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Blue Chew Reviews No Longer Acceptable

13/02/2021 by

Blue Chew Reviews No Longer Acceptable

Blue chew is one of the online pharmacies that offer cheap prescription medicines. They have a wide range of prescription medicine products and fillers. Their most popular drugs are anti-allergic, anti-viral and some men's health drugs. Prices of their generic Viagra are very cheap compared to the market price of $80 per pill.

Richard, from the United States thinks the company is very legit. The company offers good prices with Cialis and Viagra costing $3.49 and $2.79 respectively. They have a valid prescription from their doctor and offer a lot of their prescription drugs at very affordable prices.

He also says that the medication they offer is very good quality. I am not sure if they give the correct dosage but it seems like half the dosage should be given.

Although I would normally be looking for discounts in a pharmacy, especially when I am dealing with online stores, this is not the case with the site. They are giving free shipping for orders over $200.

No discounted shipping is too low for them and free pills are not a good way to spend a lot of money. It seems like they don’t care about their customers at all and that they only care about gaining more popularity and drawing more people who will then order from them.

Prescription Requirements

This drugstore does not require a prescription upon ordering. However, it is strongly suggested that you consult a licensed physician before starting a new medication therapy.

This pharmacy accepts payments with MasterCard and all major credit cards. You don’t need a Visa, Discover, JCB or any other bank account to make an order.

Shipping is via International Unregistered Mail and it is only $14.95 for the regular option. It is also available in the Trackable Courier option for $24.95. Delivery times vary greatly based on the country of destination. For delivery to the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand, you will need an order in the next business day. Shipping is non-refundable and will be accelerated if your order is valued over $200.

Payment Methods

If you have a complaint with your order you can call our customer support team anytime, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 6 pm. You also have the option to leave feedback in our comments section.

If you find out that any testimonials that you have seen are fake, it is best to ignore them as they are not worth your trust.

To conclude, blue chew is a pharmacy that is definitely worth your trust. They have very good prices and the drugs are delivered very quickly.

Although, there are some complaints with this pharmacy website. They do not have enough customer reviews and they are also not approved by the majority of online pharmacies that offer this service.

The store offers different products such as ED meds, for men’s health, for weight loss, pain relief, and erectile dysfunction medications. The prices of the meds sold by this pharmacy are very cheap compared to the competitors.

Blue Chew Coupon

The company also emphasized on the benefits they claim for their customers. They say that their customers are being protected from spam and viruses, from the malicious activities of the web, and from the dangers of navigating the internet. They promise better service and longer-lasting relationships with their clients.

This drug store is a HAVAL company, and they claim to have a license for their service within the state of Florida. The company claims to have quality products, but we need more proof to confirm this. Customers should take note that the store is rather new with a limited pool of customers.

For years, fans have been asking for a Canadian pharmacy that offers high-quality prescriptions to the benefit of all. After searching for a while, we located a blue chew store in the United States. Due to the company's very active customer base, we were able to find a few reviews dedicated to this store.

Blue Chew Coupon

Today, there are so many online pharmacies out there that offer low cost medicines for the company’s products. They are able to sell their products at very affordable prices. Our concern is that their pricing is fake.

This drug store has been around for a while now. They sell low priced medicines at very reasonable prices. They claim to have a wide spectrum of medicines for different clinical use, which is a huge compliment to the fake drugstore that we found.

What is more, we did a comprehensive check on the company only to discover that they are using a third-party service to hide their identity. This means that we cannot be certain about the authenticity of this store and the products they sell.

This pharmacy has been around for quite some time, but they only started to appear in the last few years. This may indicate that the company is doing business with a high-risk country such as Iran.

We also found that the store does not use a valid SSL certificate. This is to avoid any information about their location being available to potential customers.

With all the complaints about this company we have found, we will be very skeptical about their legitimacy. This means that all the information we gathered about this pharmacy was only from the seller’s word.

We also found out that the store was able to accept credit cards from a number of countries. This further suggests that the company is using a process to hide their identity.

We have found that most of the coupons we found do not seem to be genuine.

Blue Chew Prescription Requirements

Payment Methods

We have found a few the website reviews on the internet. All of them are very positive but we are not going to trust them because they have been posted on a second website.

Another customer also shared his story saying he received his package and the doctor assigned him a good review. He was very thankful and asked the customer’s opinion on the customer service.

These reviews are all positive but most of them have been posted on other third party websites. These websites don’t have a good track record.

However, we cannot discount the fact that they are using a money back guarantee as they will refund the customer if they are not received.

This company only accepts payment by checking and transferring funds through bank transfer. They do not have an SSL certificate and also prohibit buying of medications from this website.

Blue chew has a lax regulatory policy and may be involved in cross- border smuggling. This is further aggravated by the fact that the site is not listed with any search engine. We will attempt to uncover the truth about this drugstore by conducting a comprehensive research and reviewing the information supplied by the pharmacy.


I highly recommend the use of this site for your medical needs. It has a fast delivery and has impeccable customer service. I am giving it an average rating of 3 out of 5.

The domain was registered on 2018-03-31 and it has just one day of view. It hashed with a minimal maintenance cost of $0.27 per email. Purchasing a prescription from this store is extremely cheap and it can be done much faster than waiting for the doctor’s approval.

Since it is a new site, I decided to check It has a blue‐listed status and is also approved by the NABP as a safe online pharmacy.

Two payment methods can be used to make payments for this store. You can choose either credit cards from Visa or Mastercard. They can use either of them for checkout.

If you choose the shipping method, it includes a tracking number. However, the pharmacy only ships orders within the United States.

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