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Pharm Express Rx Review - Scam Or Legit?

16/11/2020 by

Pharm Express Rx Review - Scam Or Legit?

Pharm express rx is an online drug store that sells erectile dysfunction drugs. They give a lot of information about themselves, in the cross sections of the site, such as their years of service, their policy on returns and refunds, and their terms and conditions of sale.

Knowing what we know about the other online pharmacy networks, we can safely conclude that this drug store is a rogue. We will go into more details of this site soon enough. For now, though, let us just say that the insurance policy is unapproved.

The website assures its customers that all of their drugs pass stringent quality control processes. All of their products are approved by the Indian FDA, as well as the US FDA. Since the drugs they sell are counterfeit, they don’t make any claim about their effectiveness in clinical trials. They refer to their medicines as generic with no branded alternatives.

But even though they may be inactive, their domain will eventually be seized by law enforcement agencies, and they will need new domains to continue operating.

We have already provided many details about this online pharmacy to make sure that they are legit and operating legit. But even though they are genuine, we have found that they have been flagged as a Rogue Pharmacy.

Even though they are using a valid business license from the state of New York, they have not been approved by any third party inspection.

We think that this online pharmacy is probably a scam, which is why they haven’t been approved by any third party review.

Company Information

Shipping is obviously much cheaper compared to other online platforms, however. There are quite a few other shipping methods besides Standard and Express shipping, such as Trackable Courier and International Unregistered Mail, as well as a few others.

  1. Orders are generally delivered within 14 – 21 days of being placed.

The website does not just lie about the existence of the physical store, however; the pharmacy also uses social media as their most effective means of gaining additional traffic and followers.

  1. The website has received quite a few customer reviews. It indicates that customers from all walks of life are users of this store.
  2. The pharmacy has received IT certificates from the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

All three presence of 'PCC' (Pharmacy Checker’s Choice) in the domain name also indicate that this is a reliable online pharmacy.

One way to gauge the legitimacy of a certain website is by analyzing the reviews that have been posted on its official website. Most of the reviews are positive.

The pharmacy offers several discounted shipping rates. The rates range from $9.95 to $19.95 depending on the quantity of products ordered.

Legal Approvals

The pharmacy is also approved by LegitScript and is also certified by CIPA, and they have a seal from CIPA on their store.

The pharmacy is also certified by the PharmacyChecker and Health Care Fraud Online using the same standards and providers.

Not all pharmacies are on the same page when it comes to certification, however. Based on their relationship to the real-world companies they work with, it is often the case that online pharmacy stores have to fight off suspicious legal scrutiny.

  1. They accept Credit Cards from Maestro, Amex, and JCB.
  2. They accept E-checks from Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.
  3. A toll-free number is provided in the US only.
  4. You can email them using their contact form. Call their support team at +1 877 984 9792.

We can say that in a vacuum, 100% of online pharmacies are fraudulent. The reason for this is that they are operating outside the law, and they hide behind the guise of being a legitimate business. The risks are so high you cannot stop using them.

No reliable information is provided by this pharmacy about their location or their owner. All the information found on this website, come from Google Maps, so you cannot be completely sure about the truth.

Pharm Express Rx Prescription Requirements

Prescription Requirements

This online pharmacy requires all of its customers to submit a valid prescription from a licensed doctor to use their drug.

This online pharmacy has a full- page statement from the Vice-President of Health, stating that the company operates legally with the help of a certified privacy service and that all payments are secure. With full contact details in the contact form, this company is clearly doing business in a legal manner.

This internet pharmacy displays three seals from CIPA which is a regulatory association that is dedicated to protecting customers from fraudulent operations. With all their online pharmacies fully certified to CIPA Seal, they should not be trusted.

This website does not require prescriptions from their customers, as long as they are in compliance with the laws and regulations set up for the sale of prescription drugs online.

Send any medication that you want to your friends using this website using the following payment methods:

Shipping is only available from this drugstore and their customers can choose whether it ships for free or not. Shipping is cheap and they offer 24h shipping.

They offer a tracking number for their customers so they can track their shipment. With the website no longer up and running, we doubt whether they have anymore to offer. This site is no longer operational and we don’t know whether they are currently accepting payments.

They have a phone number for their customers to contact them if there questions or complaints. They also provide a live chat if there are any problems with their products and services.

