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Drug Mart Reviews. Misrepresents The Location Of The Company

16/02/2021 by

Drug Mart Reviews. Misrepresents The Location Of The Company

Drug mart is not your average online pharmacy. They have a legitimate business history that dates back 13 years. The business is operating in a completely legal manner, ensuring that their orders are processed and fulfilled by the appropriate authorities.

As a result of these 18 years of experience, the website is considered to be a trustworthy platform for personal and medication use. They have a business license and are certified by the FDA.

  • Without the correct ordering information, it will be difficult for you to make purchases.
  • You can buy a lot of their products for very low prices.
  • They have a lot of products that are not accessible from other online drugstores.

If you are looking to shop your meds online, you will be getting some great discounts and promotions from drug mart. As an online buyer, you cannot keep your meds at home so why would you want to do a drug store such as this drugstore? Well, you can save up to 20% on their products by entering the following codes:

This drugstore is a pharmacy that claims to specialize in men’s health medications. The company tells us that they have been recognized as one of the brightest minds in the field of pharmaceutical studies. On their site, they give the example of winning the prestigious Turing award for excellence in the analysis of drugs. All medications are licensed by the FDA and approved by the Health and Human Services Department. We know that this practice started in the late nineties.

The company says that they have a 30% discount on all future orders. We are told that orders above $200 qualify for free delivery.

Payment Options

Shipping to the US costs $29.95 with a standard delivery time of 7 to 9 days. There are other shipping options that are free of shipping charges.

They have a lot of ways to be reached out to if you have any complaints. They have phone numbers for the US and United Kingdom, as well as an online form and a mailing address.

In case of any complaints, there are different ways to get them answered including a Toll-Free Hotline, an E-Mail Hotline and an Email Us address.

A lot of reviews are available online about this online pharmacy. Some of them are very positive such as the following:

  • Michael from Austria
  • Tristan from Belgium
  • Thomas from Belgium
  • Daniel from Germany
  • Helen from Germany
  • Rob from Germany

There are also a lot of comments written about this online pharmacy but the majority are very negative, such as the following:

  • Hensi from Austria
  • Nat from Austria
  • Bill from Netherlands

It simply means that this is a fake site and they are not operating in accordance with the rules set out to be a safe and reliable online pharmacy.

To conclude, drug mart is an online store that ... Primarily sells men's health related products. They claim that they provide FDA approved medicines at the lowest price possible.

However, our investigation finds many reasons why you should not buy from them, the main one being the fact that they are a rogue online pharmacy with no verification and no legal approvals.

This pharmacy is a pharmacy that has hidden their real contact details. We don’t know what kind of medication they sell, but we do know that they are a Canadian pharmacy based in Canada. Their main drug stores are in the United States and they also have an office in Canada. They accept payments through major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Drug Mart

Drug Mart Coupon

You need to be extra cautious when shopping at drug mart because of the fact that customers have developed the technology to make the online pharmacy somewhat unsafe—you don’t know what is in store for the next buyer.

That’s why it’s important to get extra cautious when shopping at the pharmacy. Most of the pharmacies on this platform are unreliable—they are using fake pharmacies as deceptions, to deceive the customers and steal their credit card information.

The pharmacy, on the other hand, has a great selection of drugs and its prices are extremely low, but the majority of the purchases are done online and they are very expensive.

Buyers should first check the legitimacy of their online drugstores at every turn, carefully observing the store’s activity and its communication with the internet.

Buyers may wish to purchase their meds from drug mart because of its affordable prices, convenient shipping and delivery, as well as its courteous and helpful customer support team. Their lowest price is $5.61 per pill, but you may find higher prices depending on the quantity or the value of your purchase.

  • Bitcoin
  • E-check
  • Money order

There are many other payment methods you can utilize like Credit Cards (VISA and MasterCard), bank wire transfers, and international money orders (IMP).

They allow you to place your orders either online or by calling their toll free hotline at +1 760 487 9792 or +44 202 511 7092.

I am also curious to know what reviews from other countries where they operate said about DrugMart. They have samples of testimonials for all their customers from the most reputable sites, such as:

Drug Mart Pricing

The price of the drugs has not been disclosed which sounds suspicious. This is because the company is operating from a non-compliant location which increases the likelihood of a malware infection.

You may make a payment with either Visa or MasterCard. Alternatively, you may pay using the following:

  • Real Money Order
  • Money Order

Shipping is FREE on orders over $300.10. You may pay using your credit card for the delivery. Delivery times vary depending on the country of destination.

No reviews are available online on drug mart. This is because the site has been in existence for less than a year.

There are testimonials available on the site but most of them are negative. The feedback is most likely fake and is therefore not credible.

This is an example of a fake testimonial page. The comments are real but apply to Members only. They also do not use a valid location therefore it is not safe to use.

You can get away with using a service like this one to hide your identity although some people do it as a way to get around the law.

Drug Mart Pricing

This online drugstore is slick. They have a logo for Doctors without Borders on the site and you are all set to receive a mail from them.

But, as is common with scam pharmacies, they also have many mirror websites that look exactly like this drugstore. This means that they are not licensed to sell their drugs online.

Scam Assessment

This online pharmacy has a bad rating of 28% from This means that it is a very risky and unsafe site to place any orders from. This is also a common finding for

The pharmacy does not provide a business name or address. It is therefore not possible to check who is behind this pharmacy. gives this business a trust rating of 29%.

This online pharmacy offers a great range of drugs. They offer generic Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra for only $89.22. This is very cheap compared to the other online pharmacies but when you consider that these are only men's drugs it seems like a bit expensive.

They also offer a great range of pain medication. They offer generic Cialis for only $76.67. This is very cheap compared to other online pharmacies but when you consider that they only provide it for men who are 18 years of age or older this isn’t so cheap as it might appear.

When you place your order you will receive an email with the required information in 24 hours. You will also get a tracking number as well as an email notification from them within 48 hours.

The only problem is that they don’t deliver to the address you have specified. When you try to get a refund they will try and claim that they have been contacted by the customer care team but this is all a red herring.

If you have a problem with your order they offer to assist you by phone, email, and the postal service. However, you will have to call in order to get in contact.

An online pharmacy that claims to be worldwide covering a wide variety of healthcare related issues. They claim to have 24/7 customer support and are using the postal service to deliver their customers orders.


This is a very thorough analysis of this store, and it doesn’t disappoint! This site is a store well worth obtaining one’s business. They have a very wide variety of products and have quite a diverse product range, making it a great option for the consumers who want to save as much as possible. We give a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars.

The website has a clean, professional and professional looking design. It also has a good range of useful information regarding the various drug categories. We’ve found that the admin has tried to make sure that the information provided is accurate and complete.

There is also a section that allows you to contact the pharmacy directly if you need any further assistance with your medication.

This pharmacy provides its phone and residential address on the website. This is a good sign as it indicates that the company has tried to make sure that the information provided is accurate.

This company is a licensed member of the Public Interest Pharmacy Association (PIPA) and is also accredited by PharmacyChecker. This means that they are operating within the standards set out by these regulatory bodies.

Additionally, they are also certified by the PharmacyChecker PharmacyChecker.

The pharmacy offers two states of good repair for most of the drugs, as well as their best-selling drugs. They are also offering a protective capsule that is to be used in multiples to protect the kidneys from the possible damage caused by the drug.

Most of the drugs that are offered by this website are generic, although some of the products are certified as effective by PIPA.

You are required to provide a prescription to order from this online pharmacy, and this can be done by faxing or email:

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