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Cash Wise Reviews – You Can Buy From A Rogue And High Risk Website

24/12/2020 by

Cash Wise Reviews – You Can Buy From A Rogue And High Risk Website

Cash wise is a dubious and rogue pharmacy which is suspected to be located in the United States. This review explains how you can buy products from this site without a prescription.

This website is based in the United States. This is a good sign that it is a reliable and trustworthy website.

This pharmacy is part of the NABP. This is a highly reputable organization that operates a number of pharmacies in the US.

The site even has a seal from NABP on it. This is good because many rogue pharmacies do not have genuine seals from their organization.

The NABP then makes sure that the pharmacy is approved to dispense drugs by obtaining a minimum of 34 days of customer approval.

But this is only the beginning of the problems. The pharmacy does not have the minimum approval from them.

This is because most rogue pharmacies offer their products through mail order. Instead of dispatching them through regular shipping they offer to dispatch them internationally for very low prices.

They do not require a prescription from you to order from them. This is an improvement on others websites.

They have a really nice discount on all orders that you make as they will combine your purchase with their other orders.

This is a great deal for any customer and a great way to save when you are buying drugs from a new location.

Payment and delivery are both email-based. They charge a flat fee of $9.95 if you use their regular shipping method.


On this page you can learn about their customer service and the good they have to offer. They also provide a link to their Facebook page and Twitter account.

But on the testimonial page you will also find a lot of negative feedback. This means that the feedback they have is not genuine.

There are many issues with this pharmacy and the biggest one is their rather low standard of pharmacy certification.

They do not have any regulation from any other parties. This means that they are not operating legally.

Cash Wise Reviews 2021

There are no discount offers at cash wise. Their most recent discount was for a limited time. They have also said that they will offer drugs at 50% less than normal prices. These are low prices considering the fact that this is a rogue pharmaceutical company.

We strongly advise the customers not to buy from them since they are not providing any genuine information about the drugstore and never have.

We also request you not to use this drugstore for your next drug purchase as we have found that they are running an illegal business.

There are many legal requirements that must be met before a business can operate as a genuine online pharmacy. We can check the Pharmacy Mall store to see if they are complying with these requirements.

The other verification standard that the online pharmacy has to offer is that they are properly licensed and certified by the Pharmacy Mall access program.

They sell a range of generic and branded pills on their store. The prices of the medication seem low, but you do need to spend more than the normal market price of the drugs to qualify for sale.

You need to send them a valid prescription from a licensed doctor in order to order to purchase a prescription item from them.

Cash Wise Regulatory Approvals


The similarities of the two companies go beyond the appearance of these generic drugs—the pharmaceutical products and their generic counterparts also share many features.

The drug store is a Canadian pharmacy which promises high-quality and impeccable service. The medicines they sell are generic and of very good quality. They do not require a prescriber’s prescription, although it is strongly suggested in the 'About Us' section of the website.

The pharmacy offers FDA-approved generic and branded treatments for all of their medicines, except for the an ineffective drug. Nevertheless, we highly doubt their quality as they have only been online for less than two years.

We also highly doubt their credibility since they have not established a live chat feature on their website.

There are very few reviews available on any external platforms for this shop. From third-party websites, we can ascertain the following:

Another independent website, which comes from a reputable company, is called This online platform states that the wholesale price of their drugs is $90, and they only ship to the USA.

It is easy to identify that they are from the USA because of the pharmacy’s domain name. This drugstore looks authentic and they seem to be doing their part in protecting the public with their website.

Cash wise has received a report from Legit Script indicating that they have been listed as a rogue pharmacy on their list of rogue websites.

We highly encourage you to consider using this site as they offer a limited time discount of 10% on all purchases made.

Regulatory Approvals

The College of Pharmacists is also a member of the PharmacyChecker program, an initiative that provides them with additional consumer protection.

This drugstore offers a wide range of drugs. Their best selling medicine, Viagra, is sold for a price of £0.79 per pill. Their generic Viagra, the same weight, costs almost £1.

Cash Wise Reviews 2021

  • Cialis 20mg
  • Kamagra 20mg
  • Viagra Soft 100mg
  • Generic Sildenafil 100mg
  • Brand Viagra 20mg

All orders are shipped from the UK. Delivery takes up to 14 working days from the time you place your order, benefits which include free delivery, a guarantee that the drugs you receive will be the best quality, and a customer support team who is committed to saving lives.

This site has been able to receive some feedback and reviews through third parties. This includes letters from customers on the internet who are happy with the service of this store.

All feedback is positive on the online pharmacies and this is good to know as it shows that they are doing well.

This website is a legitimate business that provides high-quality products at reasonable prices. They operate from a genuine pharmaceutical warehouse in the UK.

It also provides an encrypted SSL certificate that no third parties can access meaning that everything that is posted on their website is encrypted.

It is good to know that cash wise have received some feedback from third parties. This is good feedback to know as it shows that they are doing well.

So, it is good to know that they have several reviews but there are also many negative reviews that can be fed back to the company.

This online drugstore is doing a lot of things wrong. They are creating fake reviews to make themselves look better while also deceiving the customers. The customers need to be wary of this drugstore to avoid an untrustworthy pharmacy.


The website is not a legit one, and it does not have a valid SSL certificate. Also, the drugstore is not approved by any regulatory authority, and they may be involved in cross-border currency manipulation. I would rate this online pharmacy 2 out of 5 stars.

Since some of the customer reviews mentioned above are with a customer who submitted the review, I checked Scamadviser for more details. Scamadviser has said that the shop is not safe to use. This is because of their inability to provide any information about the organization that has owned the domain. Also, it has been pointed out that the domain has only a 1% trust rating. User feedback is also not positive as well.

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