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Adv Pharmacy Review – A Rogue Online Pharmacy That Is Lacking Authentic Reviews

11/08/2020 by

Adv Pharmacy Review – A Rogue Online Pharmacy That Is Lacking Authentic Reviews

Adv pharmacy is a Canadian online pharmacy that has been operating for five years. They say that they’ve made it easy to purchase medicines with over 200 different drug categories available, and most of them are approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Their generic Cialis (Tadalafil) costs $0.63 per pill and is offered for as low as $0.79. This drug has the same active ingredients as its branded equivalent.

The drug store is an online pharmacy that offers both brand and generic medicines. They say that all their medicines are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. They claim that the drugs they offer are of the highest quality and designed to impress since they contain the correct active ingredients needed for the drug to work.

They offer a big range of their products from A to Z, they claim that they have the lowest prices on the web.

For an additional discount, they would like you to sign up with them. For your reference, here is their part of the deal.

Adv Pharmacy Reviews 2021

When it comes to payment, they accept credit cards. They also accept eCheck and some money transfer/shipping funds as well. On their website they state that they provide you with a secure platform for payment. They also provide a live chat support platform where you can ask any questions you may have regarding the pharmacy.

Their terms of use are very clear. You may enter your health information and billing address on the site. They will use your information to send you emails with special offers and other discounts depending on your subscription.

I do hope that the FDA approves the online pharmacy as they are doing an excellent job of protecting the public.

I do love reviews. They are essential when making an online purchase. If an online seller is going to be around for very long they need their customers to review them. With a few complaints, they can still survive and they will have a large number of satisfied customers.

Adv Pharmacy Coupon Codes

Freebies aside, the freebie offer from this drugstore has been disappointing in the recent years. In the last 20+ years, the rate of orders received by adv pharmacy has drastically decreased as compared to other internet pharmacies.

Forget the freebies! The website is charging for all its products, including their generic counterparts. Since they are also selling the same branded ones, the cost of the pills they are sending to the customers are much more expensive.

Before adopting the this website brand, I thought that it was a solid online pharmacy for sales of generic products. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that despite looking similar to several other online pharmacies, adv pharmacy is actually a better option for buying generic medications.

This drugstore is the website of an online pharmacy that claims to offer the highest quality generic drugs at very affordable prices. They say that they provide the lowest price Guaranteed. I am going to check the website on and see if it qualifies for the certification.

The domain was registered and hosted in April 2018. It will expire on 2015-04-31. The registration date of the domain is behind a lot of other online pharmacies that have been registered for a longer period of time.

The domain records from show that the drug store website was not registered for a month. Therefore, there are more questions than answers about the website.

The medicines available on this website are generic and their prices are very low. Not all online pharmacies have got generic medicines at their disposal.

Adv pharmacy is a business that focuses on the sale of generic medicine products. They have an RMB 200 million and a turnover of about 60 million.

This company is run by a company that has been in the industry for over 7 years. They do not give a reason for their presence in the domain records. Such longevity is very impressive and suggests that the pharmacy may be legit.

The WeChat Posting Service does not require a license when posting on their platform. This means that they are operating illegally without any licenses or approvals to be trusted. Scamadviser is a website that provides information about several online pharmacies that have been reviewed.

Adv Pharmacy

The WeChat Posting Service also does not have a license when it comes to selling advertisements on their platform. The advertisements are not regulated by any regulatory body.

Prescription Requirements

This pharmacy website accepts payments made using credit cards from the Visa, Mastercard, and Amex companies.

This pharmacy website is offering four ways to contact them via phone and email. You can also fill in a contact form in case you have any questions.

This website has a testimonials page full of reviews from customers who have tried their service out and enjoyed the reliable delivery.

The reviews seem to be genuine and there seems to be a lot of good feedback. The testimonials show that the drugstore website is safe to use.

It seems like the world itself is full of scam pharmacies. There are so many online drugstores out there, that it is hard to choose which to choose from. So who is this the site? Well, they are an online drugstore based in Canada. They claim to be helping clients save more by providing affordable drugs. We are going to be checking if it is true that they are saving more than before.

Since they are only a few months old, we would like to find out more about them. We have found out that they have a domain registration date of 2019-03-14. From this information, we can confirm that it has a period of 2 years.

This domain has been registered using a private registrar who is based in Canada. What is more shocking is that this pharmacy has a domain privacy date of 2019-03-14. This means that they have been actively selling illegal drugs for almost two years.

A business contact email address has been set up for clients interested in getting in contact with them. However, most of the emails they send are about receiving their orders.

We have also found that many other drugstore emails are being sent to the same address. This shows that the pharmacy is probably doing business with hundreds of other mirror websites.

Since they do not provide their actual contact information, we can only rely on the fact that they are using a contact email service.

The pharmacy has been approved by the CIPA and other regulatory authorities.

Available Products

Although the blog sharing this site has a live chat feature, you cannot contact the company using this feature. However, you can send the company an email using their website.

Furthermore, the company has a calendar of events to make sure you won’t get bored with the events that they have in store for the year.

Furthermore, the drug store claims to have been online since 2007 with a recent update on October 19, 2018.

It is, therefore, very clear that the pharmacy operates their business with integrity and not relying on just the hardware that was manufactured.


Further looking at the pharmacy site, we were able to find the Business Contact details for the company.

The pharmacy offers medical products and other goods from a variety of different pharmaceutical companies. This includes:

Adv Pharmacy Prescription Requirements

  1. Aand Cipla
  2. Avanafil
  3. Furosemide
  4. Propecia
  5. Sildenafil Citrate

On the homepage of the pharmacy site, you will find about a dozen different products with the majority of the pills being dispensed from their UK and Ireland offices.

These pharmacy sites are not a coincidence as they align in terms of domain and business registration. It is therefore apparent that these pharmacies are not operating with a valid license.

There are about a dozen different regulatory approvals covering a wide variety of products and industries.

  1. Generic Viagra
  2. Brand Viagra
  3. Generic Cialis
  4. Brand Cialis
  5. Bitcoin
  6. Trackable Courier Service
  7. Shipping the products to all countries in the


We conclude that the price for this drug is too good to be true. We cannot recommend this store to anyone as it is a rogue pharmacy.

If you want to shop meds at the convenience level that you provide, then by all means use this store. However, we would not encourage you to use this pharmacy as it is not safe.

Since the prices are too good to be true, we would say that you should wait for longer for this drug store and try the other online pharmacies that offer more reliable services.

We would also like to hear what other customers think about this drug store. Please leave a comment below.

There are many websites that are based in Canada and have a logo that says “Caucasian Business for Real Results”. These online pharmacies are certified by CIPA, but are not licensed to sell medication online.

However, many of these online pharmacies have a CIPA badge or their pharmacy business is licensed by CIPA.

There are also many pharmacies with a different logo but they are all licensed by the same authority.

According to the CIPA database, there are over 1,200 licensed pharmacies in Canada. This means that almost 100 percent of them are registered and approved.

However, there are more than 1,200 online pharmacies with no regulatory approvals in the CIPA database.

All of the medications are manufactured in Canada and shipped to their customers from various territories of the world.

All orders are shipped through Canada Post and are delivered to their addresses from various International Post Offices around the world.

What we love about this store is their “coupon” that is based on the free gift they push out to their customers.

They also have some great deals to offer such as free shipping for orders over $200, 7% on their first order, or free pills on their second order.

Shipping is done worldwide using Canada Post and all orders are insured against loss or damage from goods arriving.

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