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Blink Health Reviews, Info From Other Independent Review Sites

15/12/2020 by

Blink Health Reviews, Info From Other Independent Review Sites

Blink health is an online pharmacy which is not approved by any regulatory authority. They do not provide an actual route to determine whether your parcel has arrived or not and will not advise of how to contact them in case of any problems.

However, there is no evidence on the platform that shows that they are actually located in that country.

Since the website claims to have been in business for seven years, and they claim to have received the parcel in less than 24 hours, I would say that they are probably legit. They have to be.

However, there is no evidence to suggest that they are located in the very large number of locations that they claim. It is hard to say whether it is a good thing or a bad thing when you have been in business for 7 years.

Therefore, I would give them 3 out of 5 and would say that you should consider it a safe to use online pharmacy.

They have a lot of products to offer and I would like to concentrate on the ones I have seen so far, these are all drugs that have been approved by the Indian FDA agency.

They have a discount voucher that you can use that gets you 5% and will set you back $10 if you consider it.

They do not have any assurance of reliability and this makes me question whether they will be able to provide their customers with the medication they promise.

There are other problems with the website and the payment processes that add to my doubts about the legitimacy of this store.

They have tried to make this drug store look legit by using an anchor company that is also a pharmacy.

Regulatory Approval

This store is secured using SSL (secure sockets layer). Payments are made via Visa and MasterCard. They also accept check payments with some restrictions. You need to be at least 18 years old to order from them. There are no other online pharmacies that offer this offer.

  • Credit cards: The store has a 3% discount on all future orders.
  • Electronic cigarettes: This pharmacy also offers Erectile dysfunction pills.
  • Personalised customer service: They offer telephonic and telephone support to help with orders.
  • Shipping: The store ships to many countries worldwide.
  • If you need an extra discount you can also contact their support team using their “contact us” form. They will email you back their product for free.

This store has a testimonial page which displays the blink health reviews they have received. The comments are genuine and show how happy this user’s been to receive their product and customer service services.

· A customer testimonial is a good representation of how satisfied customers are with an online pharmacy. They will usually be happy with their experiences as they receive their reviews from all of their customers.

Blink Health Regulatory Approval

· A customer testimonial is also a marker of a pharmacy’s reliability. If they received a negative review they would be quick to deny it and claim the feedback was all fabricated.

· An online pharmacy is a reliable provider of its consumers with the proper training and certification.

It is also important to note though that all of the feedback they have received are fake.

Delivery Timeline

Shipping is free, you just need to spend $50 for an EMS shipping option. This service is offered worldwide.

The site is missing testimonials and reviews from their site. This means that there is no way for the public to review this store and to have a voice in the matter.

This website is an online scam. They have no regulation and may not actually be in the United States. They also do not have a license to operate in the state of Florida. They are therefore not safe to purchase your drugs from and will likely cause you a great deal of financial hardship if you decide to buy from them.

They do not have too, a completely fake, generic, guaranteed fake, and trustless counterfeit drug available for purchase.

Therefore, you should not trust this site and should look for a legitimate and reliable drug store for your medical needs.

BlinkHealth is a pharmacy website that is owned by the same company that owns thousands of other online pharmacies. It is also not in the US FDA approved, but it is a certified US member of this site. It claims to offer low cost pharmaceutical products that are easy to use. This is all good, but where is the real deal? We will find out in this article.

This pharmacy website is registered through a third party company called Global Pharmacy Services Limited. This company is a non-governmental business which we believe to be involved in tax avoidance.

This pharmaceutical website is using the name Canadian Pharmacy Shop as its business name. This is a good sign that indicates that it is a safe website to use.

Blink Health / Testimonials

What are the recurring offers from blink health? These offer free samples for eligible Australian residents or visitors and they have a 10% discount on orders over $250.

You can also avail discounts on your next purchase, as long as you are approved by their pharmacy and you are over 18 years old.

The drug store is an online pharmacy which makes claims about offering high-quality services, including Aussie Rules football team colours. However, our experience with this website confirms the fact that it is not both safe and a good option for purchasing medications.

Delivery Timeline

This drugstore is a virtual drugstore that offers a low cost product for sale. They offer different products for different medical conditions. The drugs that we have found are very cheap and affordable compared to the other online pharmacies selling similar drugs.

Customers are only charged $9.95 when using their coupon. This is cheaper compared to other online pharmacies that offer discounted prices.

After completing the payment you will get a Free Sample from their pharmacy. They do not need a prescription to order drugs from a pharmacy. Some pharmacies require a prescription when ordering drugs.

It is very important that you are approved by your doctor when ordering to avoid a risk of any medication causing medication overdose.

Unfortunately this shipping method can take longer than the other 2 or 3 weeks as they do not use registered mail anymore.


If you do not check for these reviews, then some are no doubt written by the same person, who is most likely a fake.

Recommendation: Make sure to check whether an online store is genuine before agreeing to buy their medicines from them.

Blink health, one of the few genuine online pharmacies currently in operation in Canada, is seeking feedback from its customers on its trust rating.

This business started its online journey in 2018 when the domain name was first registered and it has a very long running track record of selling reliable drugs to their customers.

The pharmacy is offering feedback on its website as well. One of the comments is from Chris who has been a customer for almost seven years. He tells us how comfortable he has been with the drugstore and how trustworthy it has been.

The other comment is from Jason who has been a customer for five years and how the pharmacy has been able to provide him with the best service. Jason tells us how he has been to several stores, all with 100% positive reviews from their customers. He says he can’t wait to continue his purchase of Viagra because of the great service.

If you are interested in buying pharmaceutical products from this pharmacy that has been verified by the CIPA, please read our review.

BlinkHealth has a lot of great service and support available to its customers. This is great news for the customers who are looking for a new store to purchase their medicines from. The website is also very affordable and reasonable priced. The prices of their medicines are very reasonable and affordable as compared to the pharmacy’s competitors.

The customer reviews are very positive as well and indicate that their customers are satisfied with their service. Some are even suggesting that they might be able to buy their drugs from this store.

Since the customer reviews are high on the website, the pharmacy is offering special offers on their website.

Remember that ordering through this pharmacy requires a valid prescription in order to be legit. The pharmacy has a prescription agreement with the Public Health Agency of Canada.

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