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In House Pharmacy Review - An Online Drugstore With Insufficient Customer Reviews

03/03/2021 by

In House Pharmacy Review - An Online Drugstore With Insufficient Customer Reviews

In house pharmacy is a Canadian online pharmacy which states that they are "a national leader in product quality, innovation and customer service". They have a home page which reads like a who's who of Canadian doctors selling various drug categories. We are going to be doing a thorough review of this store in the following weeks to get a feel for what type of in-store services they offer.

The domain was registered just recently on the 9th of July 2018 and this means that it is much younger than the typical record for a Canadian pharmacy.

On Scamadviser, this domain has a trust score of 79% with a label which says "Faulty online pharmacy".

The pharma has a contact form in order for their customers to fill out and get in contact with them. They also have phone numbers available for calls from the USA and UK but they do not have an Irish Toll-Free Number.

While this domain is now a Canadian drugstore they are still following the rules and regulations which are set out by CIPA and the Pharmacy Checker program.

On LegitScript, they have the pharmacy's "C" rating which means that it is operating within the guidelines set out by LegitScript as well as their other ratings.

There are also different brands of ED medication available so if you are looking for an ED drug there is no reason to spend so much on this website.

There is no fee for this pharmacy website although there is an added charge of $9.95 when you place your order through Express Checkout.

The shipping options available on this store are trackable and will normally arrive to you within 5-7 business days.

The reviews also seem very familiar to us as they have the same errors and omissions found on other reviews.

We have seen a lot of fake reviews on this drugstore website on several occasions. Most of the reviews appear to be from other domains which do not have any association to the store.

There is very little evidence available online suggesting that this store is a reliable provider of drugs online.

We have also found a large number of duplicate reviews from several other domains which make the credibility of this pharmacy very questionable.

In House Pharmacy

Free shipping is a great deal for customers, as they get to use up to 5% off their packages, offering up to $200 orders. This deal is too good to pass up, so here are some this drugstore coupons and discounts for you to take advantage of!

I still find the prices very affordable, if only because they are so low. I can’t justify spending so much for an online store, so I’ve come to expect lower prices from other online sellers. For the pricing of their products, as well as the shipping, this is a great deal.

I will therefore be checking this store out, as I will not be able to use my regular carrier for the following order, hence the reason I am using a different one.

Company Information

This pharmacy has been operating in the United States since 2017. They say that they have been licensed by the DEA and are following the rules and regulations set by the CIPA and other pharmaceutical organizations in the industry.

Company Information

When you check the domain information, you'll discover that this pharmacy has been operating for a relatively short period of time.

It’s a good sign of a more established business since it’s much more likely that this pharmacy is just being run by a new company.

The pharmacy is also run by a new company called Onlinepilot. They have a certification from and have an online store with a verified SSL certificate.

They have a seal from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) on their website as well as two from the government-approved UK firm.

When you check with LegitScript and the National Association of Business Corporations (NABC) you discover that they aren’t members of either Association.

This online pharmacy sells both brand and generic pills, as well as over the counter drugs. The site is also very easy to use, with only a few minutes of manual preparation required.

They sell an assortment of products, with the most popularly two of which are ED drugs and male enhancement pills.

They do need their customers to submit a valid prescription before they will process your order. You can find this from the pharmacy using the online form on their website.

Promising discounts including free pills, a discount voucher, and free delivery. They also offer three pills with every order.

UK Government-approved safe internet pharmacy provider ( They also offer a Money-Back Guarantee on all orders within 60 days of receipt.

Their delivery is via standard delivery. You will receive a full parcel in three to five working days, depending on how long you wait.

Customers are happy about this pharmacy’s service and they seem to be very efficient with their customer service. They have a testimonial page with over 200 customer reviews.

To conclude, in house pharmacy claims to pay their customers for their “proper use” and “free shipping”.

Much has changed in the business in the last five years, with the acceptance of payments and the delivery of drugs.

In House Pharmacy Reviews 2021

The domain is already registered. The use of a domain WHOIS lookup will show you that this isn’t a fake company.

