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Canadian Pharmacy World Reviews – A Fraudulent Online Pharmacy

07/07/2020 by

Canadian Pharmacy World Reviews – A Fraudulent Online Pharmacy

Canadian pharmacy world is an online pharmacy that claims to offer much in terms of customer service. They say that they have been in business for 13 years holding a licence for their business from the FDA since 2007, though this claim is disputed by several independent websites. The pharmacy claims to be a US based organization that uses the word “proven” in their name and that they are certified by the FDA. They also claim to operate a close customer service relationship with the US Postal Service. They have two physical locations in the United States; one in the US and one in Canada. The prices of their drugs are very low, but there is a slight chance that they are a little expensive, especially those with a bulk order. Their drugs are from Canada and they use a Canadian based pharmacy. Their team also includes a professional, though no specific, dealing with the pharmaceutical issues.

The shop has been around for over a decade. They are the leading pharmacy network for online referrals to medical providers worldwide. They have a network of pharmacies in Canada that dispense drugs and other pharmaceutical products.

I was able to contact them via phone. They have been in touch with me in the past. They were, however, unable to respond to my query as to my package delivery date.

The reviews they gathered for their website were not in favour of their services. One review posted by Michael W. Expressed his disappointment in their services. He added that he had been a customer for almost 9 years. Another review by a customer named Christopher A. Thanked them for their “help” and promised to recommend them to others.

I checked on the reviews these reviews had made for this pharmacy. They had been made by medical professionals based in Canada, as well as their American counterparts. Although they!

They were, however, not as positive as their reviews from the network. A review from a client named Joseph K. Was all praise for canadian pharmacy world’s service.

Scam Assessment

Upon further questioning, I discovered that the domain has only been active for a few months and it has been registered with a third-party company called WHOI University. This publicly available company is not verified, and I feared that the information I shared might not be true.

Furthermore, the WHOI University organization is registered by another company whose domain has been analyzed by Scamner. This has revealed that their site is not a legit one, and the website is being run by a scam company.

The pharmacy deals in a wide range of drugs. Most medications are manufactured in India, but they also have products from other parts of the world. The prices of these products are relatively cheaper than the typical market prices.

The best feature of this pharmacy is the detailed and up-to-date information they provide. There is a section for drugs that are evaluated using various criteria, and also information on their website about the benefits of using them.

  1. Prescription Policy

I am unable to find any information about the pharmacy regarding prescriptions. They do not require a prescription form from anyone.

Payments are accepted via Visa, MasterCard, and Bitcoin. Delivery is free once you place your order. You can choose from their free standard shipping to the United States or express shipping to other destinations. Shipping is not available to other countries.

I haven’t been able to find any reviews from credible sources regarding this pharmacy on the web. On, this pharmacy is only rated as 1% safe.

Available Products

As for products, they are all available at the drugstore, which demonstrates that the pharmacy is not an impotence seller. However, sales are not restricted to the US only because there is more than one pharmacy serving the country.

Canadian Pharmacy World

Most popular products include drugs for impotence, such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, which are all approved by the Food and Drug Administration. They do not require a prescription for sale, unlike some other pharmacy sites.

  1. Direct Debit: You can pay using Visa and Discover cards, as well as your debit card from major card processing companies.

Shipping is an option that is available at a cost of $10 for each package. This shipping method only takes 5 to 9 days to arrive at your door.

There is also a tracking option for the pharmaceutical store, although there is no specific information about this service.

This online pharmacy is a legit business. They adhere to the rules and regulations set out by the various regulatory bodies to be safe and legal, as well as complying with the pharmacy agreement.

This is where the reviews come in. Piter N from New York was rather pleased with the company's service because it was prompt and courteous. Piter is also quoting from other customers who have been to America frequently to get a prescription refill. He mentioned that they even had a prescription checker that helped them with their concerns. He thanked the company for their service.

Another customer from New York gave a review in March 2019 saying that the company sent her five bottles of their ED meds within two days of placing an order. She called the store through which they got their drugs as "great", adding that the drugs arrived on time.

Lastly, a customer called this site as a friend who used the store for their refill because of the quick delivery. They said that the company is great and their service was great.

