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Euro King Gear Reviews - Now Offline

05/02/2021 by

Euro King Gear Reviews - Now Offline

On their website, they record that they support a wide range of products. This includes anti-allergic, anti-viral, anticoagulants, birth control, antibiotics for use on livestock, and anthelmintics. They go further to say that they have been approved by the CIPA and Pharmacy Checker, and they have a licence from CIPA to sell their service.

They have also got some feedback from other online consumers who have come across euro king gear. A lot of feedback so it is a good sign!

A lot of feedback has been received from the phone and email reviews section on their website. For phone, some of their customers have been failing to receive their orders for some time and they are blaming this on the fact that their address is not registered.

On their website, they mention that they have a Live Chat support team and that if you have a problem with your order they are there to assist you. They accept payments via credit card and Bitcoin.

They also claim that they are working from Canada and that they have an excellent customer service team. We are not certain about this but it seems likely that this is just a fake statement.

This shop has been around for more than five years. They have a good deal on their hands and they know how to keep their customers happy.

If they truly are a pharmacy they should at least be known and they should advertise how good they are. They should not use their customer reviews as a marketing ploy however.

Legit Online Pharmacy is a legitimate and trusted internet drug store. They have an online store that is easy to use and they have a great selection of their products. They have got a lot of great things going for them.

They do not have as many complaints we might expect but they do also have good reviews from other former customers. They have a lot of great things going for them and this seems like a solid place to purchase from.

We find a lot of problems with this pharmacy, some of the problems are highlighted below. They have been in existence for more than five years, have good reviews from their former clients and they offer discounts of up to 30%. However, once we examine these things more, we will come to realize how unreliable they are.

Euro King Gear Reviews

It is bad enough when you find out that your online pharmacy is not functioning as advertised, as this has been the case with most of the online pharmacies we have inspected thus far. However, these only mean that the domain is offline and the owner of it is unknown.

These reviews only mean that this pharmacy is no longer being useful, as there are many other online pharmacies that are just as good and operate with the same integrity. We have checked these reviews to see if they are still valid. Sadly, they are not.

Euro King Gear Sells Unapproved Medicines

There are many other reviews that tell a similar story. They are just a bunch of fake testimonials and hassles; it is good enough for us to know that this pharmacy is a scam.

Since the domain is no longer available, we have also checked whether the reviews are still valid. The majority of the pharmacies have been listed on the Scamadviser website as a threat.

However, there is not much information about the owner of euro king gear. There is a general trust score of 88% with LegitScript.

So, it looks that this store is now listed as a low-trust website. Please read the rest of our findings as well, before making a purchase.

Since the site is no longer active, we have not been able to find any coupon codes as well. That is why, we can only rely on the seller's word that they would do something to help their customers.

This drug store is an online pharmacy which claims to offer fast and free shipping. They also promise a great value for your money as they offer generic drugs at half the price they used to. We carried out a thorough analysis of the domain the shop to find out if it will meet your requirements.

Sells Unapproved Medicines

This site has a wide selection of pharmaceutical products available for purchase. From A to Z, they stock generic Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. They only send the drugs within the United States, but you can use their roadside depot to get your prescription filled if that is the case.

There are also some feedback as well from customer reviews on different websites, but I think these are really fake. There is no way Liz would have actually written a review for euro king gear and I don't know who else she has reviewed.

I am very interested in seeing how handles international buyers when they come to order from their online store. They ship their orders to many different countries around the world and they do not have a specific address in the United States. I think this puts a lot of pressure on them to set up a warehouse in the US in order to get this drugstore to work.

This website has been approved to dispense drugs to its clients in Canada and the United Kingdom. This means that all of its international customers are safe and its drugs are safe to use.

Although the pharmacy claims to be a Canadian business, the driving force behind this site is likely the fact that it is operating from the Czech Republic.

The website's drugs are dispensed from locations in British Columbia, Manitoba, Manitoba, Alberta and Ontario, Canada. The pharmacy uses a combination of both licensed manufacturers and the street price of its drugs from their main distributors.

Overall Verdict

The pharmacy ships its products to all countries in the world except Canada, the United States, and some countries not approved by NABP or any other organization.

Overall Verdict

I discovered that prices of their generic Cialis are 79% lower than the average market price. They charge a flat price of $8.72 on their site. 1 pill of Viagra went for $179.16. Total purchase cost: $220.48.

They accept two methods of payment which is by credit card and also debit card. All payments are secure as they use encrypted SSL Secure Socket Layer certificates. All their drugs are shipped from Canada, though they do not specify where they are shipping to.

Euro king gear has a refund policy which allows them to reship their products if their order does not come in the promised date or shipment. I noticed no signs of an online refund from the pharmacy.

I would not purchase from this company given the fact that they do not have any regulation. With all the unknown factors that this website presents, I would give them 1 out of 5.


Are you ready for a discount offer? If so, reach out to us. We are ready to offer coupon codes, special discounts and a variety of other discounts. It’s a great opportunity to save a lot of money. is an online pharmacy that sells a wide range of drugs and health products at cheap prices. It’s not easy for many of the companies to get off the ground but they have a way of persisting for years since they are backed by the public against fraudulent activities.

Recently, a lot of reviews are being posted on the internet like a comment from a client that is satisfied with his purchase and the comments are also from satisfied consumers. The comments seem genuine but we have seen them before on other online pharmacies.

There are also testimonials posted on the same website that seem genuine but they are fake. These comments are mostly from the buyers who have used the store accurately.

But the buyer also knows that the drugs are FDA approved just like the branded drugs. But the prices are very expensive and the customer has to pay for the shipping.

According to, the domain age is 3 years and 95 days which is too young for a large drug store. The site could be running on a temporary basis like an online pharmacy or they could be a real organization.

As a buyer, you have to question if these comments do not sound too good without the facts about the company.

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