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Medi Save Ca Reviews – A Mixed Bag

13/03/2021 by

Medi Save Ca Reviews – A Mixed Bag

Medi save ca is a VPN online medicine store that peddles low-quality medications. They claim to offer the highest quality generic and branded drugs at the lowest prices. We review the details of this website in this article to see if it’s a legit one or a scam.

This drugstore has a domain name that is 5 years old. This site has been around for more than a decade, because it is a member of an organization called Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), a group of Canadian pharmacies that promote thorough quality control.

This store is based in Canada, part of which is an international agreement. They also have a member in Quebec, Canada. The online pharmacy seems to be operated by Avis Budget, a Canadian travel agency.

Orders originating from Canada are routed to this store using Airmail, postal mail, or a priority courier. They use the Canada Post for delivery and cost $29.95.

Customers are eligible for refunds and replacements if the problems arise after the package has left the premises of the customer. This is provided by Airmail and postal service.

These claims are, however, disputed by other online pharmacies that claim to be members of the CIPA as well as several pharmacy checkers, and the FDA.

We have also found that the generic products offered by this pharmacy website are not of the same quality as the branded drugs. This increases your risk of poisoning.

This pharmacy website accepts major credit cards from their customers. They do not provide any information about their SSL certification.

This pharmacy website offers two shipping methods: Trackable Courier Service for $30 and Airmail service for $10.

Medi Save Ca Coupon Codes

There are a few offers that medi save ca is giving to the customers in the most recent years, such as free pills, reduced shipping fee, and special offer. The company also has a discount for returning customers. However, we are still wondering why this website did not have any discount offers in the past.

Medi Save Ca Customer Reviews

From the info that we gathered about this pharmacy, we will have an idea of whether they are legit or not.

Since they have no physical address, we have applied some information from Google Maps to find their location. The company offers an online chat support team and a mailing address. Their phone number is +4420 3129 8888.

From Google Maps, it looks like this online pharmacy is located in the United Kingdom but can be called as a “virtual pharmacy”. We have also checked Scamadviser and found some suspicious activity.

The share of the website’s domain has increased by more than 5-fold in the past 10 years. There has also been an increase in the number of their business partners.

This e-store still has a very large amount of traffic. But this is a good sign because it suggests that they are more reliable and trustworthy.

More and more articles about this drugstore are being published on the internet. In particular, there is a lot of negative publicity surrounding this drugstore and its products.

We have been following this website closely because they are claiming to be a UK based online pharmacy. Their address gives us some suspicion that this is a scam company as they do not have any legal approvals to operate in the UK.

Shipping Policy

According to the website, the cost of shipping is only $30 in both standard and express shipping. The cost of sending is $10.

Come to know about the shop. We have identified some of the features that make this online drugstore stand out from other online pharmacies.

This drugstore has been classified as a Rogue Pharmacy. Rogue pharmacies are businesses that have not been following the rules and regulations that are set forth in the Food and Drug Administration. For example:

Medi Save Ca Prescription Requirement

  • A rogue pharmacy may be involved in selling illegal substances
  • A rogue pharmacy may be involved in selling ineffective and low-quality products
  • A rogue pharmacy may be involved in selling counterfeit drugs

These are some of the negative aspects of this online pharmacy. It is not easy for information about the customer to come from the internet; it is a controversial business to engage in.

We have also sought to validate the prices of these drugs on this online drugstore. However, because of the large number of available drugs, they are hard to compare prices across the internet.

  • Pill Ordering
  • Coupon Code
  • Prime Pharmacy

Are you looking for a real-world drugstore that gives you peace of mind that you are dealing with an acceptable quality of drugs? If yes, you need look no further than medi save ca. This internet drugstore source has been classified as a Rogue Pharmacy.

Medi Save Ca Customer Reviews

The domain is set to expire on 2000-03-21. The platform currently has a positive review from This is very good considering how short the domain has been running.

The drugs which this pharmacy sells are approved by the HSE and are also classified as being in the best pharmacy.

The website drugstores sell a wide range of supplements, both generic and branded products. The drugs on offer are generic and cheap, which is a good indication that they are also safe to use.

All their drugs are manufactured in Canada by leading pharmaceutical companies and are sourced from licensed pharmacists and pharmacies.

They do not currently accept debit cards and payment in-credit. They do, however, offer a money-back guarantee for customers who are not happy with the drug they have purchased. They have a full refund policy in case your order doesn’t arrive and they offer new packages if the money back guarantee is not met.

Medi Save Ca

They do not currently provide a delivery service to clients outside of the UK. However, they are looking into using private courier service.

The pharmacy has a testimonial page full of the shop reviews. They are particularly happy with the great customer service and the timely delivery of their drugs.

Prescription Requirement

But what if you want to buy your ED drugs without having to fill a prescription form? This can be tricky because the DEA require you to submit a prescription before you can buy your meds online.

Online shopping is becoming more convenient as more people realize that they don’t need to go out anymore to purchase their drugs. However, there is a growing problem of fraudulent pharmacies and scam sites that make use of this convenience to steal innocent people's money. The efforts of the FTC and other non-profit organizations like them has made a lot of strides but they need your help.

These organizations are doing their part to make sure that customers feel protected and safe while shopping online but there is still more work for them. They need to more persuadable people to use their services who will not only help in finding potential scam sites but also convince them that their business is legitimate.

Medi save ca is a pharmacy that wants to sell its drugs to the people. It has an online store that serves the USA, Canada and the UK. It also has an affiliate program with that promises deals that are too good to be true. They even offer refunds if your order is under 30 days old. They offer free shipping to the USA, continent-based shipping and other discounts. But unless you resolve to have your order processed by a customer service representative from their store, you won’t be guaranteed a refund.


I cannot say just how great the services of this drug store are because I have not done any research into their site. I should have done so because I really believe in the power of the internet. If they had made their site available online I would have known to check it out. What is better, they have a URL for their online store that is easy to use, fast, and easy to navigate. Most of all, this is a positive. I am giving the site 5 out of 5 for their excellent services.

I know that since the site is a Canadian internet pharmacy, this network is legit and safe to use. There is no evidence that this store is a scam and to be honest, this site does not have too many visitors as one would expect.

Before I make any transaction with them, I check the domain or websites that they have verified and accepted payment from. I can see that they are verified and that is why they are asking for a prescription from their customers.

I have side-looked the website with and without the word ‘ in the URL, and it says ‘verified but works independently.

Their network membership does not make them a safe store to buy from as they have been listed as a Rogue Pharmacy. Rogue means that they do not meet the standards of a legitimate online pharmacy.

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