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International Drug Mart Review – Online Pharmacy With Huge Supplier Revenues

02/10/2020 by

International Drug Mart Review – Online Pharmacy With Huge Supplier Revenues

International drug mart is a rogue drugstore that sells cheap and counterfeit drugs at very low prices. We have already detailed the locations of these websites in the past and provided an address for them in the future. Other than that, we have not mentioned anything about this website.

Are you a customer of the drug store? If yes, then you should stay away from it since the store is a rogue Internet pharmacy that has been marked as a rogue on several occasions. This review highlights the findings of a forensic analysis conducted by Legit Script.

Given the presence of the seals from CIPA and MIPA, you would think that this store is authentic. However, this is somewhat of an assumption since we do not know whether they have received any government approval certifications.

Registered since 2000. This is, however, a slight advantage so you should not expect a huge lifespan from this store.

‘Trustpilot’.net. This company has been active for more than a decade and is therefore more trustworthy than the store’s former owner.

The company also claims to offer best-selling products, providing a large number of prescriptions, which is not found in most other stores.

The drugstore lists their products by medical conditions treated. As you would expect, the more serious the condition treated, the higher the number of products.

International Drug Mart Coupon Codes

As the dominant force in online medicine shopping, this pharmacy is well aware of the importance of offering special discounts for their customers. Here are some of the offers they have in store for their shoppers:

Returns are allowed by the drugstore for consumers with orders exceeding $200, but they have to be in good working order condition.

There are many reasons why consumers might believe that a certain online pharmacy is a scam, and it is hard to know which are genuine to buy from. This is why there are so many retailers who are operating illegal affiliate programs.

Buyers should be careful when dealing with an incorrect vendor since they are making a transaction that could be at risk to the buyer’s health.

For consumers who want to buy at reliable stores, however, there are many things that they can do to ensure their safety.

These are all circumstances that could result in package being sent to the wrong address, which could lead to the consumer becoming a victim of identity theft.

Ensuring that you have a valid prescription is one of the most important steps to take to avoid being scammed. Check your online pharmacy first and if necessary, contact them to get the prescription refilled.

If you can’t get the prescription refilled, then you should call their support team and they will be most helpful in helping you to decide if this pharmacy is a good fit.

InternationalDrugMart is another online pharmacy based in Canada. They started operating in 2016 and have branches in 14 countries. They offer both branded and generic drugs which is a lot of different medicines.

International drug mart is a Canadian organization and there is no known reason why they are not operating in Canada.

International Drug Mart Payments

Orders usually arrive within 7 to 14 business days if they are dispatched from an international location. They do need to be signed for after dispatch and this can take as long as 6 weeks. However, in some cases the courier is not handling your order?s delivery until your order has been dispatched with the courier then being charged a small fee.

International Drug Mart Payments

Shipping to other countries has a shipping fee from $29.95 for regular shipping and an additional $19.95 for tracking. The option to pay by credit card is available for all orders.

This pharmacy website has been reviewed by people who have used it in the past. They give low reviews for the site's service and delivery and great reviews for this pharmacy site is here.

This website seems to have received good feedback from other independent review platforms when it comes to this site having bad and great reviews from previous customers.

The pharmacy site is secure and they have a valid SSL certificate to ensure your information is safe. They also have an online form to send feedback and ask any questions about their website.

They give a bit more detail about the company which they have and how they have been doing business.

Product Pricing

The pricing of the products available on this website is very competitive with the market price and this raises questions regarding the quality of the medicines.

Since when will a company charge a premium for just the quality of its products? If this is the case, then it is very questionable whether or not this company will be able to continue operating for many years to come.

Unfortunately, no pricing is available which is a big red flag. This means that you will be paying almost double the market price for the same quality of herbal drugs.

Buyers are only able to pay for one shipping option which is the regular mail and the express courier delivery. The shipping options come with a maximum value of $200.

The company has a 30% discount on selected products which is a promotion that they hope will make you become a customer.

The site has been around for six years and they have never had any customer complaints. The positive reviews are only available on online drug stores which means there is no way to verify these testimonials.

The website is being operated from the United States. However, the website claims to be operating from New York.

International Drug Mart Discount Code

Using this coupon code when you apply will give you a 10% discount on your next order. This is great because it means that the more places that you visit, the more savings you get.

With all this going on, it isn’t unusual for other offers to be in store for the customer when they use their discount code, especially in the cases of cheaper priced offers.

They don’t even get any commission from the sale of their drugs which is a good thing, however, so it shouldn’t be a major issue when they go on sale.

They are over 30 years old, with a good service that is more reliable than many other pharmacies that have been around for much longer.

I would give this pharmacy a try if they were still operational and has the same products as they currently have for sale. They offer pills that are easy to fill and dispense, giving them a great value to customers.

Their main pharmacy is in Canada though they have stores in the UK and India as well as a few other countries. They have a wide selection of medications for various medical concerns that are dispensed from their store in Canada.

International Drug Mart Coupon

I tried to look at what other online pharmacies were saying about their products and services and they seem to be positive people. This is great because depending on how you think of them legit, they may seem a little vulnerable but they are just trying to do their part in helping others with their medical conditions.

This shop is an online pharmacy that offers a wide array of drugs for various medical uses. The pharmacy ships their products to a wide range of countries around the world. They do not just only ship to Canada, they also ship to 11 countries in South East Asia.

They are selling generic drugs at prices that you cannot easily afford and they are getting discounts in the form of free shipping for orders above $150.

When you order your drugs from this pharmacy, you are given the option to pay via credit card or bank transfer. You can pay using any of the following methods:

  1. Discover
  2. MasterCard
  3. E-check

Neutral Testimonials

The domain was registered just recently on the 22nd of February 2002 and this means that international drug mart could only be online for less than a year.

They are part of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association and the Pharmacy Checker board of directors.

On Legit Script, the pharmacy is rated as ‘unapproved’ in part because it is not collecting data in a regular manner.

All available products are generic and offer various categories ranging from Antibiotics to Artifacts and even care products for the family.

There are also various drug categories offered such as nootropics, stimulants, antibiotics, eye drops, skin care and sleeping aids.

There are two payment methods that you can use. They say that they accept all major Credit Cards from the major card processing companies including Visa, Mastercard, and Diners Club.


Therefore, we can only give them a neutral rating of 1.2 out of 5. For a genuine online pharmacy, we would consider using their real contact details.

Online pharmacies are an increasing number of online drugstores, which gives rise to the possibility of confusion and the risk of getting scammed., on the other hand, has a long history of service and has certainly provided products that are reliable and safe to use. However, the fact is that the store is no longer operating and the domain is just a "forever inactive.

There is also no mention of where the store is based and the phone numbers they use are not shown. Scam online pharmacies normally do not show their exact location, which is why we are left to assume they are based in Canada because the address is not displayed in the store.

Even though the information we have from the seller is now outdated, we still have the seller’s information from claims to have reviewed this drugstore and found that the website is operating from a Canadian based on their website.

The seller is also using an encryption service to prevent the website from being traced and they claim that all information we provide on the site are accurate.

They are rated 4 stars out of 5 by us and we highly suggest looking at this site for your medical needs. is a Canadian pharmacy which has been operating for 3 years. It is a member of CIPA Rx and MSRX and is available in all 50 states of Canada. They do not require a prescription for their products. The pharmacy is open all year round and allows their customers to order their medication anytime.

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