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Canada Drugs Direct Reviews – A Real Scam

07/12/2020 by

Canada Drugs Direct Reviews – A Real Scam

A few reviews were gathered from independent review platforms. All the reviews are Positive towards canada drugs direct, implying that it is a safe and reliable place to buy drugs from.

They also have a 40% rating on, and it looks like that they have been running their business for 2 years. They may have started doing this to get their customer’s attention, but as they are known for fake reviews, this is a red flag.

We are not sure if they have offered any discounts on their site, but they have given away some promotions.

They have given away a limited edition meds for all their members. They sell them at a higher price, but they give you free shipping if you order 50 pills or more.

They have also offered free shipping if your order is larger than that. They usually offer discounts of this size, but they offer an exception for this promotion.

Although they are known for selling counterfeit drugs, it is not as bad as it could be. They only sell the same drugs, at the same price, and this doesn’t make them dangerous for buying. On the contrary, we are quite sure that the ADHD meds being sold here are also of bad quality, and may even be counterfeit.

Getting in touch with them is not recommended. We suspect that the reason for their not being registered is because they are using an anonymous service. This seems like a very shady thing to do. People who want to get drugs from this pharmacy should get in contact immediately.

It is a suspected fact that online pharmacies are using “fake” customer reviews and testimonials on their official Websites. This review details common complaints of some of the “fake” reviews on their Websites.

  • A customer sent a testimonial that said the drugstore was the “best” drug store they had ever worked with.
  • A customer said they received their package in 10 days, better than expected.
  • A customer

Canada Drugs Direct Coupon Codes

You can take a look at canada drugs direct promos without paying all the fees associated with it, like the ones below:

Despite the rather generic looking offers, these are actually very lucrative offers that will help the store increase its profits if it will be useful to consumers.

We have already seen this offer before, and it is not valid. Also, it is a waste of money since they assume that since the customer is ordering from an online store, that they will be reimbursed if they order from other online stores.

Based on all the information that we have come to know about the drugstore, we might conclude that the store is indeed fake, and that they do not have a license to operate anywhere in the world.

On their website, they also have a Money Back Guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the effect of the drugs, you can return the product within 30 days if you have not received the parcel.

The drug store has received a lot of positive feedback on Indiegogo. A lot of good comments are written about this store.

One testimonial from a customer named Stephen is very inspiring. He says that the drugs are effective and that it’s a great company to work with. Stephen is happy with the site’s service that he has received and the drugs he has ordered.

Another testimonial from a customer named Mark is also encouraging for others to review. He says he uses the products and experiences the drugs for the fulfillment of plans and says that he will be ordering again from this site.

According to another customer, the meds he has received are the best thing that he has experienced as far as his health is concerned. He says that he’ll be ordering from the store again in the future.

Canada Drugs Direct

Customer Support

The pharmacy has customer representatives available 24/7 to assist with any issue you may have. The drugstore claims to provide excellent service and this is supported by the fact that they are registered with the FDA and all of their medications are FDA approved.

These customer reports suggest that the pharmacy is doing a great job and are a great source of information for the buyers. Customers are also pleased with the prices of the drugs they are receiving, this is much cheaper than other pharmacies.

They provide the best value for their customers with their low prices, as well as the medicines they sell being FDA approved. They have a customer support team that is available 24/7 365 days a year and have been involved with customer service issues for 5 years.

We conclude by saying that the drugstore is a fantastic pharmacy that you should consider using if you want to save money and you don’t want to risk your health.

Canada drugs direct has been selling low-cost generic drugs to people for a long time. However, in the last 3 years, they have been operating from a different registered business that is probably an entity owned by themselves. On Scamadviser, this pharmacy has a trust score of 81% which is quite low. A quick search on Scamadviser reveals that this site is a rogue and that they are also using fake testimonials in the testimonial section of their site. This makes it look like they have a lot of confidence when it comes to the quality of their service.

All of their drugs are manufactured in India which is growing more popular with online pharmacies. Their main products are generic erectile dysfunction drugs. They offer Cialis and Viagra at very cheap prices. Cialis is at par with 20% cheaper prices when taken in 30mg equivalent. This is very affordable considering the fact the manufacturer only processes it in India. Viagra is around $8 per pill.

Regulatory Approvals

Furthermore, the website does not have a valid SSL certificate which is required by the internet medical industry to protect patients from malicious sites.

  • E-checks
  • Bitcoin
  • Discover
  • E-check

If you have any complaints, concerns, or questions regarding this pharmaceutical website, we offer customer support services via phone, email, and fax. However, there are basically two ways to contact them.

