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Ed Online Meds Reviews - No Confidence? With These Fake Reviews, Beware!

04/11/2020 by

Ed Online Meds Reviews - No Confidence? With These Fake Reviews, Beware!

Ed online meds is one of the longest running online pharmacies online. It started its service in 2013, a year that shows that the pharmacy has been operating for more than 30 years. The drugstore sells a wide range of generic drugs, all at very affordable prices. does not accept insurance as a payment method. The business accepts payments made via credit cards from one end and debit cards from the other. The pharmacy does not directly accept money orders as their payment.

The website traffic was low. The website only had 80 unique visitors during the first hour. It is much better when visitors are coming from multiple different sources.

This Indian pharmacy has been around for more than 30 years. It has a Testimonial Pages that is better than most of the generic drugstores that are not rated by the same number of reviews. Their customer service phone numbers are also well known.

Despite the positive customer reviews for the pharmacy, the site has been given a rating of “rogue” by

One way to determine the longevity of the online pharmacy is by checking if they are still operating. The here and now is a good measure of a pharmacy's authenticity since it shows the quality of the services they provide.

Since the website was down, searching for the site using just their website was not possible, so we used to check the reputation of this website.

Ed online meds is offering a couple of promotions this year. They have an offer of free delivery for orders over $200 with orders above $300. They are also offering a discount of up to 5% in the quantity you buy from their site.

Available Products

The pharmacy offers different kinds of products, what can be bought from the store including generic drugs, skincare, anti-allergies, antibiotics, and many more. There are also a lot of different medicines that the pharmacy sells and this is a good thing because it means that people can choose what medicine to purchase based on their needs.

If you don’t want to wait for long, you can use the fast and easy order for your meds so long as it’s still honored.

The prices of the generic products in the store are a great deal lower than what we find in the market. You can find the generic Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra drugs at the same price as the branded counterparts at local pharmacies.

The testimonials include customers from all over the world and they have also posted on the website on their Facebook page.

To conclude, the website is a reliable pharmacy supplier who provides consistent quality service to their customers. They have a valid license and are also following the rules for purchasing and selling prescription drugs.

The company doesn’t hide its age and it is clear that it is a brand new store. We also discovered that the company has been blocked in several countries around the world.

We quickly checked the pricing for the meds available on the store, and found that the prices are affordable considering that the meds are generic medications.

The company has a warehouse in India that ships the meds to African countries such as Mozambique, Namibia, and South Africa. The drugs also arrive from other parts of the world in the form of Express Mail and have been endorsed by the FDA.

The company accepts payments using MasterCard and VISA card. Receipt of a card does not imply that payment has been made.

The company has a warehouse in North America and also ships the meds through Trackable Courier Service.

This store has received a lot of reviews from customers,both positive and negative.

Ed Online Meds

Ed Online Meds Reviews 2021

This pharmacy has a long history of operations. It has an existence similar to many unregistered online pharmacies. The domain was registered in 2002 and it is set for renewal in 2015.

Furthermore, it is also known that this pharmacy has been around for many years. This does not add up.

We found out that this pharmacy is registered through a third party company called Alpha & Omega Pharmacy on 01 January 2015. It is the same pharmacy that is behind several other Canadian online pharmacies.

From all the information that we have found about this pharmacy, we can clearly state that this site is involved in illegal activities.

Ed online meds is in violation of several regulations and laws. It is also operating illegally for many years. Nevertheless, it is a safe store as they have a secure and verified email and phone contact options.

This store mainly deals with generic erectile dysfunction drug. Most of the time, there is a limit of 25 pills per customer. However, they do not specifically mention the amount of drugs they sell.

In terms of price, they are found to be quite expensive. They offer generic Viagra 100 mg for $82.36. That is $18.74 per pill.

The overall idea of this store is giving back to the community. They offer $5 off per order and they provide a free standard shipping option for new customers. In addition, if you purchase 30 pills or more of Viagra, ($78.72 per pill) you qualify for free extra pills.

However, if you purchase 40 pills or more of Levitra you will receive a discounted shipping option worth $10.

The drug store has a page for their customer review and testimonials. Over half the comments give their review as a customer service representative.