In House Pharmacy

The age of the domain is revealed as 65 years old. This is a good sign that a new domain has not been registered for a long period of time.

This e-commerce platform is using a modern and professional look. There are some technical issues with the website that could lead you to believing that they are a high-risk site. However, this isn’t the case in the slightest.

This pharmacy site has the correct customer contact details. The phone number provided is accurate and they do have live support if you have any questions.

This business is not registered by any regulatory body. They use a fake local contact email address and a local business phone number.

  • Birth control pills
  • Anxiety and behavioral treatments
  • Anti Viral and antibiotic pills
  • Skin care products
  • Herbal and aromatherapy potions
  • Asthma treatment

This pharmacy offers a 5% discount on all future orders. However, they only offer this offer for a limited period of time.

  • Credit cards
  • E-checks
  • Bitcoin
  • Trackable courier service

This pharmacy offers a 24/7 customer support team to help you out during the week regardless of your location.

  • This isn’t a whole lot to

Scam Analysis

This pharmacy does not have any certification from any regulatory body or any other legal authority. This is a worrying fact considering how new this store’s been around for less than a week.

This store does not seem to have a valid business license. This is probably a result of them not being active in the last couple of years as they claim.

On LegitScript, this pharmacy is rated as rogue. However, on the bright side, they give it a high rating which shows they are not operating within the law.

The store is selling a range of pills to all parts of the world. The cheapest item they sell is a blood pressure pill.

The pills seem genuine, however, you should look at the side effects for these drugs before deciding to order.

This store accepts credit card payments made using MasterCard and VISA cards. However, you are only required to provide a valid card number.

This store has two shipping options, the first one is a Standard shipping and handling fee of $10 and Parcel delivery fee of $20.

In House Pharmacy Domain Info

This pharmacy website is a scam discussing unconfirmed links to the United States and some Chinese rogue pharmacies.

To conclude, the shop has not approved by any regulatory authority as well as the pharmacy website.

Domain Info

Only 3 visitors are only required to visit your site in order to purchase your meds so this can be its sole source of income.

Visitors who purchase products from this store have free shipping too, this is obviously to catch the attention of potential customers.

Cheaper products are available on this store too. This means you can save more if you buy their drugs from here instead of from the pharmacies which they actually supply.

However, some shopping is still required to save. This can be done by choosing the lower-priced products, waiting for a month and then purchasing from the store. This way, you can save more and use your credit card for your purchase.

Risky to use. Another good thing is that it is located in the USA so there is less likelihood that the site is operated by a high risk country.

We also see that the issues surrounding the site are too numerous for the site to be completely trusted.

The shop is a drugstore that sells a wide range of products related to a healthy lifestyle. The drugs are manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Eranet Pharma and are sold at a reasonable price. While some of the products are ordered from the online pharmacy, they are assembled in India. There is also a delivery service that takes some time.

We are happy to find that they have a free delivery service, but you must register to use this offer. The pharmacy charges a flat price of $10.

In house pharmacy has been able to receive reviews from its customers on the internet thanks to the site's dynamic features. These reviews allow you to vote for which you’re looking forward using in the future.

We found some reviews from the perspective of customers who have had excellent experiences with this online pharmacy.

One customer who was happy with the service from this online pharmacy expressed his gratitude saying he was (almost) 7 years old when he received his order.


There is no way that I could verify this information given to us by The domain has been registered and is set to expire in the year 2000. I would like a better explanation for this other than the fact that there is no information about who owns this domain.

There is only one phone number in this pharmacy that we can contact them with. This is the one that you would normally expect to receive calls from a real estate agency or an insurance company. I was surprised at how quickly they responded with a phone call.

The domain is not part of any regulatory bodies. This means that they do not need to disclose information about their real owners. They are also not certified by any government agency that is in the United States.

The generic drugs are manufactured by different companies overseas that are not involved in manufacturing the drug. They are of lesser quality than the brand name drugs and come from far away countries.

This pharmacy does not require you to send them a prescription when you place an order. They only require that you provide them one of the following:

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