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Marley Drug Us – The Most Accurate Online Pharmacy

18/03/2021 by

Marley Drug Us – The Most Accurate Online Pharmacy

Marley drug is probably one of the most reliable online pharmacies on the internet. The drugstore is a Canadian website that offers FDA-approved drugs to its customers. All of its medicines are manufactured to the highest standards. These standards are set by the World Health Organization, Canada, and Mexico.

Marley drug is not just an online drugstore, but also a Canadian pharmacy. It has its own dedicated team of professionals that is dedicated to the service of their customers. It is crucial to note that all of its drugs are manufactured under stringent conditions from the pharmaceutical companies that produce them. This means that the drugs are identical with each other in every aspect, hence the similarities in appearance and quality of their makers.

Shipping is very affordable at the drugstore. They offer two shipping methods—Regular and Express. Airmail and EMS shipping are the two options that are used to ship orders from the US and Canada. They also offer a tracking option, but their service is not as fast as the regular option. They only provide a maximum of 10 days for the processing of an order, and the whole time, they are asking for a customer to call them.

The website has a testimonial page that provides testimonials from customers who have tried their products and received them from this drug store.

The testimonials are all positive and show that this online pharmacy is very loyal to their customers. They even have more positive reviews than the website has.

If you are looking for a reliable Canadian online pharmacy to transact with, marley drug is the best one. They have their own dedicated team of professionals that offers more customer service than the competition. They also have a wide range of products that are safe to use.

They have their own dedicated team of professionals just as well. Their customer service team is always ready to respond as well as their pharmacy. All of these factors make them a legit pharmacy. They even have great discounts for their clients.

This website is a pharmacy that offers branded and generic meds. There are three types of pills that they offer which are: Generic, Super Active, and Doxycycline.

Bottom Line

This drugstore is a highly risky website as it does not have any verification marks and it uses a fake domain too. The company has also not provided any physical address which clearly indicates that it is not located in Canada.

The risks of running into problems with this pharmacy site are real and warrant a cautious approach. On the one hand, it is a trustworthy drugstore that uses a valid SSL certification to access the internet. On the other hand, there is a very low trust rating of approximately 50%. Scamadviser has flagged the site as an unsafe website.

This online pharmacy has been active for nearly 3 years. Despite this, they claim to have been operational for only less than a year. Their domain was first registered on the 9th of February 2001 and last updated on the 7th of February 2019.

On Scamadviser, this internet drugstore has a trust score of 90%. However, they are also using a high trust rating of 90% due to how new they claim to be.

This company is claiming to be from Canada but they have also been found to be involved in transactions in Cyprus, Latvia, and the United States. Also, they are using a fake business license and many other red flags that you should be wary of.

On Scamadviser, this company has a trust score of 72%. However, they have also been found to be involved in transactions in the Czech Republic, Australia, New Zealand, and Turkey.

This pharmacy has been approved by the CIPA, JCB, and the CPA, but they are also inspected by the MIPA and the NABP.

On LegitScript, this online pharmacy has been rated as ‘trust grade’ with a trust score of 87%. This indicates a good reputation for the company.

This online pharmacy offers a wide array of pills for all types of medical applications. They offer generic and branded meds. They dispense their medications using a combination of Airmail and EMS.


Before you make your purchase, be aware of the following scenarios where re-ordering from them could jeopardize your safety:

Marley Drug

  • Use of counterfeit drugs

They may steal your financial details or use them for their personal or financial gain. However, this is not the worst possibility and it is only a possibility.

  • Your order may get delayed or get damaged

In most cases, they will contact you through postal mail and you will receive it in about 10-21 days. However, there are some delays that delays it to the next business day.

  • Your order may get lost or damaged

In most cases, they will contact you with no tracking means and the website will only start accepting withdrawals on the following business day.

We like this pharmacy because of their customer service, their transparent terms and conditions and their good reviews from the customer feedback.

The website is functioning normally and they are happy with the response of their store. The ordering process is easy and easy to use. The stock is great and the prices seem cheap but you probably won’t spend a lot of money on the medicines they have.