This internet pharmacy offers a 24h shipping option for all orders over $200. They also offer a tracking number so you know when to expect your order to arrive. With so many different ways to buy their drugs, it could be difficult to give them a real price.

This internet drugstore offers free shipping for orders over $200 and has new customers receive free pills on their first order. They also offer nutritional supplements, skin care products and more.

They have a testimonial page where people can write their testimonials for the pharmacy. They are all positive, making them seem a lot more trustworthy.

If you are looking to buy medication from this pharmacy, we think you should give them a try.

Pharm Express Rx Coupon Codes

The discounts that this site provides are not only about prices but they are also about the value of the deals that they make available to customers.

For the customers who purchase bulk orders, they are able to have free samples of the items that they are ordering from the drugstore. The customers can also save up to 20% on their orders.

The only real downside to this online pharmacy is their seeming lack of reviews. The testimonials are all positive, but they are not very relevant to the product that they are reviewing.

The drug store is an online pharmacy that has been around for over 10 years. They are selling generic and branded medicines at the lowest price possible. They also offer different types of drugs for different applications. This website is not trusted and we do not recommend them to anyone. Read more information about this drugstore website.

The domain is using a modern, professional website that looks professional, clean, and free from all the numbers that are placed on their site.

Pharm express rx is a registered member of the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia (License No. 46). This means that the pharmacy has the required medical certifications from Canadian associations such as CIPA, MIPA, and CPA.

The pharmacy offers different types of drugs which are all legal in the USA. They also have drugs approved by the FDA for sale.

Customer Support

We found this to be true for the customer support team as well. Customer support agents were able to answer questions from the people’s perspective and also for questions related to the pharmacy site.

Pharm Express Rx Company Information

We found this to be true as well. Over all, 73% of reviews were positive reviews for the pharmacy site.

Customer reviews are good, but it is good to see that all of them are posted on the same day that they were written.

This is good, but this doesn’t show that the site has received many customers. We can also see that some of these reviews were written by the same person and were posted on the same day.

They only exist in a few websites and have no regulation. This all shows that the pharmacy can’t be trusted.

This pharmacy is a pharmacy that caters drugs that are approved by the FDA. They are also a member of CIPA Rx and NABP. They also offer convenient shipping and have a low price compared to other pharmacies.

All these are good things to find but what are their serious concerns? Well, the store has been around for over 7 years and has a very positive reputation. What is the risk of buying from this pharmacy?

The website has a domain name that is registered for 6 years and is set for expiry in 2001. This raises suspicions about the authenticity of the site. The domain is owned by a company called Anthem Pharmacy that is based in the United States.

The website is very familiar and looks exactly like the other online pharmacies. This might be a sign that the website was once similar to them.

There is also a website on the internet that is similar to the site with a few minor differences such as the domain name.

The business is claimed to be operated by CIPA that is a Canadian regulatory organization. The drugstore is also approved by the NABP and the Pharmacy Checker Program.

On LegitScript, there is no evidence available to support their belief that the business is a safe and reliable business.


It is our conclusion that this site is a rogue and unsafe site that you should avoid at all costs. We give it a rate of 1% due to the very small chance of their website being safe.

We conclude by saying that this is a rogue and unsafe site that we give a rate of 1% due to the very small chance of their website being safe.

The domain was registered just this month and it has only been online for just over a year. This is a short time to start a new business and even longer to be in operation when it comes to renewals. It is likely that they are using a scam business.

It is good that the owner of this domain is using a privacy service to hide their identity because of the increasing number of fake online drugstores online.

This online pharmacy uses the name PharmExpressRx in their about page. It is probably for their business purpose and advertises that they are a leading provider of low cost medications online.

The site design is professional and has a modern and well-arranged layout. They have a search box option in the top section of the site so you can search for your required medications and then choose the order you want.

This online pharmacy is using a real physical pharmacy store which is in Ontario, Canada. They are only a couple of days away from opening.

This e-commerce drugstore has a seal from the Canadian International Pharmacy Association on the front page of their site. This seal shows the Canada business number and it is not counterfeit.

The association is a corporate association with more than 1.000 licensed pharmacy outlets across the country. Their members are certified by the CIPA and Pharmacy Checker.

The CIPA is a professional association for Canadian registered pharmacies. While they do not require all pharmacies to have a membership card, the association is strongly supportive of the idea of checking a pharmacy website’s legitimacy before proceeding with a purchase.

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