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Med Express Rx Reviews - A Major Complaint

14/04/2021 by

Med Express Rx Reviews - A Major Complaint

Med express rx is a Swedish based e-commerce pharmacy that claims to be a world-famous seller of high-quality pills. They say that they have the same quality as the doctors prescribe and that they provide the same benefits to their customers. We conducted a thorough research about this store to get to the truth behind their claims.

What’s more is that there is no mention of when the domain was registered. This also prevents us from knowing for certain that it is still operational.

The information that we have found about the business owner and the shop location is all very good, however, we should not have to go through this many details to know that the store is not safe to buy drugs from.

This pharmacy has an interesting homepage. It does not provide too much information about where the business is located, is this a scam or are they trying to deceive you?

We found out that the store uses a standard Pills-dot-dot logo for their online store. However, they also use the words ‘international fulfillment center’ on their site.

The company also claims to be a member of CIPA and the NABP, two of the most recognized regulatory bodies in the healthcare industry. However, we found out that this is just a sham organization as they do not have any regulatory seals.

The CIPA seal which is on the store is just not there, there is no evidence that suggests that CIPA is actually a member of the organization.

The company accepts payments using Credit Cards such as MasterCard and Visa. You can make your payments through their online store or by calling them on +1 866 800 6777.

Shipping is only $10 which is very fast, however, it is not guaranteed as they do not ship to the states where they are based.

This pharmacy has a page for their this pharmacy reviews which are very nice and link to the site from other sites.

However, the fact that they are not shareable shows that they think that their lack of shareability is a good thing.

This goes without saying, however, that our ability to use the pharmacy on the internet is very limited.

Generic Vs Branded

When looking Google claims that they are able to identify more drugs than the average consumer might expect. This is great and shows how much more information they can gather using the website. I would however, caution people to think again because of the dangers associated with doing drugs without knowing what to do with them. For us consumers shopping for our medicines at the drugstore, it is a decision we have to make for ourselves.

Their tax forms are online along with their complete contact details. They have phone numbers and an email number so you can use to get in contact with them if you have not received a response from them to call them.

They have a wide range of products available and it is really easy to navigate when you first set up the website.

Med Express Rx Reviews 2021

The domain was first registered on the 10th of July 2019 and last updated on the 1st of March 2019. This means that this store has been in existence for around 8 years and it has a long life expectancy.

The business that runs this store has a web site which is very easy to navigate and to be effective. This site offers payment methods such as credit card and Bitcoin.

This store is a registered member of the PGEU GPUE, a US-based organization that sets high standards for online pharmacies. In addition, this pharmacy website is part of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency so that you can be sure that the drugs that you will be receiving from this website comply with their standards.

Med Express Rx

The drug store offers different categories of medicines including Antibiotics, Bacteriology, Blood Pressure Control, Cancer, Erectile Dysfunction, Genital Warts, Hepatitis C, Heart Disease, Leg Ulcer, Mental Health, Pain Relief, Prostate Cancer, Sexual Performance Enhancers, and Sexual Health.

However, unlike other online stores in the market, this website does not seem to be very popular with consumers. This could be due to the fact that the company that runs this website is not clearly identified.

The company that runs this pharmacy website accepts credit card payments through the following methods:

  • Direct debit card
  • Paypal

Shipping is free on orders over $30 with orders over $300. The average shipping cost of this store is $9.95 and it will take 2 to 3 working days to ship an order.

This pharmacy website has a testimonial page with 2 testimonials from different consumers that you can validate. The most recent testimonials are from the consumer W45 who writes his comment 35 days after being approved.

Med Express Rx Coupon

The Whois analysis of this domain reveals that it has been registered very recently. It was registered in December 2016 and this could indicate that they have been in operation for a short time.

This pharmacy has a licensed pharmaceutical company which means they are following the rules for safe and effective prescribing practices. They are using a Canadian business address in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

This drugstore claims to have been in operation since 2007. However, Scamadviser shows that this site is almost completely owned by a new company called Canada Pharmacy and they have only been online for just under a year.

