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Ac Credo Review – A Rogue Online Pharmacy

25/01/2021 by

Ac Credo Review – A Rogue Online Pharmacy

Ac credo is an online pharmacy that claims to offer free delivery to UK addresses. The pharmacy has an exclusive deal with Over-The-Counter Drugs Company and offers a cash discount after a promotional offer. A limited number of pills are also given away free of charge. This drug store claim to ship worldwide. The site seems legit but there are many flaws in the way it operates. Since the site is now closed, we won’t be able to verify the authenticity of this drugstore.

There are no coupon codes found on the pharmacy website. The company also offers an extra discount of 10% for returning customers. However, this offer is no longer valid since the company has closed down.

Contacting a customer service representative via phone, email, fax or postal mail is very easy and convenient if you have some issues with your order. The company also replied quickly to any queries they might have. They promise free delivery to UK addresses and offer a cash discount for returning customers.

It seems legit but we need more proof of its legitimacy. It looks like a scam and never has been able to provide very good service. Thus, we won’t be recommending this company to you.

The domain that has been listed as rogue is registered for a very long period of time. The site has been around for more than 10 years. This means that they are not making a lot of money from this pharmacy.

This site seems to be using a mailing address that is clearly fake. They pretend that they are located in Canada but we are very suspicious of this claim.

Checking the certification seals on this pharmacy site shows that they are not members of any regulatory agencies. In part, we are just saying sorry for the long domain registration period. However, this isn’t the only reason that you should avoid this site.

For example, we found out that this pharmacy site is not registered by any regulatory agency in Canada. They are not following any license requirements either.

The pharmacy site is a warehouse of different types of generic pills. You can have a look at the pills that are available on the website.

The company seems to be offering brand and generic pills. They seem to be sourcing their drugs from several different countries around the world.

Approval Licenses

Since we are interested in how these drugs are administered, we have checked the domain status of these online pharmacies. Legit has flagged the domain as being in "threat" status.

The pharmacy offers a wide range of pills including, but not limited to, anti-allergic, anti-fungal, antiviral, anti-smoking and so much more.

Ac Credo

You need to keep in mind that the pharmacy does not require a prescription form or any other documentation in order to dispense drugs from them. However, you may opt to fax, mail or email the prescription to them.

Shipping costs $29.95 on all of their shipping methods. They offer a money back guarantee if your order is not delivered and they offer a full refund or reshipping.

They have customer support representatives that can be reached through their phone numbers or by calling them at +1 888 424 0758 and +1 718 420 8763. They also have an online form that you can fill out and send them your questions.

However, another sign is the fact that all the reviews they have are positive, all are completely unconvincing. These testimonial pages are not authentic and they are all copied from other websites. The company has also posted on many other sites, however.

Ac Credo Reviews & Testimonials

If you are interested in purchasing from a certain pharmacy and you do not receive any shipments from them, you need to make a call and request for a refund or replacement. They have 24 hours to reply or they will be contacting the support team to expedite your refunds.

Since there are many customers complaining about their orders not arriving, we have tried to gather some testimonials from their customers.

Sidney’s order was delayed for up to 2 weeks with the first shipment only arriving a week ago. She contacted them for a refund and received her order in great condition.

“I have received my purchase and am extremely satisfied. I will purchase again from them in the future. I will be doing business with them for years to come. Thank you so much!

  1. Marilyn from Florida

Marilyn noticed that her order arrived a week earlier than she expected but said that she received it in excellent condition. Her order consisted of both male and female Viagra pills. She said that it was her “favorite product” due to its “quality”.

“I have received my order and it is all good. I am very pleased. I will be doing business with them for years to come. Thank you very much!!

  1. Jenny from California

Ac Credo

Jenny noted that the drugs she has received are “great” and thanked them for their “kind” assistance. She thanked the pharmacy for their “peaceful support” and for the “generous assistance” they offered. is an online pharmacy that sells medication that is manufactured in Canada. The company has been operating for 7 years since it was created in 2001. Apart from selling reliable drugs, the company also provides insurance that guarantees their clients’ safety.

