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Mail My Prescriptions Review – One Online Pharmacy That Is Not Popular

23/07/2020 by

Mail My Prescriptions Review – One Online Pharmacy That Is Not Popular

Mail my prescriptions is not a reliable site. The site does not have too many visitors and the reviews given by its former users are not positive. Some testimonials are also fake. The owner is probably using a service to hide their identity, this is a common tactic used by scammers.

Even if you trust a certain pharmacy, there is a chance that it is a scam. There are too many suspicious pharmacies running in the industry. To check the authenticity of the drugstore, we have used Find out the results of their analysis!

Mail My Prescriptions Reviews 2021

Mail my prescriptions is an online vendor of generic medicines for a wide range of medical conditions. They sell drugs at down to a single price and the quality of the drugs they sell is top notch. I visited the website and took a look at the products available.

I am a big proponent of saving as much as possible when it comes to medication purchases. That is why I always look how cheap generic meds are. The generic medicines sold by this site are a lot cheaper than the ones sold at the local pharmacies. Is $1.95 too steep for you to handle? Then try it! Marry it with $3.95 for a single pill and try it out. That is all!

I want to hear from you guys if it is a great experience and if you want more discounts and sales for your business. If you have a good experience, you should share it in the comments section below.

If you have had a bad experience with the product, the website must be busy managing its own account to avoid other people going to scam websites and steal valuable information. They also have a ticketing system which avoids any ticket problems.

If you have received a mistake from your broker, the company might be willing to resend the medication if you contact them. They also have a certain amount of money to cover their costs which is much appreciated.

If you have a question that you have not been able to find an answer to and you are completely disheartened, they have a number of ways to reach you and secure your help.

As I was enamored with the price and the wide range of products that this website offers, I wondered what they have in store for the consumer market. They have a lot to offer since they source all the drugs from the states of the United States, Canada and New Zealand.

Since these drugs are delivered to your doorsteps in Canada, I wanted to see what the local shipping charge would be. 7-9 USD usually does not add up to the cost of the drugs which is why the shipping fees are a lot higher.

If you need prescription meds, they are willing to provide that as well. You will not be charged a prescription fee when you place an order.

There are a number of special offers and promotions that the pharmacy is able to offer. They come in different flavors.

Mail My Prescriptions

Regulatory Approval

This drugstore is now up and running again, as the domain has been re-issued. This isn’t a great sign, as it shows that the company hasn’t been checking the regulatory approvals of the pharmacy.

They don’t just offer generic drugs, but also promote the use of brand medications. They only sell brand name drugs, but they do have brand-name treatments for some of the common pain relief medications.

You only need to pay a little bit of money for the regular price of the pills, while you save more money if you buy the Sildenafil brand. They don’t currently sell over the counter drugs, but they will soon as they get the necessary licenses for this.

The only payment method they currently offer is using credit cards. They use Check Payments and Western Union to make payments. They also have a secure payment portal that is secured with SSL Encryption.

If you need to ship anything outside Canada, the pharmacy will ship based on the average of an online buyer (which isn’t guaranteed) and then you will find their full refund policy in their FAQs.

Shipping Options

Shipping to most countries worldwide is through Airmail and its variants, which are free, but may take up to 21 days for delivery. Airmail does not have special offers, however, as it is normally one of the fastest ways to get your order delivered.

Airmail is free to deliver orders within the U.S., as is its derivatives. Products are only charged $5.95 for the same shipping to the rest of the world. They do not have special offers, however.

The savings can help make up for more in the long run, of course, since you save money for prescription drugs.

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Personal checks
  3. American Express
  4. PayPal

They do not currently accept debit cards, however, as they are currently undertaking legal compliance examination.

This pharmacy website has a huge amount of functionality, and it is possible to get in contact with customer support using their phone numbers and email support.

If you need help with your order, you can fill their prescription service form online or call them toll-free at 718-444-8167.

Mail My Prescriptions

This pharmacy website has a page for customer feedback and reviews. It is a good place to leave feedback as they are linked to on the website and you can find other comments nearby.

A lot of customer reviews are positive, but they are most likely fake. These comments are placed there and are not authentic. A better place to leave feedback is the many testimonials on the website.

Mail my prescriptions is a fake online pharmacy. They make it seem like they have a lot of integrity as they only sell drugs within the state of Arizona, but they have no other business and state-licensed pharmacy in Arizona. We don't know if they are legitimate or not, but this is the most likely scenario.

This website is a pharmacy which claims to provide 24/7 customer support. They say that they provide generic and branded prescription drugs at the lowest price possible. What is the truth behind this drugstore? Find out in our detailed report.

Delivery Methods

There is a slight chance that the site might have been around for a long time as they may have had a history of success with other online pharmacies.

MailMyPrescriptions is using a modern and professional website that looks professional and safe to use. They do not seem like a dick.

The business name and address are available on the website. The physical address is in Queensland, Australia. The phone is +61 2 9818 5698.


This guy had so much to offer and everyone was praising him for being so smooth and professional. Well, I would say that the one thing is that he explicitly told me that he does not have a prescription from his doctor and he just wants everyone's help for their problems.

Overall, this website has a bad reputation. It has a lot of problems and it is one of the reasons why so many people do not trust this pharmacy anymore. With so many problems, I would say that the pharmacy has a one star out of 5.

I strongly believe that this is the pharmacy that they are hiding and so, I would give them 2 stars out of 5.

Mail my prescriptions offers two shipping methods. The first shipping method takes an average of 2 weeks to arrive. Shipping charges vary depending on the destination address and package.

For all shipping methods, this website offers a money back guarantee. If the order is not delivered after 30 days, you can claim a full refund. Customers are also given T-Shirts and other freebies as a gift.

This website is another online pharmacy that is unshakable in their integrity and commitment that they will not compromise on their quality. This online drugstore offers both brand and generic pills. One of the key features of the site is that they do not require prescriptions, which is a key factor in keeping their product options limited.

The site insists that they offer both brand and generic drugs.

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