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Euro King Gear Review – A Cheap Online Pharmacy That Can Be Trusted But Risky

28/04/2021 by

Euro King Gear Review – A Cheap Online Pharmacy That Can Be Trusted But Risky

Euro king gear is a rogue online drugstore. The website is running its business for 6 years without any genuine customer reviews. It is also using a fake FTC seal and it is possibly a rogue website. This review gives a detailed appraisal of this shop.

The domain name record for this pharmacy shows that it was only registered in 2001. This means that the store has been online for less than half a year. This is inconsistent with the fact that many rogue online pharmacies are using expired domain names.

There is no contact information at the address given for the store. No other details are available for the company. This is strange as it is common for rogue pharmacies to lie about their location and their business location.

Lawsuits against online pharmacies are common these days due to the rapid pace of technological innovation. This will make it harder for them to continue operating their business. There is no indication on the online platform that this store is a registered member of any regulatory authorities.

The UK Government-approved pharmacy has also received a warning, saying that they cannot protect the consumer from fraud and that they are not meeting the minimum standards.

The pharmacy provides a good range of products that are cheap and available in both brand and generic forms.

The price of 10mg x 20 pills of Viagra is very affordable. This makes it one of the cheaper drugs found online.

Most of the medicines appear to be from India. However, there is also a possibility that the drugs could be dispatched from Pakistan.

The pharmacy has N/A customer reviews on independent reviewing websites. When checking some of these reviews, it is clear that the reviewer are not genuine.

The reviews found on are: 3.7 out of 5 stars. This shows that the site is very unlikely to be a genuine business.

It is clear that euro king gear is a rogue internet drugstore. There is very little clarity about the site and the people behind it. It is also operating from a high-risk country.

Has the number of fake online pharmacies been increased since then? Well, a recent study from LegitScript has confirmed what we have already found out: this pharmacy is a rogue internet pharmacy.

They claim that 299 pharmacies are running a scam business online, but this is only the start of the problem.

Their findings reveal that the site is operating from a high-risk country. They are also using fake business addresses to hide their real address.

Business Profile Details

This pharmacy has a high trust rating on This is good because it means that the site is performing reasonably well. However, it is also a bit misleading as they claim to be based in Canada.

EuroKingGear has a wide range of prescription medications available for sale. They have an analog of Viagra, an oral Cialis and a local anesthetic.

This pharmacy has some great promotions in place. They offer two supplies of Viagra (200mg) for only $29.95 which is $5.51 per pill. This is way cheaper compared to other online pharmacies that offer the same product.

Company Profile

If you spend $299 on some generic Viagra you will get $6.31 for the whole package. This is way cheaper compared to other sites offering the same product.

Furthermore, if you spend $300 on some generic Cialis you get $6.49 for the whole package. This is way cheaper compared to other sites offering the same product.

This pharmacy offers two ways of payment. You may pay using Mastercard, Visa and eCheck. The site also has an insured delivery service that allows you to pay your order via the post without waiting for the parcel to arrive.

This site has been voted as a rogue online pharmacy on They are also rated higher than it is safe to buy drugs from. Although this is due to a few rogue pharmacies using the web as a way to hide who they really are.

This pharmacy has a domain name which is unique to them.

Euro King Gear Coupon Codes

This online pharmacy sells a wide selection of generic and brand-name ED medicines. It does not require a prescription in order to get the discounts and discounts are only for the buyers who have bought Viagra for themselves.

The drugs Cialis and Viagra were both evaluated at the US FDA laboratories. The results were similar and indicate that the products are manufactured under the same brand and that the manufacturers work together for a long time to make the product.

  • Free shipping. This pharmacy offers regular shipping on its website.
  • Discounts. They offer an additional 10% in specific packages so and they will also give a bonus 10% if you buy Viagra or Cialis together.
  • Longer life! They believe their customer’s lives will be much longer if they keep doing business with them.
  • Professionally trained staff, it also means they are properly regulated.
  • Guaranteed delivery! If your order gets lost or damaged or if it arrives late, you will be given a full refund or replacement.
  • A lot of satisfaction, most of their customers are pleased with their experience and with the products that they have ordered.