Domain Information

This means that the website is unregistered, which is not a good thing as we can see with other rogue pharmacies that can lead to people being scammed.

This business is claiming non-approval from various regulatory bodies, with the EMA and the PGEU GPUE being two notable examples of regulatory organizations that are not happy with the pharmacy.

There is also the fact that they do not use a real-world address, meaning that they could be operating from a fake address.

There are no reviews online, with the only available article being on the site being a self-imposed temporary suspension of the service in 2007.

They are known to be a popular online pharmacy for various reasons, but they also have a forum, a mailing address, and a phone number.

There are no testimonials on the site, with the only available feedback being on the testimonial page for the pharmacy.

This drugstore is on a consistent course of selling low quality, counterfeit drugs. Rich in meds but lacking in genuine customer feedback, this is a true reflection of the traits that this company is trying to instill in its customers.

They should not be trusted as the owner, via their pharmacy, has been found to be involved in tax evasion, which is described as a high-risk country by LegitScript and is also a violation of the United States and European Union rules.

Product Pricing

Rhizome is an online drugstore which claims to offer quality medication. To make this claim, they have to rely on testimonials on the site. We have seen these comments on several other sites which isn’t a good sign.

Domain Information

These testimonials are written by the same person who has posted on many other websites. It is clear what they are saying is not a truthful statement.

There is also the issue of the comments being posted on a domain which is now proscribed. This is a great indication that the comments are fake.

It is clear that this is a rogue website and not safe to use for purchasing your medication. It has a history of using fake testimonials to try and persuade you to buy from them.

They also appear to be using fake photos which is not a good sign. This is also a great indication that this is another fraudulent pharmacy.


The records that we have found for these pharmacies are from 2009, but they should not be considered as valid for purchasing drugs. Their domain registration date is given as 2006. This means that they have been around for around seven years and have not undergone any checks to make sure that they are legitimate.

This pharmacy seems to be based in Canada, but there is no information available about where they are located.

They are using National Bank of Canada (NBB) machines for billing and processing transactions. There is also no information available about the owner of the business which is used for the online booking of their services.

The names and addresses of the employees of this pharmacy are also unknown, as they are using a protection service to hide the details of their business.

This pharmacy is also using the right to practice their profession in the state of Ontario. A search on agencies including that from New York and Pennsylvania gives us no results for this company.

This is where the pharmacy really shines. They have a mean list of medications in stock. They sell both generic and brand name drugs from various pharmaceutical companies. They also offer discounts based on their popularity.

The prices of their meds are really low. They only offer a fixed flat rate of $62.99.


This drugstore is an unapproved pharmacy that has been operating since 2014. This means that the pharmacy is only over 6 years old, but the owners don’t allow marketing to be done on their site for more than 3 years. Below is an excerpt from the site:

"Our clients buy drugs from the website because of its affordable prices, excellent customer service, and the wide variety of drugs that its customers are commonly buying. Providing a wide range of medications to its customers, ed online meds has the minimum order of any pharmacy online. This allows them to buy more products than what is normally the case with online pharmacies.

The shop operates from an LLC that is also called Online Pharmacy. It is a virtual pharmacy that sells its products online. According to the information available on the website, Online Pharmacy's landing page has an average website speed and it has a relatively large number of visitors.

The virtual pharmacies that this site runs are authorized by the CIPA and the NABP. The pharmacy also has a license for their pharmacy from the state of South Africa.

Unfortunately, there are no reviews available for the pharmacy on any online platform. It is hard to imagine that a company that claims to sell drugs worldwide is not a trustworthy place to buy drugs from. However, there are testimonials available for the company on its word-of-mouth.

Unfortunately, there are no discount offers available at ed online meds. The pricing for its generic drugs is just slightly lower than the market price. Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that their branded alternatives have the same generic ingredients as them.

There are also no coupons available at the drugstore, but you may qualify for special offers and discounts.

It is hard to imagine that a company that claims to offer FDA approved generic drugs could only be operating for less than a year. From the information available for the company, I would say that they are probably only a few months old. They could have the site closed down for spamming, money laundering and trademark infringement.

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