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Canada Rx Connection Review - Blacklisted Vendor With Negative Reviews For Its Service

05/05/2021 by

Canada Rx Connection Review - Blacklisted Vendor With Negative Reviews For Its Service

There is a discount of 10% on all items viewed on this site for the next 365 days. The offers of canada rx connection are not as cut-rate as others on the web. They offer a number of lucrative deals for its buyers and this website appears to do little to hide from them. They accept credit card payments through VISA and MasterCard. The site also claims to offer a live support team but we were unable to verify this claim as we did not have an in-person interview.

This means that the shop does not have the credibility it could have if it was just an online pharmacy and it is therefore not safe to purchase drugs from this store.

We have found that the website is operating from a location in Ontario, Canada. This location is unique as it is located on the same street as several other highly questionable pharmacies.

This means that the shop was established far earlier than previously thought. It is also likely to be a scam as it is so new to the web.

The store has some sweet deals for its buyers but they are not as good as others online pharmacies like it. These deals are too good to be true and are likely to be the reason why it remained on this list of Canada-certified web drugstores.

This site may earn commission from selling drugs online but this only increases the PPV factor on the store and also increases the value of the customer money they are sending them.

Canada rx connection is a seemingly legit pharmacy which sells drugs at excellent prices. However, there is no proof that they are as legit as their claims suggest. They do not have too many feedback or testimonials from customers but they do have a Facebook page which is a good sign of new customer referrals.

We do not recommend this pharmacy to you and we have seen too many red flags about this store during our research. This could be another red flag, as the pharmacy does have a seal of approval from Pharmacy Checker.

The shop.

Canada Rx Connection Coupon Codes

This store has a discount offer for its customers. When you place an order for this store, you are given a special discount of 10% on all future orders.

Shipping to the rest of the world is free of charge, as long as you complete the registration process within 24 hours.

The shop is a pharmacy that claims to provide quality healthcare services to customers worldwide. They claim to operate from Canada but most drugs are dispatched from the United States. A pharmacy that offers nice deals, especially the low cost generic drugs. I spend a lot of money on my health care and I would really rather not have to wait long for my meds to arrive.

Canada rx connection deals are immense, some of the most expensive generic drugs in the market are only sold for $89.99. This drug cartel is using the names of their suppliers that are unknown to the world, and it is therefore very difficult to determine the provenance of these drugs.

This pharmacy offers kind of discounts that attracts me, first of all because they have some of the cheapest generic drugs on the web, they can save more in bulk if I purchase large quantities.

Another positive is that they have great customer service that is friendly, helpful, and willing to help whenever needed.

They also have customer testimonials on the website, all of the reviews are good, however there are 50% discounts for the first 90 days.

Canada Rx Connection

They offer discounts in bulk, the quality of services is excellent, and they have a live support team that is friendly and willing to help. The customer ratings are great. I do not have my card yet, but I will be sure to update my review when I get my card.

Prescription Requirement

Like all other legitimate online pharmacies, this pharmacy uses a reputable third party company to source their drugs from. This company is known as Generic Viagra.

  • MasterCard
  • Checks

However, we strongly believe that the testimonial page is only there to encourage you to place another order from them.

This site is a genuine pharmacy site. They have a very wide range of medicines available, including ED drugs.

They provide you with a prescription which is valid for the drugs you want. The price is very affordable when compared to other pharmacies. It is also very convenient to order from this store.

We have also been able to confirm the domains of this e-commerce drugstore have been suspended and they have been listed as rogue online pharmacies.

Since the information is already available online, we have decided to publish it in our website so that our readers get a better knowledge of how this store operates.

Business Profile Details

Since the site is not approved by any regulatory authority, we can only rely on the information in the website itself. This report from LegitScript is quite clear about the legitimacy of the drugstore.

LegitScript believe that canada rx connection should have a seal from LegitScript from a trusted regulatory agency. sell a range of different brand and generic pills from the care supply companies. The website claims to stock all types of medications, including branded as well as generic medications, but we discovered that some of the products are not available in all pharmacies.

You have to register with them in order for them to dispense your medication. They don’t provide any information about the medicine you need to order, so you have to take your time and research the medicines before deciding on ordering.

We haven’t found a good way to offer a discount or a promotion at the drugstore. However, we have found that they are running a promotional offer for their customers which is a great way to encourage them to order from them again.

  • Unified check
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • Checks

There is no delivery guarantee, you can only choose to have them send your order to the following address:

Customer support will be happy to offer a maximum of 8 hours of continuous customer support through Twitter and Facebook.

Canada Rx Connection

We haven’t found too many reviews online, but there is a forum for customers to post the feedback for the pharmacy on.

The online pharmacy has a 4% trust rate when you first visit the site which is mainly due to how new they are. However, you will have to register and log in to order online.

Mirror Site

The site is registered by a company called Epsilon Science, which is a company with links to Russia.

Erectile dysfunction drugs are sold for as low as $1.67 per pill with only lip service. The pills can be purchased in a wide range of sizes, meaning it is not a perfect fit for every woman.

Aleph-A pill, a drug that is used to treat anxiety and depression, costs $2.67 per pill. The pills are dispensed from a warehouse in Washington D.C.

You must have a valid prescription in order to order the drugs. You may need to fax the prescription to the address on file with the pharmacy. This process is taken care of through a registered mail.

The pharmacy offers a free express courier courier service for orders over $200. The parcel will arrive within 7-14 working days.

  • Men’s health
  • Bump stock

We didn’t have any discount offers at the moment. However, we are giving the site a discount of 10% on all queries.

Furthermore, anytime you make an appointment using your credit card you can expect a delivery fee of $10.00.

The store has a testimonial page where consumers are encouraged to post their positive experiences with the store. The comments are genuine and show how happy consumers are about the service provided by the company.

However, there are some comments that have been carefully edited to make the reviewer seem happy and successful.

To conclude, this website is a store that promises quality products and services. However, we do not recommend this drug store to anyone as they have misleading customer reviews. The company is not in compliance with the pharmacy rules and may be involved in deceptive business practices.


This drugstore is not a threat to me personally except for their ''poor communication capabilities'' (the pharmacy uses a live chat and phone support facility). However, they are recommended to be avoided due to the presence of several suspicious pharmacies on the internet.

I give this drugstore 2 out of 5 stars. I believe that they are unreliable and they should be avoided at all costs.

The "Returns" section is for refunds, replacements, and other concerns. Since I could not find any answers from these drugs, I decided to contact their support team. They responded within 48 hours.

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