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Meds Plus Review – A Rogue Canadian Pharmacy

15/09/2020 by

Meds Plus Review – A Rogue Canadian Pharmacy

Meds plus is a pharmacy which apparently has been operating for more than 10 years. They claim to offer 24/7 customer support with regular shipping as well as delivery insurance but our investigations reveal that these claims are false.

We discovered that the domain has only been registered for about nine months. This is quite short of the average of 8 years indicated on the pharmacy site.

The fraud detection services of and Scamner.

Registered by a company in British Columbia, Canada. This company also failed to provide any genuine details about who owns them.

There is no contact information found for this pharmacy on any public records. They do provide a phone number for customers to call them from. However, they do not offer any information about who owns them.

This is very different from other online pharmacies who claim to deal in a range of different drugs. This is a sign that they are dealing in a pharmacy website.

They do not require prescriptions for purchases or for the ordering of medications. They say that they are looking to partner with doctors to provide better service. They provide links to doctors in the state of British Columbia.

If you enter the discount coupon code at the top of this page you will receive a 10% discount on all future purchases.

Another issue is that they do not have social media accounts either. There is a Facebook page, but it is a private group and does not have nearly the following amount of followers as the website is full of testimonials.

The other issue with this pharmacy site is that they do not have any real-time customer feedback. There is also no clear information as to who actually owns this site.

Available Products

MedsPlus offers a wide range of treatments ranging from common diseases such as bacterial infections to skincare products to serious health conditions such as blood pressure lowering agents and anti-allergies.

  1. Acidity Allergy
  2. Asthma
  3. Behavioral issues
  4. Blood pressure
  5. Addiction
  6. Blood vessel health
  7. Diabetes
  8. Erectile dysfunction
  9. General health condition
  10. Migraine

Unfortunately, we don’t have any pricing information for the products offered by meds plus. However, there is currently no better time to make an online purchase, especially for medicines that are near and dear to your health.

  1. Airmail is available worldwide and it costs $14.95. The shipping is a standard international mail and it takes 7 to 21 days to arrive.

Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive an email notification from us letting you know how your order was received. You can call or email us at anytime if you have any queries. We are also available to assist 24/7 with all your online transactions.

According to the testimonials that we have seen on our site and many others, the services of the drugstore are unmatched. The reviews reflect a great service and quality of products that give a huge boost for their customers.

People are describing the service of the site as “the most amazing thing that an online company can give”. These are all positive feedbacks but there are just too few testimonials for the company to be certain.

Please understand that this is not a problem if the reviews are not genuine. These testimonials are used to promote the company and are therefore, likely to be 100% authentic. However, there is a possibility of them being sponsored.

Meds Plus

However, with more sites registered and more reviews, it becomes easier to determine the credibility of meds plus.

Due to the growing number of testimonials, we also checked the reputation of this drug store from other online platforms.

Search engines like Scam Adviser and Scamner have their rebuttals for this site. Scamner has the review and while the company is considered as high risk, it is a safe website.

Meds Plus Reviews 2021

This isn’t a good sign either because it emphasises that they have been around for a very long time. They are also not reliable. On the bright side, their drugs are dispensed from Canada, a country which is a sign that they are doing business with a legitimate pharmacy.

After analyzing the domain name information, we can see that they have been around for a relatively long time. They are using a former trade name of Canada Online Health which is now no longer in use.

They are using a real-world pharmacy store which is in Canadian and offering a lot of great services to its customers.

These are rather peculiar things to find, especially considering that Canada Online Health has been around for many years.

Despite using an entirely generic product to sell their drugs, we still want to verify the business contact details of this vendor. They provide a phone number for their pharmacy store as well as a contact form. They only provide these services to Canadian online pharmacies.

The pharmacy doesn’t have any disclaimer or license to operate on the site. They seem to be operating without approval from any regulator.

You need to show that you have been diagnosed with an illness to order drugs from this pharmacy. You also need to sign a contract agreeing to them not to disclose your data to any third party.

  1. Credit cards
  2. Debit cards
  3. Money orders

Delivery is free, via standard mail. They don’t provide a refund policy, though they help with the cost of postage and delivery costs.

