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Blue Sky Drugs Review – A Rogue Pharmacy

24/11/2020 by

Blue Sky Drugs Review – A Rogue Pharmacy

Blue sky drugs is also known for offering flexible and quick service for their customers. They offer two complimentary pills, an insurance policy for the users and free shipping for their orders. However, you should purchase an item once you receive your item as it is not possible in every case.

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They also offer a prescription service through which you can request a consultation from their pharmacists for various treatments. This service is offered free of charge for their customers who will be requesting prescriptions.

Despite BlueSkyDrugs's good customer reviews, I decided to check the status of this online pharmacy on the web archive from the same year they were founded as I am curious to see which way the web has changed lately. The first result I got was from Google, which based on the domain information, they claim was an internet pharmacy before they were registered by.

The owner of the website however, has stated that they are not an internet vendor as such, and BlueSkyDrugs does not fall into the category.

They have a 0% on Scamner and blue sky drugs is not popular on any social media accounts as yet. This is certainly disappointing news for a platform that is well-known for its high possibility of being a scam.

Apart from their agonizingly low prices, the platform is also saving the customers a lot of money by using their affiliate program.

Blue Sky Drugs Prescription Requirements

Blue Sky Drugs Reviews 2021

I was curious about the company’s promises and their fulfillment centers. This company has a website which is linked to the Internet and to the extent that I have tried to visit this website, my browser is not responsive.

I don’t know whether this company has a physical store or whether they allow the use of their website as a social media platform. I don’t think that they have a good reputation which is why I decided to do a bit of research and checked out this store on my own.

This review is based on their analysis of a specific mirror website that shows this review. They say that the site has been listed as a Rogue Pharmacy and that it is operating from a high-risk country. They advise the customers to do a bit of research first before they decide to buy from this company.

This pharmacy is a busy one. It has over 500 international pharmacies that serve customers from all over the world. The company operates a Pharmacy Checker service that gives customers a good idea of what is required before they order from this pharmacy. Customers are also alerted when there are suspicious/unapproved pharmacies in the online. The company is also being watched closely by Legit Script and they have received two warnings so far.

This review is based on a specific screenshot. They claim that the website is completely safe to use and that they have received no complaints about it.

Free pills are given to customers who are ordering from BlueSkyDrugs. They are also giving free pills to the first 100 customers who place an online order.

Prescription Requirements

You need a valid prescription from a licensed physician to order RX drugs. You can find a list of licensed physicians by visiting the pharmacy’s website.

Blue Sky Drugs

You can make payments using credit cards from this store which is awesome. They offer two shipping methods.

$14.95. The Express shipping takes between 5 and 9 days and costs $29.95. Both shipping methods can be tracked using this website.

All of the testimonials are dated and they relate to the site’s performance. Among them, the "Not as good as I would have expected" comment was written in 2018. This is because they could not detect any fake comments on the internet.

The fact that this pharmacy is not registered is a selling point. They claim that they operate from the real world but they are not registered by any regulatory bodies.

It is definitely risky to transact with this site as there is no assurance of confidentiality. We suspect that the site owners are using fake testimonials to try and convince you that they are reliable.

The domain name database shows us that this website was only created in 2018. It is a new domain and we would naturally not want to purchase or risk our money on buying it.

Blue Sky Drugs Coupon Codes

There are no current coupons for this pharmacy website, there have been strikes and there are adverse reviews.

Blue Sky Drugs Reviews 2021

If you want a discount in the future, you must provide your customers with a valid discount voucher.

Blue sky drugs offers therapeutic medicines at a low price. However, there is no evidence available to support their claims about their FDA approved drugs. As a member of this online drugstore network I would expect a certain amount of trustworthiness but this is all purely based on the quality of their drugs.

Their customer service department is responsive and the drugs they are sending to their customers are of high-quality.

They also offer generic drugs at very low prices which is great. I must say that that I am quite certain that they will have a pharmacy license in the future when they get a lot more customers.

It is difficult to believe that the shop is only a year and a half old. I mean they are granting a new drug license and they are also making their pharmacy available on their website. Yet, I keep getting skeptical because they say that they have successfully regulated themselves in a short space of time. Well, I just wanted to check if it was safe to use them for my medical needs.


I am of two minds about this drugstore. On the one hand, I can see myself ordering from this store and saving some time and on the other hand, I am sure that the website and the drugs are fake and counterfeit. I am going to give this store a rating of 2 out of 5 stars.

I checked on the payment methods that this online pharmacy accepts and they accept credit card payment options. It has a valid SSL certificate to ensure that your information can’t be intercepted when transferring to this pharmacy website.

As a matter of fact, some online pharmacies can be deceptive when it comes to receiving feedback. For instance, some have been cited as a rogue organization and as such, their operation doesn’t seem to be a good thing. They are not listed on any suspicious websites.

When you buy drugs from, you will also get a 10% discount on the next order.

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