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North Drugstore Review - An Online Pharmacy With A

09/11/2020 by

North Drugstore Review - An Online Pharmacy With A

North drugstore is a popular online drugstore with a strong online presence. However, a comprehensive research has shown that this site is a scam. We have found out that it is located in Barbados, a country with few trustworthy and trustworthy internet drugstores. Furthermore, the website domain has been registered a few months ago and it has not been legitimately used for a year. These are all reasons why you should avoid this pharmacy for sure. Below are some of the details of the scam that has been detected from the website.

The domain has also been deleted several times, this is a normal and understandable mistake as an internet provider usually only registers for a few months at a time.

The website contains many mirror websites that look suspicious and have the same web layout. These include:


There are products on this online pharmacy including ED drugs, hair loss treatment, and birth control pills.

It is very interesting to see a lot of customer testimonials on the website. Many of them are very positive and even if user opinions differ, they are still positive enough to call the pharmacy a reliable internet pharmacy.

Customer Support

Customers should just do their homework before deciding to order from these online pharmacies as they are known for not following the rules and regulations that should be followed when dispensing medicines online.

Customers should first do their homework when they make an online purchase to avoid being scammed or dealing with a scam business. Buyers should first check if the pharmacy they are dealing with actually dispenses genuine drugs in order to avoid running into any problems.

North Drugstore

The site is a drugstore website that gives its customers a lot of discounts and products. However, it warns its customers to be very careful when purchasing from this site as it may be involved in possible identity theft.

There is a risk of being a victim of identity theft and you can get scammed as well. If you are buying from this website you risk losing your hard-earned cash and getting your details stolen by the scammers.

The domain of this pharmacy website was first registered on the 1st of May 2019. It has only been offline for 2 days since then. The domain registrant name is provided as Wuxi Yilian LLC. The site also uses a valid SSL certificate to ensure the confidentiality of the customers’ information.

The domain has been in use for 7 years and the owner is using an anonymous service. Scam online pharmacies are very prone to this type of activities which should make you more cautious when purchasing from them.

Untrustworthy. The country is also associated with several other online pharmacies that also offer low-quality drugs to their consumers.

This virtual pharmacy is not a member of any regulatory bodies and can be found out of business on the WHOIS database.

Besides the drugstore website, there are also some wonderful offers available that include gift vouchers, free sample pills, and free shipping.

The pharmacy website also has a good customer feedback form where customers can give their feedback and give their views on the service offered by the company.

North Drugstore Customer Reviews

This virtual pharmacy is not online 24/7 and therefore it does not have reviews posted online. However, some of the feedback can be found on the seller’s Facebook page.

There are testimonials from customers on the seller’s Facebook page, but we strongly suspect that the majority of these testimonials are just written and do not reflect the truth.

North Drugstore Coupon Codes

Since I was only able to find reviews from trusted sources, I am giving this drug store 4 out 5. I am not completely convinced yet, but I believe the evidence points towards them being safe to use. Overall, I am awarding 4.2 out of 5.

NorthDrugstore is an online pharmacy that claims to offer the best quality generic prescription drugs at very competitive prices. They also claim to offer fast, free shipping.

A site like north drugstore is offering discounts that will save the customers a lot of money. They offer to rebate your money if you buy from them and you can even choose to receive free shipping. These are all great deals and I want to encourage you to consider it when making your online purchase.

I am just checking the price tags of these drugs. They are cheap compared to the other online pharmacies. I am thinking of buying from them for a couple of years to see how this business develops.

The fact that they do not have a dedicated store for the site is a problem. It means they have no assurance and no guarantee that it is safe.

I just want to make sure that I get my drugs so I can contact them and try to get them shipped to me.

North Drugstore Coupon Codes

There is a button to call them and check their status, but I do not know if they will be willing to answer my call or not.

North Drugstore Customer Reviews

NorthDrugstore is a pharmacy that has existed for more than 7 years. It was considered to be a safe and reliable source of ED drugs. It offers a real-time quote for their customer consultations. They only sell generic Viagra so it is a safe bet to buy from here, preferably in a discreet way.

These are the things that make up the data for north drugstore. We have seen these things before, some other online pharmacies have copied these data.

These fraudulent practices cannot be justified by how good the services that they offer. What is more is that this pharmacy has an unknown location and is not entirely certain where they are based.

This pharmacy is part of an organization that is known as the website. The details of their business relationship are, however, shrouded in mystery.

There is also no information available on how they validate their customer feedback. We can only assume that they are not providing the information.

This presents a major threat to consumers considering the lack of any regulation and the possible involvement of high-risk countries.


Even products for which you are able to pay using your credit cards (eg. Prescriptions) aren’t available online. However, you can buy medications without prescription if you choose.

Apart from being able to browse for your products, you can also use the web to discover local pharmacy prices. For instance, you can use Scam Adviser and check the domains of competitive online drugstore.

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