This pharmacy offers a lot of positive feedback for the service they provide. They give the reasons for using the site, including how affordable their drugs are, how convenient they are to use and how secure the site is.

Meds Plus Address

This website has several approvals and certifications from regulatory agencies. The FDA, for example, has approved the use of generic ingredients and updated the labeling on all the medicines sold by the store.

Meds plus supports the use of the Erectile Dysfunction Drugs (EDD) and Homosexual Health Products (PHG), and they are also approved by the CIPA.

You must send them a valid prescription from a registered Australian doctor to order any of the products on the store.

As is common with many rogue pharmacies, you do not find any coupon codes for the this pharmacy store.

A lot of fake online pharmacies have a website template used by them to try and lure customers in. A few reviews are available on the web, but the reviews are very generic and do not give the overall image of a genuine company. There are also testimonials for the store on other sites, but they seem to be written by the same person.

Meds Plus Reviews 2021

The testimonials seem real, but they are found on other sites as well. This means that they are part of a larger group of fake testimonials that have been written by a single person who has never visited the pharmacy before.

The fake reviews found on the web, coupled with the fake customer reviews, mean that the drug store is a rogue. It is also operating outside of the law by selling medicines outside Australia.

It is also not authorised by any regulatory body to sell drugs, so there is not much confidence that the pharmacy will work within the rules.

They should not be trusted for buying ED drugs, and so this is a good thing to keep in mind when making a purchase.

Meds plus is an online pharmacy which promises high-quality generic and branded drugs as well as providing a wide variety of deals and lifestyle enhancements for their customers. But given the fact that this is a pharmacy, many questions are being asked about their business practices.

Delivery Timeline

Shipping is usually free, but it is important that you should schedule your delivery to avoid any inconvenience as you make travel plans. If you need faster delivery, you can pay a shipping fee.

The drugstore is an online drugstore based in Canada that claims to offer 24/7 Customer Support. However, we suspect this is just one of the many fake customer reviews available on the internet drugstore. As a matter of fact, this Canadian-funded online pharmacy has been actively involved in violation of federal laws and regulations which are set to expire in 2018, making it more likely that this is a scam company. Hence, it is not safe to purchase drugs from this site.

On Scamadviser, this pharmacy has a trust score of 78% with a label that says ‘suspicious’ which is a great quality considering that this pharmacy is a new seller.

The company gives the place and its physical location as the Bahamas. However, when we checked the website for the real-world pharmacy, we were able to find no such address.

Over the past years, more and more fake pharmacies have started popping up on the internet, leading several of their fake websites to be flagged as rogue pharmacies.

This pharmacy sells drugs across different categories, offering medications for impotence, Birth Control, Blood Pressure Control, Depression, ED, Erectile Dysfunction, Fertility, and many other health conditions.


There is no doubt that online pharmacies are capable of being deceptive—this is a fact that irks us constantly, even to the point of using these pharmacies as a scam. But there is a great deal of uncertainty about where these businesses are located, which is why we can’t completely rule out their existence.

Even with all the dubious factors that we have found about these pharmacies, we can’t entirely rule out the possibility that this is a real business. We just can’t know for sure.

Of course, since these drugs are very expensive, you are most likely to spend a lot of money on them. The risk of poisoning from using these drugs is very high.

Furthermore, there are a lot of websites that could claim to sell you drugs from these pharmacies, however, you should first decide if the website you are dealing with is legitimate.

The domain registrant contact details are located on the website itself. A contact form is also available for customers to fill out.

The Pharmacy is a verified, registered Canadian business. The pharmacy has been in existence for over 7 years. They sell high-quality products to customers worldwide. The company also claims to sell safe and effective drugs to customers.

Legal approvals and certification are the cornerstone of all the medicines that this drugstore offers. Pharmacy networks like this one should not only be trustworthy but must also be justified as legit. LegitScript reviews exist for this pharmacy network, but there are no reviews available from other independent websites.

On this website, customers are offered special discounts and other incentives to encourage them to purchase.

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