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Health Warehouse Has Been Closed Down Due To Lack Of Customer Reviews.

31/07/2020 by

Health Warehouse Has Been Closed Down Due To Lack Of Customer Reviews.

As expected most of the testimonials are positive. From this information, we can find that the seller of this web store does not seem to be a negative and skilled seller. However, it is important to keep in mind that these testimonials are not reliable and come from an unreliable platform as they don’t have a date on their respective domains.

Health warehouse is a Canadian internet pharmacy that claims to be a worldwide licensed web drugstore. The site also focuses on providing great service to its customers.

It is unclear what is the minimum order that you need to make before you place an order. The company also asks its customers to refer to their doctors for any prescriptions required.

The prescription requirement that this website puts you under is a huge disadvantage as a first time buyer. The price of your meds is cheaper as compared with most pharmacies who sell generic drugs at a low price.

However, our inquiries reveal that the pharmacy doesn’t seem to have a licence for selling their drugs.

Shipping Methods

Since this pharmacy is one pharmacy that offers cheap priced generic drugs, there are more shipping methods that you can use which is as follows.

  • Airmail or courier service
  • Airmail is free on orders over $300 and you have to pay in order to place an order.
  • Airmail can take 2 to 3 weeks for delivery but it is not guaranteed to arrive.

If an order would be lost or damaged, there are two ways to get replacement items. You can contact the customer support team of health warehouse by calling them at +1 760 239 9792 or by filling their contact form at https://www.usps.

Some reviews are also available on other independent reviewing websites such as,, and even These reviews have the same issue of the same author being posted on multiple sites. is a pharmacy website that offers cheaper medicines. This online has done a lot of research in order to make their website look more legit and trustworthy. So far, this online pharmacy has successfully secured the trust of more than 1 million customers.

All medicines offered at this online pharmacy website are FDA approved. The website has also provided a proof of coverage and a valid prescription from the doctor. There are also discounts available on special occasions.

Business Profile

The pharmacy offers a wide range of medicines considering the prices of the drugs. The medicines offered at this online pharmacy website include both generic and over the counter drugs.

For prescriptions, it is very easy to fill out. They even help you to get an estimate by providing a price comparison.

Health Warehouse Reviews

The shop carries out its business from Canada. The store is very popular among online buyers and the quality of their products can be assured since they have been approved by the FDA. Due to the huge selection of drugs available on the site, it is not difficult for the consumers to find what they need to use their drugs.

A complete list of the medicines available at the pharmacy can be found on their website. Buyers can find whatever drugs they need from the pharmacy in the drugs section. The site also provides a short information about their business, their pharmacy and their prescription service.

For payment, health warehouse accepts all major Credit Cards such as ACH, EMV, and MINT. They also accept VISA and MasterCard credit card payments. Discover also has a secure payment page which is protected by SSL certificates which protect customers from tracking information from outside sources.

This drugstore has a live support team that is ready to assist the customers with any queries. The pharmacy also has a mailing address that customers can use to send questions and receive answers from them.

Since the comments for the pharmacy are not available, I have checked and gives the pharmacy a low trust rating and has a zero rating for the website. Also, the website has been classified as spam and not recommended by the majority of internet drugstores I deal with. LegitScript.

Health Warehouse Deals

Health warehouse, unlike many other online drugstores, shows no sign of slowing down its promotions. For example, the domain the drugstore still exists and is actively being used by the company.

I would say that the drug store is unsafe to use due to its ongoing operation and the fact that it does not have an SSL certificate.

I was able to find the store’s antibiotic range, which is pretty impressive considering most online pharmacies have only focussed on the antibiotics. The generics offered here are also quite good, and the price of the meds are affordable.

The store is also known for the quality of their products. The meds are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, as well as the quality assurance group that ensures all their products follow all the rules and regulations.

Health Warehouse Deals

Things are not looking good for the pharmacy. The company is also known to lose money on advertising. I don’t know how much this costs them, but it seems to me that this is not a great thing to discover.

Business Profile

Although they claim to be based in Canada, all the products are manufactured and dispensed from India. When you search for the online pharmacy, you find a large number of pharmaceutical products available for sale.

This pharmacy is collecting health warehouse reviews on the internet. Unfortunately, the majority of the website is in Russian, which is not a widely used language.

The reviews are all positive. However, there are some complaints about the website and there are also some testimonials.


Choosing one pharmacy to shop from should not be taken lightly. They should be assessed with the same amount of skepticism as any other store. In doing so, buyers will find the right store for them.

There are a lot of reasons why a website may not be operational for a year even a couple of years such as being written by one person. However, considering most of the time they make it very clear on their website that they are a drugstore for many other online pharmacies, it seems like a toss-up. Is this legit or just a ploy? We don’t know.

We don’t know that they have customer reviews and testimonials on their website, which raises our questions. If they have nothing on their site besides their personal testimonial page, then they are not currently certified by Pharmacy Checker to be a legit online pharmacy.

They need to make more money to meet their medical requirements and prices and they do not have trustworthy third parties to support their claims. What kind of business is that?

There are so many issues with this company that it would make the average user think twice about using them. They have no regulation, do not live up to their word when it comes to a customer review and testimonial page, as well as being written by one person.

This pharmacy has been around for a long time but don’t be fooled by their very low prices. They only operate from a very remote location and don’t have much regulation.

The website is a pharmacy which claims to be based in Canada. They give their address as being in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. We carry out a thorough background check of this pharmacy to find out if they are really Australia-based. Our findings are in.

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