With such a short lifespan, it is surprising that this site has a Whois search result. However, this is not a major issue as they have probably just been around for less than a year.

Canada Pharmacy has been approved by the CIPA as a Canadian pharmacy. Their pharmacy website also has a seal of approval from the CIPA.

With these approvals, they are also following the correct regulations for the safe and effective prescribing and selling of medications online.

The pharmacy sells both brand pills and generic pills for all patients. The site also makes sure that each patient is given the highest possible quality of generic drugs available for sale.

There are different payment methods that can be used to pay for the tablets. They say that they accept all major Credit Cards.

  • Discover “
  • Mastercard
  • Bank transfer

The website has a variety of ways to pay for their products. They accept their customers bank transfers as well as credit cards to help with their costs.

  • Registered Post

They say that orders are shipped from Canada because of how close it is to the US. They are also required to ship the items within 4 and 14 working days, depending on the country and the shipping method. They do not provide tracking information for orders outside of the US.

Med Express Rx

  • Paul from Toronto
  • Michelle from Moncton, NB
  • Judy from Victoria, BC
  • Michael from Victoria, BC
  • Ross from Victoria, BC
  • Laura from Ottawa, ON

Med Express Rx Customer Support

We can see that the website is a relatively new online pharmacy which has only been around for less than a year. This finding isn't entirely surprising as new's are more likely to be hacked rather than built correctly.

The domain has been around for about five years, which is a good sign of a more reliable store as newer stores are more likely to be fraudulent.

There are a couple of phone numbers available for the business to call if they have problems with their orders. However, they do have a contact form available which you can fill out if you have any concerns with your order.

Since this internet drugstore is operating using a single domain name, we can check the status of the pharmacy on the various regulatory bodies which are available to them.

The pharmacy is currently (2016) registered by a company called Viamedic Ltd. Of India. The company has been around for about 3 years and it’s a member of the Indian United Business Council (IBC) and the Pharmacy Checker program.

The pharmacy has also been approved by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) which ensures that they are running an internet pharmacy in compliance with all of the rules and regulations that this industry uses.

This online pharmacy sells both generic and brand name drugs. The drugs are manufactured in India using Indian-FDA approved technology.

Manufacturers of generic medications include Avanafil, Diflucan, Generic Aβ, and other popular brands.

Brand name meds include Sildenafil Citrate, Tadalafil, Dilutet, and a few more less popular brand name treatments.

This online pharmacy requires a valid prescription to make payment. They don’t currently accept credit card payments but will soon.

Shipping is via regular airmail which takes between 14 and 21 days to arrive at your door. Future shipping is not tracked and will charge a fee.

The website has a testimonial page that is filled with mostly positive reviews. However, there are some customers who have written their experience with this company on the website.

They claim to have received all their orders (or nearly all) which is a good sign and suggests that they are genuinely happy with the service they have provided. However, some customers have had to wait longer than expected for their orders to arrive.

Since most of the feedback we found about this company suggests they are genuine, we can rule out the possibility of med express rx being a scam. The fact that they claim to have received all their orders suggests that they are likely to be reliable as they only steal credit card information from potential customers.


If you decide to place an order with this drug store you can always use their online form or call their toll-free hotline at +1-202-685-8840. With the sale of their generic drugs, they have surpassed 50% lower than usual busy sea prices.

There is also a team on standby who are ready to help you in case of any delays or problems arising from the delivery of your order. With so many things to consider, this online pharmacy is more valuable than you might think.

There are a lot of concerns about their services that need to be fixed first before they can help their customers. It’s not easy to accept credit cards for online purchases but it’s a lot easier when you can even make payments through that method.

There are problems with their customer review and feedback as well. Some of their customers are contacting them through email and saying that they received their product but they can’t confirm if it’s their purchase or not. If you don’t want to wait for weeks longer for your order to arrive then this could be a problem.

They need customer feedback and reviews from their customers to enable them to much faster respond to customer queries and concerns.

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