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Canada Pharmacy Depot Review – A Drug Store With Poor Maintenance

28/08/2020 by

Canada Pharmacy Depot Review – A Drug Store With Poor Maintenance

Since the website is not fully functional yet, we decided to check the company's domain and see if it is really a safe and reliable one. We used the website’s domain name and found that it has been registered and are currently running with the help of a third-party company.

This company is a company registered with Canadian regulatory agencies including CIPA and Pharmacy Checker.

The website has a modern and professional look. There are a lot of drugs available as well as over 20 categories of medicines for different applications. There is also an option to customize the look of the website through a slider.

Canada pharmacy depot is owned by an online pharmacy and is part of the Consortium of Indian Internet Pharmacy Associations that is also known as CIPA. It has been licensed in over 30 states and is recognized by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy as an internet pharmacy.

Since the pharmacy is not yet registered and it claims to be in Canada, we checked on the certifications and approvals that the company gets from the CIPA and Pharmacy Checker.

The short answer is CIPA and Pharmacy Checker require all their online sellers to have a CIPA seal on their store. They also have to be registered with the Canadian government agency and they must use the correct logos and seals for all the sellers that they deal with.

With that said, if you have a lot of questions and you just want to use the site as a place to check their prices and what they offer, they do not require a prescription. It is very easy to order using their website. The drugstore only needs your credit card details and you can pay using Visa or MasterCard.

Like any other online pharmacy, this shop require a valid prescription from you before they ship your meds. You need to send them a copy of your prescription before you can place an order.

Whois Canada Pharmacy Depot

Canada pharmacy depot is a Canadian online pharmacy which claims to be one of the most reliable online pharmacies in the business. This is despite the fact that it is based in Canada. However, the owners of the domain are claiming to be from Canada, which is an assertion that could raise questions about their business practices.

The organization which operates this pharmacy is called Risks Inc., which is a private, for-profit pharmacy that has operated for many years. The site has an R in its domain as well as several red flags about it.

On Scamadviser, this pharmacy has a trust score of 94% that is very low, however. The fact that the founders are not registered should also raise questions about the legitimacy of the site.

This site is a licensed user of the Canadian International Pharmacy Act. This means that the website is operating within the law and they are following the rules in place to make sure that safe and effective products are sold.

Cloud-based ordering is available at this drug store. The site uses regular shipping methods, with tracking included in some shipments. The site also offers an unlimited return and refund policy.

The company charges a flat rate of $9.95 for regular shipping. The shipping costs vary depending on the country of destination.

Canada Pharmacy Depot

CanadaPharmacyDepot has a testimonial page for customers to leave feedback on. The comments are mostly positive, though some customers have had issues dealing with the site’s service.

Canada Pharmacy Depot Reviews 2021

This site has received good reviews from its customers on both online and mobile platforms. The reviews are written by knowledgeable experts who have been using the website for years.

The drugstore has not received any reviews for its service. It is interesting that it has not been reviewed since 2018. It is an odd occurrence, considering the store is only a few months old.

On the other hand, Scamadviser has been given a high rating of 98% on its website. Although it is a bit risky and unsafe to use for your personal or business information, this store is definitely trustworthy.

  • 1st time customers: Free 24-hour delivery
  • 2nd time customers: Free 30-day delivery
  • 3rd time customers: Free one-off offer

It can be said that this drugstore is the best online pharmacy in the web market. It is a highly credible pharmacy with years of experience in the business. It has a wide array of products to choose from because it offers a wide range of medication options.

Besides, the prices are extremely low considering the quality of their products. The only drawback would be the low number of reviews and the personal information they allow to be shared through their website. Customers should look for other stores to avail the services of from.

Canada Pharmacy Depot

As per Whois Expired Domain Check, this pharmacy was running their business for 7 years. Their website was secured and their domain was renewed in 2007. It means that they had not lost any business value yet.

This domain is out of date which means that it was running with less than a year of experience. Scamadviser has considered it to be a rogue website. It has also been considered by Legit Script as a rogue pharmacy.

This drug store did not have any other website as its main page or homepage. Moreover, we could not find any other information regarding its location, organization, and even their domain.

Nothing is hidden about the fact that this drugstore is a rogue and it is not a member of any regulatory agencies. It has been suggested to be an online seller of generic drugs only. It is also suggested that their products are counterfeit.

  • Aphasia, Aripiprazole, and Adipril are drugs that treat anxiety disorders. It is also recommended for pregnant women.
  • Blood pressure treatment, Zolpidem, and Valtrex, are drugs prescribed to treat hypertension. Zolpidem is also prescribed for people with heart failure.

Have a look at the testimonials that have been posted on the seller's official website. It’s a shame that this pharmacy does not have more customer testimonials.

Is this a scam? It is still difficult to reveal as there aren’t any external links to the seller. On URL Void, there is one warning about this seller.

Canada Pharmacy Depot Poor English

This shop is a pharmacy that claims to operate from Canada. They have a pharmacy page for US and UK customers.

Poor English

Canada pharmacy depot is an online pharmacy that claims to serve thousands of US pharmacies. They say that they have been in business for 10 years and offer a 60% cheaper price on every single product that you can buy. They have a live chat option as well. We look at the details of this drugstore to find out if they are as good as they claim.

The domain was registered on the 26th of November 2019 which shows the pharmacy has been operating for over a year. This coupled with the long domain lifespan means the site is likely to be safe to use in the long run.

Their domain has been registered for a very long time as well. The sooner they are to close the drugstore down and move on to a new pharmacy, the better.

This online pharmacy is registered through a third-party company called Pharmacy Checker Inc. They say that they have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

They use a store that looks genuine and practical and they even provide an address to the USA based in the Czech Republic.

There is a seal from LegitScript on the front page of the site. They say that they follow all the rules and regulations that are set out by LegitScript.

They also have a seal from Pharmacy Checker on the site and are also using a valid card from them as well.

They do not require you to have a prescription for any of the drugs they sell on the site. However, they recommend that you contact them via phone or email for any orders outside of the United States.

They do have a few addons on the site. One of them is a delivery insurance. This costs $14.95 which you would normally expect to pay with your order.

They offer phone and email support. However, they believe that they will respond to your request for assistance in 24 hours.


From all the information that we have gathered so far, we will have to give them a rating of 3.4 stars out of 5.

The discount offered by this pharmacy is not available to all customers. Free pills are also offered on all orders. However, you are only eligible for this offer if you order products worth $300 or more. claims to offer low prices and great service to the customers.

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