All medications available for purchase online are patent pending. This means that they have been developed, manufactured, and tested by the makers of the products you are about to buy. Sales of these drugs are strictly controlled. You can find some of the best-known drugs at this shop.

  • Amoxil
  • Doxycycline
  • Fluoxetine
  • Metformin
  • Ritalin
  • Sildenafil
  • Sildenafil citrate
  • Tadalafil
  • Tramadol
  • Ultram and Zolpidem

I have been shopping for a few years now and I have become very familiar with the fact that all the pharmacies who have closed down have been contacted by some of their former customers who are now back on the internet. They are now trying to reach new ones through the agency review. For this reason, I think that marley drugacy is gaining more and more clients.

If you want real reviews for any of these stores, you should check the ones provided on the 'About Us' page of the other online pharmacies and find what is said about them which are not as positive as this siteacy.

Domain Profile

The domain is owned by one of the many online pharmacies operating in Canada. The owners are using a privacy service to hide who owns the website. makes an example of the site. The owner of the website has chosen to hide their contact details from public records.

We discovered that the owner of this pharmacy store is using a Canadian-based company for their business. The owner gives an address in Vancouver, Canada.

This makes sense since the pharmacy is a Canadian business. The data also show that the owner is registered to provide legal medical advice.

The main store does not have any regulatory approvals or certifications. Online pharmacies that only provide information about themselves are required to post a seal of certification.

This pharmaceutical site offers generic and branded prescription drugs. Pricing is very competitive.

Marley Drug

The site also has an outstanding safety record. They claim to offer 24/7 customer support throughout the world. However, we could not establish if this is an online or real pharmacy.

This pharmaceutical site does not require a prescription form to work. However, they do require that you fax the prescription to them before they can dispatch you an order. will give you a 5% discount on your next order when you enter the coupon code at the bottom of the site.

  • Discover
  • Mastercard

However, all orders must be approved by the Canadian FDA before they can be dispatched to the United States.

Shipping is not cheap when you compare the prices of the items on the web page to the prices offered by this pharmacy store.

Shipping costs can reach up to $300 when you add the items to your cart. Your order will be evaluated by the pharmacy and may be shipped to the destination address provided on the website.

This pharmacy store does not have a testimonials page. However, you can use the following links to get more testimonials from your peers:

  • One of our recommenders shared his experience with This user said that his experience was "worthwhile".
  • Another of our reviewers said that the pharmacy was "highly recommended" by him.
  • A third said that he ordered medicines from the store for his personal consumption and it was "unim

Marley Drug Reviews 2021

They also claim all the generic drugs they sell are FDA approved, yet they require a prescription from their customers. I always ask myself if the customer will have a problem with the drugs they are taking until they receive the prescription.

Their answers to my questions were always positive and they were always willing to answer my questions even though I was expecting a quick response.

My experience with this pharmacy was very enjoyable. They have a great amount of customer feedback on their website and on their Whatsapp group. They even have testimonials from their customers. This is great for a pharmacy that claims to be small and non-profit since it has a lot of reviews. However, on Scamadviser and Scamner, the shop was given a low trust rating. These reviews do not sit well with me since they clearly show an intent to scam.

The pharmacy has been around since 2007, yet it has only been online for less than a month.


The research done by the NABP and MPA showed that the safe rate of the platform is 57%. The pharmacy accepts a lot of payments and the company is especially popular with young people and most likely to be a risky website. The platform does not have any experience when it comes to online selling which is strange as a website needs to have years of experience in this field.

The platform is not a suitable choice if you need to order from here as we have seen the NABP and MPA warn about the risks of placing an order on this pharmacy site.

Since we have already warned about the risks of ordering from this company, we can say that it is not a suitable choice for online selling. Additionally, we are not sure as to when the drugs will be delivered to the addresses indicated on the website.

The domain has been registered on 2018-03-10. It has a five-year lifespan and it is expected to expire in the year 2017. It is evident that the company is not very keen on maintaining its business.

The name of the registrant is mentioned as Vadim Vlasenko from Russia. This is in clear violation of the requirements and guidelines that the company is operating under.

The pharmacy has a professional website that is an excellent online platform. It is well-designed with a very helpful user interface. However, it does not have a fully functional phone numbers or an address for the US and UK.

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