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Med Store 24 H Reviews Give It A Rating Of 3.6 Out Of 5.

06/09/2020 by

Med Store 24 H Reviews Give It A Rating Of 3.6 Out Of 5.

As a customer is always looking for new online pharmacy, this website offers you a couple of coupon codes. The first one is the one giving you free pills and you will get 2 pills with every order. Furthermore, they are giving you a 10% discount on your next order.

Also, they do not have a large number of customer reviews and only have from their own site. Therefore, you need to look at other more reliable pharmacy websites to make your purchase decision.

Med Store 24 H Offers

There is nothing much to say about this pharmacy except for one thing: it is a trustworthy online drug store.

This drugstore has a lot to offer when it comes to drug therapies. This online drugstore offers a plethora of medications, ranging from common antibiotics like Doxycycline and Levitra to dietary supplements, bodybuilding products, and erectile dysfunction treatments. However, despite its high number of medications, this pharmacy website does not meet all the verification standards as required by the FDA to operate.

One thing is for sure; this pharmacy website is not secure to use. It is one of the most common paedophiles websites on the internet, as it is linked to thousands of suspicious websites. This means that they are more likely to be a legit organisation.

Furthermore, this website does not use https as its main web address, which is a sign that it is not secure.

We have found that the domain of this pharmacy website was purchased in 2007, which is a bit over a year ago. This is probably because of the fact that the site is a new one.

Additionally, we have found that the owner country is being hidden with the use of a privacy service.

Moreover, we have found out that the owner country is being hidden. This is a big alarm, as we do not know if these drugs will be safe or just expired.

We have also found out that the pharmacy website is not a member of any regulatory bodies which are in charge of evaluating the safety of their customers.

Since there is no verification of the pharmacies which are mentioned above, we cannot be sure about these approvals.

Currently, there are almost over 2011 variations of this shop merchandise available for sale. All the items are associated with a high-risk country. For example, the drugs found on this store are not approved in any country.

The drugs are also not approved by the FDA which are needed to guarantee the safety of patients. The prices are also very cheap, as they are found on another pharmacy website.

Regulatory Approvals

Although Pills-dot’s website claims that it is a Canadian business, NHSE is currently reviewing the store and have flagged it as a rogue pharmacy.

Med Store 24 H Regulatory Approvals

Our searches on the web reveal that this site is not a member of any regulatory bodies and is therefore not meeting the verification standards required.

This store has been given the Low Trust rating from Legit Script. This is despite it claiming to be a Canadian business.

  • Aripiprazole
  • Cipro
  • Fish Poisoning Solution
  • Eye drops
  • Mouthwash

Unfortunately, there is little information available about where the drugs are dispatched from. Pills dot’s website does not provide many details about the pharmacy, including the address or the city and state they are operating from.

This drugstore is offering discounts of up to 10% on selected products. As you might imagine, this would be significant as it suggests that the profits from the sale of the drugs could be greater than the advertised value.

The store is using a valid security certificate from VeriSign. They do not appear to accept payments using credit cards.

Well, there are two ways to pay for drugs from this pharmacy. You could pay using Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. It is difficult to believe that the pharmacy is choosing to hide their details from the public.

Delivery is free and takes about 2 weeks to arrive. You would pay a $10 fee to avail of this service.

While the store is not listed as a rogue pharmacy on the Legit Script website, the store cannot be responsible for certain conditions such as low trust ratings.

It also cannot be safe as it claims to have been approved by CIPA, but there are some problems with that process as well.

To conclude, it is clear that med store 24 h has a lot of problems. The store is not registered by any regulatory authority and the drugs are sourced from Pakistan. There is also the issue of the drugs being delivered from Pakistan and the lack of an address.

We should not recommend this store to anyone considering the fact that they are not registered with any regulatory authority and there is no mention of where they are located.

The website is a pharmacy that sells a wide range of medications. They have a dedicated team of professionals that provide quality services to the clients. The pharmacy is operating from Canada but they travel around the world acting as an intermediary for the delivery of drugs to various parts of the world.

Customer Reviews

They have a prescription policy that allows them to sell Rx medications to their customers without requiring them to provide a prescription. This is similar to other online pharmacies with this sort of policy and this is a good thing.

Customer Reviews

So I learned that I need to fill out a prescription form before I can order from this store? Good. I can call this drug store customer support at 1-866-313-9792 and 1-877-426-6511 and 1-816-717-9792 and speak with a pharmacist familiar with the process.

They also provide feedback in the form of a comments section on the site where they are reviewing the site and will give you feedback over the phone.

They even have a mailing address and toll-free number if you need to speak with a customer support specialist.

Are you still interested in online shopping for medicines? If yes, then you should check this store because they have a lot of great offers.

They offer flu shot, cholesterol-prevention, and even cholesterol-storing pills. They also offer a variety of other pills and products if you are looking for a specific medication.

These are great offers and all, but they do not contain the necessary information required by the Health and Protection of Customers Act.

I love to save as much as I can and to save some more when I can. If only more pharmacies would adhere to this rule and try to give their customers a better deal, the public would never know.

We cannot all shop for our medicines at our local pharmacies because they have licensed pharmacies to sell their products. Therefore, we cannot always rely on this prescription store to guarantee the quality of their drugs.

They offer a discount offer where they are giving away three ED pills instead of the regular price. I hope they will give me more discounts and I am looking for a safe and convenient platform to shop from.


I cannot say that the information I have gathered about the shop is 100% true about the place. There are so many problems that I have about the store. They say that they have killed one of the biggest threats to online shopping they have, and their website does not have any malware on it. They have been operating for 6 years, and have a very loyal customer base.

They do have a few phishing and scam links, but these are very small potatoes compared to the many problems they have. I give them 3 out of 5.

Since they sell generic drugs, they can’t afford to advertise it. Although they want to raise their prices as much as they can, they don’t share their products in the store.

Since they do not advertise on their website, they don’t have a lot of people considering they have about 200 stores around the world. Most of the stores have not been listed publicly.

I am unable to determine the shipping charges for these drugs because the pharmacy and the site do not have an agreement on their site. If you want to contact them, you have to request a meeting.

The site is a pharmacy I am familiar with because I have been following their progress for years. But now that they have an online store, I am able to see through the facade of their stores that they are not as transparent as they might seem.

Med store 24 h is still active and selling drugs online. This site is listed as a Rogue Pharmacy on the official website of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. This means that they have been involved in deceptive business practices.

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