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Honeybee Health Review – An Alternative Online Pharmacy With No Reliability

03/05/2021 by

Honeybee Health Review – An Alternative Online Pharmacy With No Reliability

Honeybee health is not just an online drug store – they are a world-renowned provider of high-quality generic drugs. They have been approved by the Americans with a prescription special dispensing license and they also have Anathemically Correct Prescription.

The domain records show us that this pharmacy has been running their business for over 4 years.

Successfully registered their domain in the year 2005 and this is a good sign of a more reliable and secure pharmacy.

This pharmacy has a certified third party contact with a contact in the US based on information in Panama. This indicates that a company is genuinely interested in taking part in this program.

This company is a licensed pharmacy and have been certified by several regulatory bodies. This includes the FDA, the NABP, and the CIPA.

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy is also a member of the American Association of Pharmacies (AAPC), though they do not have the seal which they do on this drugstore.

We can only offer a limited time discount on all orders that we make through this store. This is to help the shoppers who are buying their first drugs to save some money in the long run.

  1. Diners Club
  2. Bank transfer
  3. ECheck
  4. Bitcoin

Domain Profile

Haikas, or the state-owned company, has registered its domain and is now spending its money to renew it.

The previous owner has also agreed to provide its name and physical address for the purpose of this online pharmacy.

This e-commerce platform is operated by a company called ‘Ekaterina Rexhlei GmbH’, which is located in the city of Mazovia in the Russian Federation. It means that they are operating from a legitimate business location.

Also, the e-commerce platform has a high trust rate and this is confirmed by several reliable sources.

A wide range of products are available from this pharmacy website, with the most popular pharmaceutical products being:

  1. Anabolic steroids
  2. Male enhancement drugs
  3. Antibiotics
  4. Birth control pills

The pharmacy website provides a lot of information about the different payment options available on this website, as well as the different shipping methods that can be used to get your product from here to destinations outside of Europe.

  1. Trackable Courier Service
  2. International Registered Mail
  3. Your Order May Be Delivered in a Day or Weekend
  4. Tracking Device Service
  5. Your Order May Be Arrived In Five to Nine Days

The pharmacy has a mailing address in Baltic Sea, which is consistent with other pharmacies that are using this service. However, we do not have a confirmation of the pharmacy’s location from the geographical location of their store.

Payment Options

There are no present coupons for this pharmacy website, but there are present allopathic and naturopathic discounts to help you get a better value for your money in the long run.

Honeybee Health Domain Details

The most popular drugs on offer are those from the Big Pharma wholesalers, the same companies that originally manufactured the branded pills.

In order to obtain a prescription, you must submit the New York State Department of Health request form and the pharmacy’s certified copy of an MD.

Out of all the medicines on offer by the store, the most popular drugs are the ones sold with hefty prices.

Since the pharmacy is a seller of medications, you can expect some discounts on further orders from this store.

You can also receive special offers and other value-added services on further purchases. Pricing is up to you.

Credit cards can be used to make payments using their cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Bitcoin.

The pharmacy ships via standard international First-Class Mail which only takes 5 to 9 days to arrive.

Several online pharmacies are offering testimonials in the form of testimonials for their service. However, the use of third party reviews for retail firms who are not using Amazon is illegal.

Apart from the three testimonials, we also reviewed this shop reviews from other independent sites as well.

Prescription Requirements

You do not require a prescription to purchase RX drugs, although some pharmacies may require you to send a valid prescription to them.

  1. Pharmacy Checker
  2. Adoption Center
  3. Dermatology
  4. Ear, Nose and Throat
  5. Fertility
  6. Hormone Replacement, etc.

You can also avail of discounts on certain medications by entering your discount code on the website.

  1. MasterCard
  2. E-Check

Shipping is only available through regular postal mail up to a maximum of 10 days. You may also choose to receive a free shipping for your first order (before returning it).

It is not unusual for pharmacies to have reviews and testimonials posted on their websites. However, they should not be considered reliable and trustworthy sites. You should only make an informed decision about a pharmacy before ordering from them.

Many online pharmacies have positive reviews despite the small number of reviews they receive. This has nothing to do with how reliable they are when it comes to service, but it is more of a commentary on how advantageous they were for the business.

Honeybee Health

The site is only a few months old, and it has several positive reviews from their customers. However, it has also been flagged as a suspicious website by

To conclude, this site is a legit pharmacy that offers high-quality generic drugs at very reasonable prices. There is not much information available on the site about the real owners and staff of this store, and it is not clear who actually manages the pharmacy and from where they derive their source of drugs.

However, it is important to consider this, as online pharmacies do not have a lot of information about each other. It is often difficult to converse fully with people who find themselves on the receiving end of an online business.

Payment Options

Order status is also important when it comes to honeybee health. They do not accept refunds, replacements or any other transactions.

UK shipping is very expensive. They only have one delivery method and it is very slow. They offer free deliveries for orders over £150.

You have to have an internet connection available to use the site and track your package. You don’t know if this is, in fact, your real location. The customers support team will advise you how to handle this. However, the site gives advice on how to avoid tracking your orders.

As a UK based online pharmacy, they will not have reviews from customers who have tried using the site for their respective needs. They have a wide range of customer feedback shared on their site.

This is a good sign since places like TrustPilot and LegitScript are unable to provide unbiased reviews for any online store.

However, they have set a high standard for their customer service and they need to make sure that they are selling drugs as safe as they can be.

The shop is an online pharmacy which promises authentic drugs and a high-quality service. They say they are more than a pharmacy, they are a whole new world. So, how do they make their business work? What makes them different than other online pharmacies?

Their technology can be used for almost anything as they are making it available to anyone in the world. This opens up a world of possibilities.


The domain was registered last year and is set to expire in 2009. This seems like a good long time because obviously they want to renew this until 2009.

We can see from the domain name information that the domain has a very long history. This is great to find as it shows that it has been in the business for many years.

This site is using a modern website design and it is coded well. They have a search box on the website, it is easy to use and it has a lot of information.

The business name and address are provided on the website. They give an address in Vancouver, Canada.

The pharmacy is regulated by the Pharmaceutical Regulatory Association of British Columbia. They also have medical seal from the National Health Service. All of these seals seem to be genuine, indicating that the site is operating safely.

The pharmacy provides a lot of different types of pills. They offer ED meds, a range of different weights and models.

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