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A Dw Diabetes Review - A Rogue Online Pharmacy

29/12/2020 by

A Dw Diabetes Review - A Rogue Online Pharmacy

A dw diabetes offers their signed prescription only package for payment. They accept credit/debit cards, but not all payment methods are covered by this store. As an alternative to credit cards, the shop also shares their customers’ online information through the use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which encrypts credit card data and sends it through the Internet communication provider.

The drugstore has a testimonials page mainly with positive reviews written by their customers. Below are some of the comments we found on the page:

Miriam from Toronto, Ontario, Canada says that her prescription was not processed and the customer support was very helpful. In her experience, the customer service agents were very helpful and she had the satisfaction of using them.

Nick from Fredericton, New Brunswick and says that the customer support was very helpful and he was happy with their speedy response. Finally, he says that he will order again.

Joey from London, England says that the customer support was very helpful with his purchase. He thanked the company for a great deal while mentioning that he will recommend to anyone who will order from them.

Adam from Essex, UK says that the customer service representatives were very helpful and he was very pleased with the results. He expressed his concern about the quality of service they provide and said that he is looking for a new company to receive his goods.

All three of these comments are from previous customers of this store. We also found some complaints from customers who have tried the store many times before and failed to receive their orders.

A Dw Diabetes

A Dw Diabetes Offers

Since they are operating from Canada, this pharmacy is shipping to their customers in the United States. The store ships its products to all 50 states of the USA including California, Florida, Nevada, Arizona, New York, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. Shipping to other countries is free. Shipping to the rest of the world is not free but it is an additional charge.

I tried checking the price of their generic Viagra on their website and it was quite expensive. I mean, it is a prescription drug, but I was not sure if it was legal to order. It is available in 35 different medications and it costs $79.

There is a live chat which you can use to chat with the customer care agents that dispense the medicines and also contact other members of their group.

I think there is one thing that I agree with them. They do not sell power pills or any other medication that can be used to replace Viagra or Cialis. So, I think it should be a problem if you do not have any other options.

This review gave a mixed review, and I don't think it is a good thing to find reviews from other independent sites. I mean, they may be honest and genuine but they also might be on the cutting edge of scam assessing the pharmacy.

I want to know whether the customer support department is responsive or not. I used to learn more about this website.

Medications / Pricing

The pharmacy deals in drugs that are manufactured by several different pharmaceutical companies in India. The world-famous Indian pharmaceutical company, Ranbaxy, has its headquarters in New Delhi. Intex Pharma, one of the earliest online drugstores on the Internet, is also based in Delhi.

A Dw Diabetes

The pharmacy did not have any specific medications available for sale, but the store offered medication on an as-needed basis, asking its customers to contact their doctors for proper management of their condition.

This pharmacy offers brand-name treatments for all of its items, including erectile dysfunction drugs, blood pressure and cholesterol-regulating agents. However, the store does not have generic products available for sale.

The store is offering a discount of up to 10% on all the products on the store. However, customers are only eligible for 2% discounts on their purchases. Customers have until 12:01 AM PT on the 20th day of February 2019 to register for the coupon.

  • Credit cards from the major credit card processing companies, including:
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • E-check

On its website, a dw diabetes states that it offers 24/7 customer support. However, the store did not have phone numbers or live chat.

The drugstore has a testimonials page filled with this shop reviews. It is surprising that so many testimonials are available on the site. The reviews are not positive, however, which indicates a lack of customer satisfaction.

A Dw Diabetes Reviews 2021

They give an address in the United Kingdom and use a UK number.

A Dw Diabetes Offers

This pharmacy uses a Seal of Approval from LegitScript and has been certified by the National Health Service Executive which is something they do not carry out on their own website.

This is an unusual move to demand that you consult a doctor before you can order from this store. While some pharmacies ask that you provide a doctor’s prescription, a dw diabetes do not require submitting a copy of such a prescription to them.

This deal is one of the best I have seen on the web and is a great way to encourage people to consider using them.


I have a feeling that out to be a scam. The fact that the owner’s name and address is hidden is not a good thing especially when there are many suspicious aspects. If this store was really located in Canada there is a possibility that their main office may have been in Romania. They have been shut down a number of times by the US government because of many issues and the fact that they have no physical address is a big red flag. This store is best remembered for selling cheap pills which were not so cheap as to be affordable.

It seemed like a lot of extra factors were going to come into play when you considered the sites past performance and health. For one, they are completely new with only a few years of experience and fitness. Second, there is no physical address of the real world pharmacy that they claim to be located in. Lastly, I did not find the customer reviews that I was looking for and the testimonials that they left were incomplete. All of these factors meant that I would have to reach out to others for a more comprehensive assessment of this store.

To conclude, I would give the shop a rating of 1 out of 5 stars. I would not buy from this store for the very reason that they are new and have no physical address.

All drugs in the store are FDA approved. They are safe to use. Their drugs are given the quality assurance of having been evaluated by experts from the Pharmaceutical and Health Protection Bureau of Canada (PIPB).

This pharmacy offers a friendly customer service team that makes sure that customers are up to date on the latest drug developments. They offer a customer support team by phone and email to help customers with their questions.

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