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Online Pills Review - A Suspicious And Non-trusted Online Pharmacy

29/10/2020 by

Online Pills Review - A Suspicious And Non-trusted Online Pharmacy

Online pills is a company that claims to be world-famous in the industry. They say that they have the highest quality products at prices that are very affordable. We review the company on and find that their ruling is that they are a rogue internet pharmacy.

The domain name was first registered in 2009 and last updated in 2017. This indicates that this store does not have the highest trust rate because they are new and new registrants are more prone to breaking the rules.

The store is owned by an individual named Durkheim Partners that also goes under the name of Digital Angel. The company claims to be world-wide recognized in the pharmaceutical industry but we cannot confirm this as they do not provide a business address for their global office.

It is also claimed to be a member of Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and Manitoba International Pharmacists Association (MIPA) but we were unable to verify this as well due to privacy restrictions.

This puts the pharmacy in conflict with many other Canadian pharmacies that also have CIPA certifications.

This store is offering a wide range of generic pills with more prescription medicines, this suggests that this is a more likely pharmacy rather than an online pharmacy operated by a family.

  • Fertility treatments
  • Hair loss -
  • Blood pressure medications
  • Blood pressure enablers
  • Sex reassurance medications

This store accepts Credit card payments by VISA and MasterCard. Payments are securely secured using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Shipping is via Regular Airmail or Express Mail which takes between 3 and 8 days to arrive at the address you have provided. The pharmacy rates are very competitive with competitors priced at a fraction of what they are.

This site does not have reviews from other independent sites. Their founder is a mystery because of his or her identity being concealed. Some of their testimonials are:

They claim to have had a customer service representative in every country they serve, however we have seen this claim on other sites which also demonstrate that the site is not operated by a legitimate organisation.

This site is a scam that uses the name of a Canadian pharmacy as their business name. They may be looking to exploit many loopholes and they may be operating a scam business.

We believe that this store is a scam that uses fake independent reviews to try and de-legitimise their business.

We also believe that there is a high chance that the pharmacy is involved in fraudulent activity and that is why we believe that they are not legit.

Online Pills Offers

Shipping is free to Canada, Europe, and the United States. This includes tracking and insurance which is a huge help to the customers.

A lot can be said about online pills. What I like best about it is that it has its own words and phrases which gives it credibility from other independent websites. However, I have seen it shared on many fake websites.

Online Pills

This is part of the reason why I believe this shop to be a scam. The purpose of sharing it on the internet is to get a lot of visitors and prospects.

With only a few reviews from other independent sites, I believe I shall choose the cheaper option. However, others believe that it is a good place to purchase drugs from.

However, just like all other fake online pharmacies, the pharmacy also rely on affiliate marketing as a main source of income. This means that they are not operating legally.

On online pills, you can also choose to save some for your order. They offer you the choice of a free delivery in either a regular or a trackable courier service.

Available Products

The store also offers a pill for nicotine addiction, an advice column for women, and a newsletter subscription service that subscribers can opt to sign up with.

There are many testimonials online but we are interested in seeing which ones are authentic and which are copied. The store has 7 customer testimonials which are mostly positive.

A customer named Landon who was 22 years old says his experience with the store was great as they are very easy to deal with. He mentions getting “great results” that is similar to Viagra”.

Another testimonial from Ryan adds his experience with receiving his orders in a few days. He also mentions being re-signed as a customer and that he is enjoying the process. He says he even got a refund in the most recent case and that they offer a refill service.

Another testimonial from a female named Angel says her experience was great as they have the best prices, care about their customers’ health and are as reliable as advertised. She also mentions receiving her order and says they know exactly how much she paid for it.

The store is a legit pharmacy that takes pride in providing quality drugs and taking pride in their service. They have lots of positive reviews from customers, get a lot of client referrals, and offer affordable medications. Their prices are a lot cheaper than the other online pharmacies but not as cheap as other pharmacies offering them. So, do use this store for your medical needs and purchase your prescription drugs from them.

Online Pills Reviews External Comments

Hidden because they want the customer’s details to remain private. This is a major disservice to our safe buying of their services.

There are no certifications on the website from any regulatory bodies such as CIPA and Pharmacy Checker. There is also no Florida license on file. This is a major disservice to our state, as buying from them would mean that they are operating with a valid license.

  • Allergy
  • Allergies
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-fungal, a drug used to help reduce fungal infections of the skin, throat and oral cavity

There isn’t a PayPal account or any other credit card payment option available on the website. This is because the store does not have an SSL certificate, which is a requirement for the safe transmission of personal and financial information online. They also charge a flat rate of $10 for the first order and $20 for subsequent orders. They provide a tracking number to accommodate your travel needs.

This pharmacy has very few reviews on an online sources.

Online Pills

Legal Approvals has been approved by the CIPA Rx Compliance Program to appear on their website as a pharmacy.

The CIPA Rx Compliance Program exists to ensure that all US based pharmacies comply with federal and state law requirements to ensure consumers have only purchased from licensed pharmacies.

This also ensures you have not only met the verification requirements for the site, you've also been approved by the CIPA Rx Compliance Program for the industry.

Business contact details are very limited on the site, however we were able to discover that the business is registered as a non-profit corporation called Canada Business Inc.

The company is also using a seal from CIPA on their website to ensure that all their customers are protected.

  • Allergy
  • Antibiotics
  • Antivirals
  • Birth Control
  • Blood Pressure
  • Anxiety
  • Breast Cancer
  • Birth Planner
  • Cancer Council
  • Colorectal Cancer
  • Complement
  • Drugs, Rx, and Allergy
  • Diabetes
  • Diet, Weight Loss, and Bodybuilding

We haven’t been able to find a lot of customer reviews on the pharmacy website. However, we have discovered that this pharmacy is registered using a third party company called

This drugstore website mostly deals with ED drugs, however they also offer drugs for a variety of health conditions.

All the drugs are shipped from Canada via Airmail. Orders are not processed if the parcel doesn’t arrive within the specified time. Shipping is also not available without a purchase.

At the moment there are no reviews available on the pharmacy website. However, we have discovered that the company has been registered as a non-profit corporation called This non-profit is also using a seal from CIPA on their website which was found to be genuine.

With the lack of buyer reviews available on the internet, we decided to make a web archive search. We have found that all details provided by the seller were found in the WhoIs database.


It seems that they used a free email service to post their feedback on the website which is a bit shady and raise suspicion that they could be involved in fraud.

Therefore, please be mindful while choosing your pharmacy considering the above mentioned factors. Use it at your own discretion and watch out for possible side effects.

The drugs they offer are approved by the Indian FDA but they believe that they are generic drugs which may be counterfeit. For that reason, we are giving them a rating of 1 out of 5.

If you order over 100 pills, you can even get a 5% discount on your next order. What is great about the discount is that they say that they can filter the delivery through which reduces the cost they extra new customers have to pay.

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