gift (standard shipping). However, trying to access your trial and you may receive a limited refund.

This site offers drugs and health care for all customers, regardless of their location. They have an online doctor consultation and offer to ship to almost any address on the planet. However, they do not seem to have all the required drugs for all their customers.

The shop is a pharmacy which claims to offer a hassle-free, 24-hour replacement service for over 800,000 American customers. They have also claimed to have the lowest prices on the web and claim that the drugs are FDA approved. We are going to enquire what the pharmacy has to offer and how they treat their customers.

The domain name records show us that this pharmacy has been operating for just over 2 years. This indicates that they have a greater range of experience.

It is also useful to note that the domain was last updated on 4th February 2007, which means that this pharmacy is more likely to be a safe platform to buy drugs from.


In conclusion, pharm store is an online pharmacy that deals in many different types of drugs. The website has a lot of attention in it, which shows that it is a legit store.

I only give them a 1 out of 5 stars based on what I have seen so far. All I can say is Good, keep away from this pharmacy if you don’t want to waste your time.

PharmStore is an online pharmacy that specializes in men’s health medications. They ship worldwide and they have a net number of more than 2 million pills, which is a huge number. I discovered that their pharmacy is free to use.

Their generic drugs are manufactured by a consortium of Indian pharmaceutical companies. I was able to verify the authenticity of the generic Viagra and Cialis brands they dispense using the Verithe pharmacy shop.

They offer discount coupons for their consumers. If the coupon code you enter below is entered, you will automatically receive one discount coupon. The remaining codes are unsolicited but you always have the option to leave them through their regular mail.

There is no return or refund policy. Since pharm store is an online store, they do not offer any form of payment. Their main delivery options are express shipping and their free regular shipping.

Aside from the 4,000 reviews, there are over 4,000 testimonials from people who have used their services. This is evidence that the site does not just provide online services, they actually build a great reputation online.

I learned that the British government has certified the pharmacy as a safe pharmacy as they are following their own verification standards.

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