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Canadian Prescription Drugstore Has A Large Product Pool, All Of Which Are Generic Narcotics. Generic Brands Include:

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Canadian Prescription Drugstore Has A Large Product Pool, All Of Which Are Generic Narcotics. Generic Brands Include:

Canadian prescription drugstore is an online pharmacy. It is based on an Indian-Federation of Pharmacy apparatus. It claims to offer unmatched results in providing reliable and safe medication. I'm not sure if the drugstore is legit or whether they are running an illegal affiliate program. I googled the word for me and discovered that it is owned in part by a Netherlands company but also by a New Zealand company.

Some information on the company is available on the company's website. It claims to operate from a high-risk country. This suggests that it is a rogue company that uses fake logos and different domain names, all in an attempt to mislead the customers. I do not think that the site is a safe website to purchase from because I have seen many suspicious results.

The site offers a discount of 10% on all of their products which helps to recover their costs. They also offer a 10% discount on their next orders.

They also offer a free delivery for every first order but this is really disappointing because they promise to deliver free orders if a customer orders over 200 euros.

Canadian prescription drugstore is a Canadian pharmaceutical company which offers emergency medication as well as branded drugs. They also offer medical supplies for a much wider range of uses. I only have some information about their location when I checked. They are allegedly based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The domain name records show that this pharmacy’s address was only registered last year. They should not be using this as they have an established reputation of using expired domain names.

This pharmacy is using a modern-looking website with a modern design, adding a lot of personality to the site. The site also makes use of different fonts and different colors. They seem to be very organized on the website.

Canadian Prescription Drugstore Reviews

The shop claims to provide quality services that are cheap but effective, based on their generic and branded products. They also say that they strive to provide service to their customers around the globe. Even though pharmacy websites go to great lengths to hide their identity, the stores of this shop are too. We take a look at their store and find out whether it is genuine or a scam.

The domain of this online pharmacy was first registered in 2002, which evidence suggests is a safe year for the company. They have been in business since 2001. They say that all their medical products are FDA approved.

This store has a business center that is set-up to make it easier for customers to place orders and get the meds they need. They do have a phone number and email address for their customers to call.

Unfortunately, they do not provide any contact information for the people they serve. This is odd as this is a great way to make contact for any pharmacy website.

They offer a good range of drugs for various medical conditions. They are wisely focussing on the meds they sell and are aiming for a minimum order of $150 for their generic ED meds.

They also offer branded meds from some of the leading pharmacy brands in the world like Teva, Eli Lilly, and Pfizer.

Canadian Prescription Drugstore

They don’t have any prescription drugs but they do have a live support group for customers to chat and share their experiences using their products.

This store does not require a prescription for purchases but they do require that you submit a valid prescription to use their drugs. You must call them to set-up a consultation with them to avail the discount they offer.

Canadian Prescription Drugstore

A lot of information is available online about this website, but all of it is negative. This shop does not follow any legal and regulatory rules created by the government. Furthermore, there is no evidence available from unknown sources to support their claims about how many orders they have received.

While online shopping for pharmaceuticals is very convenient for many, buyers are still subject to a lot of competition. This is because online stores are not as cheap as their local counterparts. This means that not all buyers can benefit from the excellent services that a store offers and they have cheap promotional deals that they can use.

One especially cheap option is the “free shipping offer” of the pharmacy, which is a great way to save a customer’s time when shopping in this store. However, the shipping fee is very steep and the offer doesn’t work.

To conclude, the pharmacy is the worst pharmacy on the web. They lack any real customer reviews and are so blatant about it. They do not even have authentic information about the services that they offer, and the real-world feedback they do receive is not positive.

Canadian prescription drugstore is an approved member of Canadian Pharmacy Checker and Manitoba International Pharmacists Association. As a licensed pharmacy, the store has approval to sell drugs online.

Available Products

The pricing of the products is also cheap. The largest ones are provided by this pharmacy. At $9.95 per pill, these are indeed expensive drugs.

The company also provides generic brand as well as generic pills. The cheapest one is only $1.24 per pill but you need to supplement your purchase with Pharma-17 to qualify for this pricing option.

The company does not have any customer reviews to support its claim of delivering FDA approved medicines. All the reviews were made in the year 2017 for the company's website.

To conclude, the shop seems like a shady and unreliable company which uses fake testimonials to create an appearance of reliability. This makes your trust for them even less.

Do not fall for these low and fake prices because they are all fake. We have found some link to rogue pharmacies which makes it more risky for buying drugs from this site.

We would not recommend this company to anyone because they are quite risky. We have found some evidence to suggest that this company is involved in business malpractices like impersonating other pharmacy websites with fake reviews. They do not have any license, no proof of identity and the store is not regulated by any of the authorities which are required to be a safe online pharmacy.

Canadian Prescription Drugstore Reviews

When checking the FAQ section of their site, we find that there are a whole lot of guarantees in that one. They say that their pharmacy is regulated by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy and the Pharmacy Checker.

It isn’t a reputable organization which would normally want to be associated with a pharmacy that is so blatant about it.

To see if this pharmacy is still in operation, we have checked the CIPA database and found that they are no longer registered with that association.

A search on the pharmacy and its affiliated sites shows that the site is no longer the focus of the site. They are not indexed by Google, which means that they don’t have the correct information about where they are located.


We, the people, will end up paying the high prices that these drugstores are selling our medicines for much cheaper price than what they are asking for. With this low price, there is no reason for us to stop using our medicines.

It is a bit confusing to navigate, especially when you first try to place an order, but once you are done shopping, you can submit your payment using Visa or MasterCard. You may notice that there is an option to pay using Paypal instead. They do have some delivery options, including Trackable Courier and FedEx.

They do guarantee delivery after you have tried contacting them for 14 days, though this is not guaranteed.

The website has several testimonials from other internet sellers about how reliable they are. Some sellers even praise their products and services. No one can be sure exactly where the testimonials come from but the ones shown are very positive.

Some of the buyers also congratulate the online seller on receiving their package two days after placing the order.

These testimonials seem to be genuine but we are unsure if they are real or copied from other online sellers.

As you can see in the table above, this drug store offers some pretty cool incentives for their buyers to purchase from them.

They offer free standard shipping to buyers with orders greater than $200. However, this offer is only valid for orders within North America. There is no information about international shipping costs.

A coupon code is also available for the Canadian customers.

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