You may contact their toll-free number on USA and UK numbers provided on the website or you may call their Toll-free Hotline +1 718 487 9792.

To check if this online pharmacy is a genuine business, you may want to check the following testimonials:

  • Jeffrey Tambor in the New York Times has said that he’s using this website because they provide “more affordable medicine” which is a popular selling point.
  • Keith Pichorst from the Canadian Fowler Health System has said that the customer service problems he has experienced are related to him ordering from a new company and having a problem with his order being delayed.
  • Micah Pich/Chris Turner from Canada also praised the pharmacy stating that they have the same product and better prices and more quality.

Featured Products

The pharmacy offers two methods of payment and one delivery method. You can use a credit card and a debit card as well as a mail order to pay for your medications. The pharmacy is certified by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and other Canadian associations to sell their products in Canada.

All orders are fulfilled from pharmacies that are certified by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association and other Canadian associations.

The reviews are from people who bought products from the store and have been happy with the service provided by the pharmacy. Some of the commenters are listed below.

  • I ordered Viagra from your store and have been looking forward to using your products. The delivery was quick and the products arrived on time as well. My question is, the drug was shipped from India and it took a lot of time.
  • I received my shipment and I am extremely satisfied with the delivery. The group of products arrived on time and the delivery was great. Thank you very much.
  • I received my shipment and the package was still missing some medicines. At your prices, it is very hard to overcome the cost of the package. The missing items are the biggest issue.

As if the price wasn’t low enough, you can also find out that it was shipped from India and the delivery was slow. It seems like they were just waiting for some more time before shipping the package.

Despite all the positive feedback that we found, there are still some negative reviews from readers that are claimed to be from their above mentioned feedback.

Regulatory Approvals

Canada Drugs Direct

Although this store is accessible through a secure payment bypass is yet another dubious source for your medical supplies since the Secureron’s Secure Payment Forum is not accessible on the web.

Once payment is verified, your shipment is supposed to start one day later than usual shipping time. However, the store only ships products within the United States.

Shipping is free if you spend more than $200 in one order. Your order will be sent via standard shipping within the continental United States and Canada. Shipping takes 5-9 days before your package arrives and costs $29.95 for this option.

This drugstore does not have any customer reviews or testimonials on their site. It is odd that the site is not indexed for searching.

I searched the web for more recent reviews from independent sites to favor this store but came up empty. This might be an issue since this web archive does not exist anymore.

I think it is strange that this pharmacy is not indexed by any search engines thanks to the fact that it is a new seller. This means that the store likely does not have many customers.

I hope that this store will get some new customers since they need them. These are expensive prescription drugs that must have a good service to make them affordable to others. With no online reviews or testimonial on this site, I don’t know where they are based.

For their ED drugs, they have a special offer. Once an order is made with them, you can expect to receive your order within 48 hours. Their offer of free delivery to the US is limited to orders placed in the US. They do not have a refund policy for their customers.

In an effort to help increase customer satisfaction, this site is offering some discount offers. They are giving 10% off their generic drugs. They are also offering a 5% discount on your next purchase. I am only able to buy my drugs from this store once and I am opting for their regular offer.

This is a valid offer. If you want to buy generic drugs, they are giving you a discount. A 5% discount on your next order is a great incentive to consider this store.

Prescription Requirements

Purchase of medication from this online store is not required to register with them. However, they strongly suggest that you have a valid prescription before ordering.

If you have any questions in regard to your purchase, you may send them a message through their “Contact Us” form. You may also call them at +1 888 470 9792.

Although the offer is not limited to only online purchases, they give you an exclusive discount on future purchases. This is so even if your account balance is zero.

As in any other online store, you can pay for your order from most of the major credit cards. They accept two different payment methods and both are secure.

The first way is using the Mastercard and VISA cards. You need to provide your Visa card to make a payment when they will accept it. The other way to pay is using personal and bank wire transfers.

As a pure online pharmacy, they have the best of the best. What more is there to offer? We will find out soon enough.

The pharmacy offers a deadline of six months notice to its customers although they do not provide the exact deadline as they only provide a few days notice for the reshipment or the refund.

Conclusion is here to stay, despite what you may think. It is safe to use and have a great time with. This is because it has quality products at the best price possible. There is not much competition in the market today and it is not necessary for you to try out a new product to get one.

They do not have a Threat rating but I am very suspicious as they are not listed as a trusted pharmacy on any of the well-known search engines.

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