Canadian Pharmacy World Coupon

Although the canadian pharmacy world offers a wide range of discounts, it is especially foolish for customers to make purchases when the website is about to close. Discounts, such as the ones given by the drugstore, are great and are inexcusable if taken advantage of.

If you decide to make a purchase, you pay a flat fee of $30 onto your purchase. The most expensive product, the Viagra 100 mg, is also offered for only $29.95. Since the bulk of the items are erectile dysfunction drugs, the sale of Viagra is $29.95 for the variety of ED drugs. There is also a special offer, giving discounts of up to $200, on selected products.

As for shipping, you pay a flat fee of $10. You need to pay your order in full within 30 days to qualify for the discount and you need to place your order online. Shipping is also free in Canada and the United States. You only have to spend $100 for the standard option and you can expect it to arrive within 24 hours with no tracking.

CanadianPharmacyWorld is not a reputable website to use as it seems like an offshore company based in Canada. The website has been around for over 8 months without any problem. There are no reviews on the internet from any third-party websites. There is also no live chat and phishing site so there is no way for the customer to reach out to them.

This site is an online pharmacy that sells both generic and branded drugs. A website that looks legit, but when you get to the point where you want to buy something, you won’t know what to do. You will be searched and evaluated for several days before anything is shipped to your home. If you end up with nothing, your money will be deducted from your account. So you can end up paying for your drug when you will then never receive your order despite sending over 200 emails.

They offer two different currencies, with their main product being imported dollars. Their currency is USD and they accept credit card payments. All their drugs come from Pakistan and India.

Their FAQ section says they offer a consultation to speak with a pharmacist for any reason, but in most cases, they are able to help you out with your medication prescription.

Canadian Pharmacy World

A lot of reviews are never found on third party websites, especially Yelp.

Canadian Pharmacy World Reviews 2021

The company claims to be owned by “20+ years of experience”. They claim to offer that their products’ dispense in Canada. They also claim that they dispense medications from Ontario, Canada.

The company is also claiming that all of their products are manufactured in Canada. However, this is virtually certain to be a lie as many online pharmacies are fake.

The company's E-Pharmacy Registration does not have a Social Media or E-Referencing page. This means that we have no evidence that they actually receive product orders from their customers.

  1. Generic Levitra, another drug that helps with ADHD. This drug, too, is available in different formulations. The company claims that they have over 400 generic variants to choose from.
  2. Generic Anavar, another anti-allergy medication. This drug, too, is available in different strengths and formulations.
  3. Generic Asthma, another asthma treatment. Asthma medications are also available to help manage asthma.
  4. Generic Anxiety, a condition that can be treated with medication. This includes depression, anxiety, and ADHD treatment.
  5. Generic Diabetes, another condition that can be treated with medication. This includes Type 1 Diabetes, the type of diabetes where someone is unable to walk without assistance.

This site does not require a valid prescription for purchases. However, they encourage you to schedule appointments with a licensed physician before ordering your prescription from this site.

  1. Credit Card
  2. Personal Checks
  3. Bank Wire
  4. International Money Orders
  5. Download Link
  6. Member ID
  7. Receive Email Alert
  8. Evaluation and Final Order

Payments can be made through Visa and MasterCard. This is not all that can be said about this drugstore website which is only one link to a permanent offline email address.

Over 100 fake reviews are available on the website. That is a lot of testimonials.


This site is a Canadian online pharmacy with a web page that looks authentic. This store specializes in a particular type of male supplement called Doxycycline. This drug is known for its killing of a very fast-flowing male hormone.

This site does not advertise their location or their dates of birth. However, they claim that their products are approved by Canada, which is a verification of the products. They are organized by the medical condition they serve and the drug they treat.

Shipping costs $10 USD for the regular option and can take up to 21 days for the express mail option. I will update this review as more information becomes available.

This drugstore is one of those rare online stores that were able to survive on their own. A lot of online pharmacies are closing and are not able to be re-opened with only the minimum requirements from them.

Since they do not want to be a mirror of their competitors, this is the next best thing. They did not indicate where they are located in Canada, USA, or India. However, they do have into Canada.

I do not know if these are the exact locations of the stores when they were founded, but at least they are not placing illegal advertising on their websites.

This online pharmacy has incentives in place to gain more customers. Not only do they earn more, they also have incentive to make their store better.

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