Even though there is no customer feedback available, the company has been mentioned by many people who have ordered from the pharmacy. So, you need to make sure that you don’t find something wrong with your product to order from the company.

AcCredo is a pharmacy that offers branded and generic medications for both men and women.

Scam Analysis

A scam analysis on shows that this online pharmacy is up for a high level of risk. The site is quite new so there is a high chance of it being a scam.

With the proliferation of internet drugstores in recent years, private individuals and businesses can now create their own websites to sell their services online. This is actually more convenient than buying medicines from a medical store, providing customers greater control and transparency. However, there is a constant threat of identity theft and counterfeit drugs being sold online, affecting the integrity of the website and the business.

At least three pills of Viagra are sold for as low as $29.95 on this online drugstore. This is a lot less expensive compared to the retail price which is $159.95. However, a return request is only accepted if the return arrives in less than a week.

From the domains we have gathered, it appears that this is a fake website. The domains have been registered in August 2018 and the latest update on March 2019 indicates that they are only a few months old.

Ac credo seems to be a fairly new business that has only been doing business for less than a year. They have a nice site layout with good content that seems almost including a section for reviews.

We were able to find reviews here and it seems so like they are mostly positive. However, they are also available on other fake online pharmacies that don’t have any regulation. This means that they are likely to be fake and there is a high risk of being scammed.

It seems that unless they have a real feedback platform they are unable to get through to the customers. As a result, they are likely to be a scam.

Ac Credo Coupon

The store this drug store is a Canadian pharmacy which claims to operate from a genuine supplier. This store is famous for offering the cheapest prices in the industry and they also offer fast and free shipping. Ac credo offers FDA approved drugs and medicine for all of their products.

Ac Credo Coupon

The store appears to be legitimate and offers the cheapest prices on the web. The pharmacy has a live chat window where you can call their support team and ask any questions you may have. They also have phone numbers for the US and UK.

This shop has also not been able to find independent reviews for this drug store. I thought that this pharmacy would be found to be genuine and trustworthy but this question is a big red flag.

Ac credo does not offer coupon codes for their customers but you can expect some discount offers on the site for the fall.

I am also a big believer that you need to get professional medical advice before starting a new drug therapy, especially those who already possess a Prophylactic Use/Period of Pharmacy card. However, this offers a great deal of protection since this online pharmacy uses a Canadian based company which is public approved by the FDA.

They offer a discounted price offer on this site for the Flexible Rate Plan which allows you to save up to $2 off on your first order.

The site is a pharmacy that offers a lot of different medications. They have some of the most common drugs that you can find in most pharmacies.


The fact that the company did not have a valid license indicates that this pharmacy is not operating legally. They have also not clearly mentioned the real location of the business, suggesting that their business may be operated from many locations around the world.

The fact that there are no valid licenses also shows that the company is not operating legally. Not all online pharmacies are ethical.

From the facts that we have gathered about this company, we can conclude that they are not safe to use.

The domain name record reveals that this pharmacy’s address was registered in 2017, which is a long time for a pharmacy this size to be registered for.

What is more shocking is that this domain is only a year old, as revealing information about where the pharmacy is operating from could mean criminal charges.

The drug store does not provide an address. The DEA does not have an online drugstore in their database, although they do have more than a hundred other online pharmacies selling drugs.

When checking the pharmacy’s website, we do not find their business name and address. The DEA does provide a phone number for the DEA store, plus an email address to contact them.

This online pharmacy is a private entity and therefore not compliant with the law in using the DEA Seal of Approval. This is a huge concern, considering the fact that this is a highly secretive organization.

The business address provided by the pharmacy is not always accurate, however, as the drugstore has a domain privacy service to hide their real location.

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