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Mint Rx Pharmacy Review - Not Recommended For Online Meds Purchase

19/05/2021 by

Mint Rx Pharmacy Review - Not Recommended For Online Meds Purchase

Mint rx pharmacy is a pharmacy that assures its customers that all of its medicines are FDA approved. It is not only one of the best-selling online pharmacies but it also has a lot of other clients who are willing to sell their drugs as long as it is still legal. This drug store, however, does not appear in any other reliable online platforms.

This drugstore does not seem to be very active on the Internet despite the fact that it has been operating for more than five years. I search the Web using Google but can not find anything on the Web about this drugstore.

The site also uses the American Express and Visa logos and I was only able to find one pharmacy that used the logo on its site.

The use of the American Express logo implies that the transaction was done in the United States. However, Google does not seem to be able to find any other available pharmacy with this logo.

I checked the ‘About Us’ section and found out that the site was run by a medical business called Pacific Northwest Health Care. I learned that they sell drugs worldwide for under $50 and have a very low prescription fee, as well as a wide selection of products.

They were also using the American Express logo even though they were using the logo of a global business called Pacific Northwest Health Care.

Please note that this is all a very common practice by fraud online pharmacies where every attempt is made to deceive the customers.

With all the new scam pharmacies emerging online I do not know where I can rely on 100% 100% trustworthy pharmacies. Since I was just able to find one reliable platform I know there must be more.

All the reviews that are posted on the site are negative. They are all very quick with just one sentence to criticize. This shows that the site is out of business and not very popular.

This site can only be active for less than two years. If this is the case why is it that it is not listed on any other online platform? Perhaps it is just a scam. I cannot say for sure.

Mint Rx Pharmacy Coupon

I am looking at the product pages of the pharmacy and they do not seem to offer too much in the way of discount.

Mint Rx Pharmacy Coupon

Although there are a few benefits to using mint rx pharmacy, you should be aware that these benefits are only there temporarily. Most online pharmacies nowadays are offering special discounts and special offers and you should not get fooled by these offers.

It is a dangerous game to play with your money. Whilst you may think you are getting some level of protection from the banks that are no longer in operation, there really isn’t much because the banks can simply close the accounts of any customers who are using them.

There is a lot of fraud and manipulation going on. You may be offered something and you get nothing. This is a common scam.

If you look at the many appealing features of this pharmacy site—like their very low prices, their genuine products, and their exclusive offer—you will find that most of your complaints about other online pharmacies aren’t entirely true.

Scam Assessment

A business owner may be responsible for your health if they are not properly trained. If you don’t have a background check with a pharmacy like this, they won’t be able to check you as they will be checking your online activity for all to see. has reviewed this online drugstore and find fault with several things. The company points out that this website is not registered properly, and that they don’t have the required approvals from many different regulatory agencies.

The company also points out that the pharmacy isn’t following the correct rules and regulations, which is a major red flag. You should, therefore, not trust this pharmacy for your health.

  • Herbals
  • Allergies
  • Antibiotics
  • Oral Jelly
  • Men’s Health
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Anti Viral
  • Tobacco

You do need to get a valid prescription to order drugs from this pharmacy website. To do this, you will need to complete their online form and fax it to them.

Mint Rx Pharmacy

The company accepts payment by major credit cards. This includes Visa, MasterCard, and Amex. You can also choose from JCB, Diamon, and Chanel. Delivery costs $29.95 when you choose Airmail to have priority. Orders over $300 qualify for free Airmail delivery.

If your feedback is unsatisfactory or if you have any questions, you can submit your feedback through their online form or by calling their toll-free hotline at +1 855 486 9792. There are also toll-free numbers for the United States and the UK.

Mint Rx Pharmacy

The domain information can be found in the “My Account” section of the pharmacy website. The domain’s registration date is from 2000 and it has a validity of 11 years which is due to the fact that it was recently registered.

The domain is being administered by an organization called “Online Pharmacy”. The domain’s owner is hiding it from the public. If it is not registered, how do they know where it is? The domain may be part of a syndicate run by a group of scammers.

The business is located in Canada with the majority of the products being sold being manufactured on the pharmaceutical website. This course offers side-deals, coupons, and other special offers which are not available on other online pharmacies.

The country of business is from Canada with the majority of the meds being sold going to the US. There is also a possibility of the pills being sent to the UK, though this is unconfirmed.

The pharmacy website does not have any seals from other regulatory associations, as they are not following any laws and there is no evidence that they are real. There is also no sign of the Canadian pharmacy association on their store.

This pharmacy website is a drug store with a lot of products to offer. They claim to sell more than 1 million pills of drugs, much in excess of the usual prices. They also say that they dispense drugs from Canada with the US as their main distributor. This means that they are able to dispense meds from within the country.

You need a prescription when ordering any of their products since they do not seem to want to disclose that information to the public. You are also required to send them a valid prescription from a licensed physician.

  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • Your local pharmacy

Scam Assessment has a page for pharmaceutical reviews. Most reviews are positive, except for one complaint about the customer service.

The feedback they have received is overwhelming, with more than 200 customer comments on their Facebook page.

  • pharmaceutical professionals
  • customers
  • Pharmacy Checker


The drug store is an online pharmacy which displays a lot of promise. They have a great service facility and customer service team which is responsive and helpful to deal with any issue you may have and the customer support team also look impressive. Also, they offer convenient shopping which is not available at the other online pharmacies.

I am a fan of the shop as I was able to order my meds from them without having to pay any extra money. They do not require a prescription for their shipments and they ship out their products with the same level of professionalism as you would expect.

I was able to find an online form for their Customer Care team to contact them and they also have a toll-free number for the US. Their live chat was smooth and they did not ask for my email address as required by most online pharmacies.

I would also like to see more testimonials for mint rx pharmacy. You can download the full texts of the testimonials on the Pharmacy Checker Service website.

The drug store has received more customer reviews for their service. They even have some testimonials from other customers who have used them.

This is good to see as it shows that customers are really happy with the pharmacy services they have received. However, there needs to be more customer feedback for them to gain its trust rating.

This shop is a pharmacy which offers affordable, high-quality meds to their customers. They work with the best doctors from India who provide the highest quality meds. They offer affordable prices and are also certified by Pharmacy Checker Service which is a Canadian pharmacy.

They offer a lot of protection and guarantee that all their customers are receiving all shipments that arrive from their pharmacy.

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