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Canada Pharmacy Depot Did Not Have The Lowest Possible Price When Compared To Other Online Pharmacies

16/10/2020 by

Canada Pharmacy Depot Did Not Have The Lowest Possible Price When Compared To Other Online Pharmacies

Canada pharmacy depot is an online pharmacy which claims to operate from Canada. They say that they are a manufacturer of quality medications that are backed by FDA approval, and they also claim to offer discreet shipping services to all of their customers. While this might seem like a great idea, it is important to keep in mind that these are only claims that are made by the website itself. The fake "facts" we have found about this store seem rather dubious, so we would not buy from them.

The domain name records suggest that this pharmacy’s store hasn’t been online for very long. The domain was registered in 2002 which means that it is only about 9 years old.

It is important to note that the domain was registered using a third-party company called PRIVATEER.NET. This means that the owner of this domain is receiving hidden information.

This drugstore isn’t unique as we are confident you can find many other pharmacy stores with the exact same end product. If only they stopped selling pills on their own website.

This pharmacy is registered by a company called PRIVATEER.NET, a company which is also active on multiple websites that are similar to this store.

On Pharmacy Checker, this business is correctly listed as a member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association.

This drugstore requests their customers to check with their doctors before ordering their products as they are not approved on the same scale as their generic counterparts.

On LegitScript, this pharmacy has the rating of a rogue business that neither provides medical treatment nor complies with their disclosure requirements.

A selection of their bestsellers are shown below. They say that they are able to provide you with the minimum of 30 pills of each product.

  • Aromatherapy, with over 200 products available to choose from.
  • Anti-allergy, with over 100 products available to choose from.
  • Acidity, with over 60 products available to choose from.
  • Anti-fungal, with over 30 products available to choose from.
  • Eye drops, with more than 400 products available to choose from.

However, they do not require that you send them your prescriptions except when you are sending them a prescription from a legitimate pharmacy.

This online pharmacy is very active on social media, making sure to post updates about what they are doing all around the world.

Shipping Methods

They have a testimonial page which contains a lot of great testimonials from customers. The testimonials range from happy customers, to finding supplements with great value for the money, to the use of a specific brand of medication.


Both the generic and the branded ED drugs have the same active ingredient in the same synthetic form. This is strange and makes me think that the branded drugs were made by different manufacturers and then sent to the distributors for final distribution.

Generic and brand drugs do not have the same active ingredient. This means that the existing quality of its product does not vary significantly and generic and brand medicines may not differ in results in that regard.

It is better to think about generic medicines using your own judgment and from the experience you would gain in using them.

The prices are reasonable compared to its competitors. However, I wish that the discount was on its own.

The only option for payment is to select one of their many shipping options. You choose whether to track your order or not. The shipping is registered airmail or express mail. The Express mail costs $9.95 USD, the tracking option costs $19.95.

This pharmacy is not on the Popularity List. It ranks 50% below average. It is not in the Safe Pharmacy list. This means that it is unsafe for use.

Prescription Requirements

You do not require a prescription to make an order on this platform. However, you may receive free shipping if you purchase in bulk.

The store seems like it has had lots of negative feedback especially on the negative comments page. If that percentage is actually 70% as low as 55% then it is probably a good sign.

  • Great prices, good deals and no coupons.
  • Great products but the shipping seems slow.
  • Great products but shipping seems expensive.
  • Recently placed order but no tracking number can be found.

Other comments on one particular website have me thinking this pharmacy store is probably a scam. I have seen this online store before so I know it isn’t the best. I have even seen it on some scam websites and it is just too easy to make a purchase.

I know that pharmacies such as this one are pretty easy to spot because they do not have much of a web presence. They are not very well organized either, which means that there is a lot to unpack and analyze.

Canada Pharmacy Depot Similarities

I am not 100% sure if these comments are genuine or not but they sure seem like they are dated. I don’t know if they are from a real customer or just the comments that are posted on the pharmacy store.

