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Online Rx Store Reviews - A Licensed Pharmacy With Fake Reviews

19/02/2021 by

Online Rx Store Reviews - A Licensed Pharmacy With Fake Reviews

Online rx store is a member of a Canadian company that is renowned for supplying quality drugs and services to its clients.

On the website of the drug store, you are sure to find all of the information that you will ever need to know about the products that you have ordered. This information is arranged in a very easy-to-understand manner which makes it easy for you to understand.

This site is located in Canada, an ocean-front city in the United States. It is an international pharmacy with over 100 international pharmacies that serve various parts of the world. This means that the prices of medicines that you will be receiving from this pharmacy are more affordable than other online pharmacies.

The pharmacy sells their drugs using two shipping methods, Priority Mail and Express Mail. The pharmacy ships to all countries in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Shipping is done using a Registered Post. If you order are larger than 80 pills of generic Viagra, you will receive a tracking number and a written prescription.

However, at online rx store, all orders are conducted on a transparent basis that makes it very clear which local pharmacy they are from.

The drug store is an online platform that gives you peace of mind that you are not connected to any suspicious websites. This is one of the reasons why they are so popular with online clients.

If you find a cheaper online pharmacy, check them out. If you are not sure about a price quote, check whether they accept credit card payments or not. If they have a live chat option, ask around for a while until you find the right person to chat with.

It is also important to check whether the website is legit or not since it is not possible to trust every single website that is worth about $1 trillion dollars.

This drug store is one of the few legit pharmacies that have a policy and act reasonably. They do not have too many visitors and are therefore not a good place to visit all the time.

Online Rx Store Coupon Codes

Online rx store also offers discounted pricing on their pharmacy site. If you purchase the same medicine in a different quantity you get the full amount of money back. The prices of the items are very reasonable.

Online Rx Store

The company does not appear to be a member of any regulatory bodies. The investigation suggests that there might be no regulation in the US, for example.

OnlineRxStore is definitely not a safe place to buy from. Their prices are very competitively priced and there is a lot of fraudulent activities.

The company has been operating for two years, however, it is possible they are just trying to deceive the customers by pretending they are newer and better. I strongly suggest avoiding them.

  1. More confidence when going to the doctor

Even though they are offering prescription drugs, general pharmacists can dispense Rx drugs in any state in the United States.

If you are seeing red flags when taking their drugs, you can easily message them on their ‘contact us’ form or through their toll free hotline. Their phone number is also listed on their website.

The pharmacy ships its orders to most countries in the world except Russia. A tracking number is offered for tracking orders.

Order fulfillment is done worldwide. The shipping cost is $25 for each package except EMS items. Orders are usually dispatched within 2-3 days depending on the location of the buyer.

They offer different drug categories at different prices and all their products are FDA approved. They guarantee that their drugs are 100% safe and effective.

Online Rx Store Reviews

Online rx store has not released its conditions of delivery, although it is expected that all orders will be delivered with the option to pay via payroll deduction. This is to ensure that the company can export drugs to countries which do not have legal restrictions for purchase of drugs. If the products are defective or miss specific functions, they will be sent via trackable courier.

Online Rx Store

For all inquiries, the company recommends sending all inquiries to itssupport team. Every issue has a possible solution and a live chat is available if you have any queries.

For their most costly product, Viagra, they offer $85 USD for 10 or 30 pills. This is a pretty good offer for the drug, especially considering its low prices elsewhere.

After careful consideration, I choose the site as one of the best online pharmacies around.

Bottom Line

We have already provided enough information to make the transaction as bad as possible. Politically-minded sites are often not legit and will certainly try to run fake business as well.

If you decide to use our company as your source of medication, you will have to provide our company with a valid prescription from a licensed physician. Your order will then come to us without any conditions.

We offer special discounts for clients who buy specific types of products. For instance, you can decide to buy Viagra Super Active to earn a 10% discount on your next order. This product can only be purchased once the promotion is over.

  1. United States - The pharmacy has a licensed representative in the USA
  2. Canada

This scheme is very popular among customers who want to save money in transaction fees. This is also one of the reasons why they have licensed representatives who work every day of the week.

This pharmacy is a legit online pharmacy that prides itself on selling quality medications and quality drugs. The fact that it has been approved by regulatory bodies is proof enough. It stands behind its products and services by the fullest.

This pharmaceutical website is not registered by any governmental agency. The drugs they sell are not covered by any medical regulation. Some pharmacy websites use the name of regulatory associations to convince patients that they are legally registered. This practice is not legal.

Online Rx Store Bottom Line


From the foregoing findings, we can clearly differentiate The Canadian Pharmacy from any other pharmacy online. From the appearance of their website, we can tell that this pharmacy is probably from the Czech Republic and they are probably in the process of opening a physical store in that country.

Things do not look good for this company as they are just too new and too unclear to be trusted. They are also operating illegally.

From the evidence we have gathered about this e-commerce platform, we might even say that they have a zero rating from the Better Business Bureau.

The drugstore is a pharmacy which claims to be a Canadian pharmacy with a strong track record of excellence. They say that they’ve been in business since the year 2017. They provide a lot of information about themselves in the FAQ section. We investigate what they have to say about the business and our findings are surprising.

The domain name is a long-lived name which means it has been in operation for more than 10 year. They are using a professional registrar and this should make them more reliable. However, it doesn’t appear to be a fake as it appears to be authentic.

The website is light on images and the site does not have a fully functioning mobile app. There is no direct information about how long they have been in business.

There is no business name on this pharmacy site, only the name Canadian Pharmacy International. However, there is a registered agent who is not named on the site.

There are no regulatory approvals to show they have been approved by. Simply, this seems like they haven’t made a decision yet when it comes to whether they will be approved.

This pharmacy site is fairly limited so it seems like they only sell brand-name drugs. They do not seem to be much more specific with their offers though.

They might seem like a good place to buy drugs if only they would just make sure to list some of their drugs on the site. However, they do not provide a lot of much information about the business or even about themselves.

They do require that you have a valid prescription to order their drugs from them. You can fill out the prescription online or at their pharmacy location.

We do not currently have a coupon for, however, they are giving free pills with every order.

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