Volunteer Services

Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital



An enthusiastic group of public health students, they treat patients with respect and courtesy, true team players, we won’t be able to make it without them!“

Piera Wong, RN

“Volunteers: Thoughtful, patient, helpful champions for our SFGH patients. They may not realize how valuable the work is that they do but they perform essential functions for our patients. Thank you for everything that you do. SFGH is a better place having you here!”

Shobha Sadasivaiah, MD

“The patient advocate volunteer experience was very positive. We had Lorena Diaz as our volunteer and she was very helpful, fast learner and caring towards our patient. We also had other interactions with volunteers in which they were very willing to assist us in escorting patient to their clinic. “

Ana Perucho

Patient Advocate

“Our volunteers have been instrumental to improving our patient experience with our patient satisfaction surveys and navigating patients. In addition, they have made it possible to partner with other departments such as the Wellness center and bring the positive energy that our patients deserve. I can go on and on about the program and the positive impact they have made at the Urgent Care Center.“

Ricardo Ballin

Nurse Manager

Wayfinder are a special group of volunteers! Wayfinders have the most compassionate heart on all campus. Wayfidners exemplify selfless service and humility. I am proud to coordinate the Wayfidner program, get to meet the most giving individuals and together work toward approving patient experience and creating smiles all across campus. THANK YOU, WAYFINDERS!

Liliana Cabrera

Director of First Impressions

“The volunteers have been a tremendous asset to our department. They have helped us learn how to better communicate with our patients and to overall become better providers.“

Lukejohn Day, MD


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