Canada Pharmacy Depot Reviews 2021

This drug store has several advantages over other online pharmacies—including the benefits of a cheap price, excellent customer service, and a wide selection of medicines. However, some of the benefits are interesting to observe, such as the low price for the generic medicines.

Not all online pharmacies allow withdrawals by credit cards, so you can pay using PayPal and other popular credit card processors. You also have the option to pay by money order or through a bank wire transfer.

Payment is easy with this online pharmacy, as you can pay using Visa and mastercard. You need to sign up and provide a valid credit card information to complete your payment.

The company assures that on-site reviews are real. Shipping is free, but you'll have to pay $10 extra for it.

The domain name records show that this website was registered in 2001 as the website claims. This gives a lot of credibility to their claim that they are 15 years old.

The website is owned by a group of named individuals called Mypharmacy Inc. Of California, which is a known pharmacy. However, there is no evidence available to support their claims that this is a recognized pharmacy.

This e-commerce platform looks in good condition and is safe to use. The website is very easy to use, making it a perfect replacement for shopping around. They even provide help and support for their customers, who have different drug requirements. The promise of this store is that they will give customer service and a 24/7 customer support team to help them with order issues.

This drugstore only ships out medicines to addresses where they have a valid ACH (Authentic Canadian Drug) card. They do not ship to all countries in the world except Canada.

A number of organizations seem likely to approve the use of this as a legitimate pharmacy. The pharmacy is not a member of Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) or of the Pharmacy Checker Service (PPS).

Shipping Methods

This store offers a couple of ways to get help from customer support. They have phone numbers for USA and UK, as well as fax numbers.

It seems that the store has some customer support but no phone numbers seem to be available. They do have an online form to fill out and send their feedback to.

Canada Pharmacy Depot Prescription Requirements

This pharmacy does not have a testimonials page which would suggest that they have customer feedback. The comments found on this page seem to be copied from other sites which appear to be fake.

It seems likely that these comments found on other sites are only, likely fake comments that are probably copied from other sites as well. This is really worrying.

There are many concerns with this pharmacy that we noticed. Many of their products seem to be manufactured in China, a country which has not been known to abide by any rules that it should. The risk of poisoning from using this product is high, considering the fact that this is a new product.

From the information that we have gathered about this site, we will have our doubts about its legitimacy. They do not provide any contact information and we do not know where they are located.

The domain name records show us that this online pharmacy was created in 2006. This doesn’t make a lot of sense to us as a company that started their service in 2006 should have been more than a decade old. However, they claim to have been in operation for a decade longer than that.


There aren’t too many negatives to take away from this pharmacy site. There are some positives, however, and I'm giving them a rating of 3.1 out of 5 stars.

Canada pharmacy depot is a pharmacy which has been operating since 2002. The site also claims to have been operational for more than 13 years. I am unable to determine the location of this shop.

I am unable to access this store due to a problem with their data center. It says that they have 'two years of experience' but there are other problems.

The site has a testimonials page that is largely positive. I see that they have a few comments from customers who have had bad experiences with the store. They also have recent customer testimonials on the site. All the feedback posted are positive and seem quite good.

However, there is no evidence which shows that the comments posted are genuine. They seem quite fake.

I have searched extensively on the internet to find out if other pharmacies have posted comments or not. There are no reviews on the pharmacy site and there are no testimonials on the other sites which you would expect.

It seems odd that CanadaPharmacyDepot offers a coupon code as well. 9% on all purchases. This seems like a lot of savings but there is no mention of the store on any of the sites which you would expect.

This seems to be a pharmacy which has a tendency of dodging obvious details in their website. On the other hand, it seems odd that they claim to have two years of experience, not enough information online about the business.

I find it odd that they have a customer testimonial page with so many testimonials, not to mention the fact that most of the stores which have been in operation for more than 12 years are scams.

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