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My Pill Rx Reviews – An Unproven Source Of Medicines

03/04/2021 by

My Pill Rx Reviews – An Unproven Source Of Medicines

My pill rx is a pharmacy that “trusts” and is considered one of the safest on the internet. It claims to be a safe haven for customers who do not feel safe using their credit card information in buying drugs from any other online vendor.

What we were able to discover is that this is a figment of the customer’s imagination as no online pharmacy is completely safe and secure.

They sell a wide range of products ranging from common anti-malware to medication for erectile dysfunction.

They accept payments made using credit cards from leading banks such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express as well as emerging payment methods like ECheck and Bitcoin.

There is also a Money Back Guarantee that is not to be taken lightly, if the product is not delivered to you within 30 days it will be covered by a full refund or reshipment.

This drugstore has been able to receive positive feedbacks from its customers from the previous years due to the fact they received their products from the pharmacy which was able to deliver to their doorsteps.

They are also giving their patients unique deals and special offers which are very pleasing to behold.

However, there are some reviews from the customer who have tried to re-ship the drugs that are not signed and are therefore not trustworthy.

If you have received a wrong product from the pharmacy please contact their support team as they are able to reship the right product for you at very low prices.

The drugstore is a pharmacy that does not have an SSL certificate and is therefore not suitable for buying drugs.

On URL Void, there is also no mention of my pill rx and you need a valid prescription to purchase from them.

This website is a drug store that is allegedly a Canadian Pharmacy in name only. They also claim to offer on site consultation to their customers. We look into the details of this store and decide if they are legit.

The domain names for this store are different to our normal use. This means that this is a genuine pharmacy.

The domain for this store was first registered in 2007 as this is a good sign of a more reliable store.

The website is using a modern design that is pleasing to the eye. It has buttons for different aspects of the store such as product details, payment methods, and shipping methods.

An address is provided in Prince Edward Island, Canada. This sounds suspicious as there is nothing to suggest that this is a real company establishment.

My Pill Rx

This store has accreditation from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP).

My Pill Rx Scam Assessment

This online drug store violates several guidelines set out to make sure you are safe when ordering from them.

They don’t use a professional online drug store to make their site. Instead, they have created a fake site called “Online Pharmacy”. They use 3rd party drug pharmacies to dispense their medications to you rather than the licensed pharmacies who are located in their own territory.

The store does not offer any discounted prices for their products, they only ask you to purchase because they want to make their site available to the public.

This shop gives you free shipping for up to $200 when you spend more than $200 on their products.

They also have a good return and refund policy though they only ship products that have been approved by the FDA.

My pill rx is a pharmacy which claims to sell genuine generic drugs at very low prices. Their drugs are manufactured in India and shipped to their customers from different parts of the world. They accept MasterCard and VISA cards as well as debit cards. They also offer a money back guarantee. They say that their medicine costs are cheaper than the competitors but they believe that they stand out because they offer very cheap prices. Other than that, they give no additional information and you have to see it in their website. I decided to check it out and check if they are legit and true to their word. From their website:

The company has been offering this kind of service since 2009. Their pharmacy is not being transparent about where they are based or where they receive their medicines. They are also offering refunds and replacements if they do not receive your parcel within 30 days or if they are damaged or lost packages.

They have a mailing address in the Netherlands and the company is supposed to be operating from the United States. All their medicines are discreet so you will have to make sure to hide your private information in plain sight. A valid prescription is not required. On their website there is also a prescription part but they do not allow online prescriptions on their site.

I decided to check this site on and found out that it is in the safe category meaning that they do not have a problem with fraud and that the results from their tests are valid.

My Pill Rx Prescription Policy

You are required to submit a valid prescription from a licensed physician in order to purchase RX drugs from the shop. Your prescription should include the following information:

  • Drug will be used
  • Medicine will be given

Therefore, it is strongly suggested that you consult a licensed physician before using Rx drugs from my pill rx.

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Bitcoin
  • E-checks
  • Wire transfer
  • Personal or bank money order order
  • Personal check
  • Money order

We have testimonial pages on our website. From what we discovered, there is also a section for new customers. However, reviews are very limited on this site, confirming what we already suspected - that it is a new pharmacy.

This indicates that the site is doing well, but the testimonial page is not an endorsement of this pharmacy.

My Pill Rx

A recent check on shows that this shop has been online for around nine years. From the look of things, the chances are that this pharmacy is safe to use.

However, it is important to keep in mind that this is a very new website so there is a high chance that they are using a fake profile.

To conclude, the website is a pharmacy that seems to have been around for quite a while, but has only recently registered with

They are also not approved by the whole world which means they are not operating in the most valid way possible.

My Pill Rx Reviews 2021

The company has a page with lots of information about it that you can find on its website. It has a lot of customer feedback as well. The feedback appears to be genuine, but is still awaiting verification by the customer reviews.

It has a page for their customers and you can find a lot of information about the pharmacy on their site. They got our very interested after reading the FAQ section, but they cannot be 100% sure that you will be satisfied with their services. They also claim to receive a minimum 48-hour delivery, so you may need to rush to get your order before they deliver the drugs. Nevertheless, they have a great range of products and have a very low price.

My pill rx has an excellent record of customer testimonials on the company’s website. It also has very positive feedback from its users. The company has been good to work with, especially the reviews from their previous clients that are posted on their website.

Since the testimonials are dated, I have come up with a few guesses why they might be fake. Firstly, the company has a short lifespan and it might be very difficult for them to renew their business. They also lack reviews from other pharmacies, which is something that is common to find when a pharmacy is a young business.

Furthermore, since the company is new and they do not have many client reviews, I also have no idea why they are receiving so much feedback.

The drugstore offers a very competitive price for their generic drugs. They supply the meds at very reasonable prices. They also point out that you can save a large amount of money when you are ordering from them.

Conclusion has a wide variety of products to offer, although its best seller list is the erectile dysfunction drugs. It does not seem to be an active seller of either types of drugs. A lot can be said about this site, but I am only going to quote a few words on this site:

The domain name record can help reveal information about the business. The owner of this pharmacy has decided to hide information about where they are based, so it is not possible for others to discover their location. This is a good thing, as it shows that the site is operating from a reliable location.

This site has an attractive design and has a professional look. It is not cluttered with too many other unrelated sites. However, it is not safe to use, as there is a chance that the owner of this store is using a rogue pharmacy.

It is not clear where this pharmacy is based, but they say that they have been in business since 2009. This further suggests that this pharmacy may only be a few years old. and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). There is also certification from the Missouri State Board of Pharmacy.

On their website, they are offering a discount of up to 10% if you are "precious" priced. If you are in that group, you get 10% of their prices.

Their shipping is area-dependent, and it can take up to 21 days to ship to the United States.

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