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Canada Pharmacy Online Reviews: Truth Or Dare?

26/09/2020 by

Canada Pharmacy Online Reviews: Truth Or Dare?

Canada pharmacy online is an online drugstore that claims to offer 100% authentic medical products. This store is a Canadian business so they certainly have a presence in Canada.

What we noticed first was the generic Viagra that is sold at an average of $2 per pill. This is too expensive for most of the customers. They also have Cialis which is cheaper than the $2 price.

Comparing these prices is unfair since they claim to offer generic Viagra. The prices of the other drugs on this site are not as exorbitant as the first two products.

We discovered that their generic Viagra is shipped from India, which is not a cheap country to do business in. We don’t know where the drugs are dispatched from, which is a big red flag.

This online pharmacy does not require a valid prescription upon ordering, something that is not allowed by most pharmacies. This is a good sign since it indicates a more reliable doctor.

With all the red flags, this store is not safe to use. The lack of reviews helps a lot and it shows that the pharmacy is unreliable.

The fact that a pharmacy has several online stores on its website just shows how unreliable it can be. It means that they have more opportunities to scam other potential customers. They may have one store and you can still recognize them from the other stores.

Comparing these stores to one another shows that this pharmacy has been around also for a short time. They are from Canada and there are only 11 other online pharmacies with similar designs and business practices. Google has flagged this store as potentially dangerous and this could be justified by the fact that this is a Canadian business.

There are no reviews for this store on any online platforms. It means that this is a completely different site which you have never heard of before.

When looking for reviews for this drugstore, we do not find any. Only on Grist do we find the following two quotes from 2009.

Canada Pharmacy Online

The first quote is from a customer who paid $199.31 for Viagra pills and received 5 free. They also claimed to have a 100% positive return policy, something that is still not confirmed by any online platforms.

The comment was sent from a Canadian business which we have seen many times before. We can not guarantee their reliability and this point may be another reason to avoid this store.

A discount of 10% on all future purchases is offered by this pharmacy. You also have the current offer of 10% cheaper prices for all items. This is a very attractive offer especially if you are a new customer.

Customer Support

I check on the: (1) packaging; (2) delivery; and (3) customer support of the online pharmacy. I expect results very soon. However, I must stress that the site is offline and there is no one to contact if needed. I advise all clients to stay away from the site and use other more trustworthy sites.

This website is an online pharmacy that sells generic and branded medicines. It is not clear where the drugs are dispatched from but they do promise to provide full refunds if orders are lost and damaged in the process. The drugstore is not accessible on the web.

I tried looking at the current promotions offered by canada pharmacy online. There was one that involved free shipping and free pills on every order. You also had the choice to pay using credit cards.

In order to find out whether the customer comments were positive or negative, I went through to see if it was safe to use.

The report given by was not good. It said that the pharmacy was not safe to use. They are using a service to hide their real location. This means that they are not as safe as they claim. They have been around for 11 years according to their site. This means it is likely a more reliable pharmacy than the one that is currently inactive.

On their website, they offer a promotion where they give you free pills if you order drugs valued at $200 and orders less $200.

Canada Pharmacy Online Reviews 2021

If you want to know if you qualify for a discount on your order, they offer you two ways to get in contact with them. They can either be reached through their “contact us” form or by calling their customer service representatives at 1 718 487 9792 and +1 718 480 9792. They also have a mailing address in the United States.

Canada Pharmacy Online Customer Support

The company has a live chat as well. There is also an email support link. They do offer a money back guarantee, however, if your order’s not delivered.

Reviews are an important part of a pharmacy website. This old online pharmacy has been around for a long time, therefore it’s important to check the legitimacy of the store. Unfortunately, the store is not present on the web anymore after its closure. This means that it didn’t have an official Facebook page where we could have checked its status and see if any of their former customers were happy with it.

This is a sad fact since it’s not uncommon for online pharmacies to be closed down or for them to be acquired by outside parties before being re-opened by the owner.

However, there are no reviews available on the web. The only available Yelp reviews are from the current year.

This means that there is no way to verify whether it is a reliable store or not. It is surprising because the website was considered one of the top selling online pharmacies in the web.

Since the company is no longer active, there are no coupon codes available. However, they are offering special offers and other discounts for their former customers.

Since the company has closed, we can only use its data for its former owners. The available data also confirms what we already suspected about the store, that it is probably operating illegally. They are also not operating with a license and are only selling low-quality products.

We would highly recommend this store to potential customers. The available products they offer are of poor quality and may be harmful to your body.

Canada Pharmacy Online Coupon Codes

According to some reviews, the owner of the store is hiding behind a “privacy”, which means it is not very safe to purchase from the store.

This is a real issue, as the health and safety of the customers is quite important. If the info is not correct, then the quality of the medication could be poor.

Canada Pharmacy Online Reviews 2021

I can say that this is a pretend pharmacy, which is a very important fact to consider before purchasing any medication from them.

Canada pharmacy online is a pharmacy which claims to have over 300,000 customer reviews and which is almost 3 years old. They also say that they have been approved by the FDA and that they comply with the laws and regulations that the pharmacies are operating under. I spend a lot of time online shopping, so finding a pharmacy like the shop to use is something I got excited about. I checked the details they have on their site and found some things not quite as I had hoped.

The domain name records seem to be fake. They should have been registered and approved by a company called Pharmacy Checker. This would suggest that they have done business with an approved pharmacy before.

They are also using a domain privacy service to make sure their contact information is not publicly available.

They say that they have been in business for over seven years and they operate from the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada. This is a good thing to find as it shows that the pharmacy has been operating for many years.

At this point in time, the only available regulatory approvals show up on They are not using an online pharmacy seal.

  1. Adipic Acid
  2. Alpha Lipoic Acid
  3. Astaxanthin
  4. Biotin
  5. Alprazolam
  6. Amoxil
  7. Aspirin
  8. Beta-Endorphin

There is a payment method they are using, which is ACH. They accept credit cards from scammers and fraud sites, as well as E-checks.


I would give this pharmacy 3 out of 5 stars based on all the research that I have done in the past few days. If you are looking for an online pharmacy to trust, create a better reputation and earn, then check this one out.

If you is planning to order from the drug store, you should first consult their online store for its shipping and payment options. They have their own “About Us” section and they also have their “FAQ” section. If you need to know anything, they need to respond to your question.

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