Prescription Requirements

This means that consumers without prescriptions can order any drug using the internet without providing their prescription.

This pharmacy offers a 20% discount on all current orders and gives you FREE shipping to your address.

  • PayPal
  • Direct Debit
  • Wire Transfer
  • Bitcoin

Shipping is not cheap. You can expect your order to arrive within 3 to 9 business days for most orders.

The site has a testimonial page where customers post their views or feedback regarding the site on the platform.

Some of the reviews are truly wonderful. Here are some of the feedback you should look at in detail:

  • Alyssa from USA is 100% satisfied with the service she has received from this pharmacy. She said that they worked with her for 2 years, fixing her order and she is still waiting for it to arrive.
  • Digi from Germany received his package just in time and said that he couldn’t wait for it. The pharmacy gave him a refund and thanked them for their 'help and support'.

This online pharmacy has truly impressed me with their service and their products. They have a great package delivery and customer service and will continue to do so. I give them 3.4 out of 5.0 points and recommend them to patients looking for a new place to buy drugs.

Euro King Gear Reviews 2021

These drugs are all manufactured by FDA approved pharmaceutical companies and are available for all to use.

Euro King Gear Prescription Requirements

What are some of the advantages of using this pharmacy over other online drugstores? Here are the basic things that you need to know while shopping at this site.

These are some of the best benefits of using the drug store. The company offers different kinds of drugs at a very affordable price which is 95 percent cheaper than other online pharmacies. They have a lot of products and although they are simple to understand, they are very important to purchase.

Euro king gear is also known to offer customized orders for the clients and this is also a good thing because the company knows how to cater to customers and not all online pharmacies cater to all orders.

There are two reliable customer reviews I came across, one from and another from This gave me confidence since they are both positive and are very encouraging. In addition, these reviews come from their respective domains which means that they are legitimate and trustworthy.

Registered Owners

Despite the domain has been registered for a very long time, we still do not know who owns it. It is also not clear where the domain is based.

There are also some other potential problems. The owner is using a privacy service to hide who owns the site. This is not a very good sign and goes against the very principles of a legit platform.

There is no way a business could be involved with a drugstore that is selling drugs and this suggests that it is a scam business. At the same time, the fact that the site is online 24/7 suggests that there is a real need to protect yourself from these types of scams.

Since the online drugstore is operating from a different country than the pharmaceutical company that is selling the drugs, there are other regulatory approval issues.

This means that there is something more going on. How will they prove this? The fact that they are using a privacy service is a red herring. They need to make sure that the real owner of the site is not trying to hide who they are.

  • Eye drops
  • Skin care
  • Herbals

The problem is that the pills they offer are priced much more expensive than what other online pharmacies are selling.

They do not require a prescription but they do require a valid prescription to order the medications. This is to prevent any chance of them not fulfilling their legal requirement.

We have already discounted our prices on a number of occasions using this website. We have also found that our offers are not as good as they used to be.

It does seem to be a more secure site so you do not need to worry about the security of your personal or card details.

However, there is a delivery fee of £12.95 per order. This is a little on the expensive side when some other online pharmacies charge far less.

Like other online pharmacies that sell products online, they provide phone and email support to all their US and UK customers. They also offer a number of ways to get in contact with customer support.

They give you the chance to leave feedback and offers to resend if you are not happy with your drug experience.

Euro King Gear Reviews 2021

We have seen this in most online pharmacies and are not surprised. Online pharmacies with great customer service are going to have lots of positive testimonials.

  • They have positive reviews but the customer service is poor.
  • They have positive reviews but the customer support is poor.

Company Profile

The business is registered in Barbados, a British Virgin Islands country, as well as in New Zealand and Singapore.

In addition to these registrations, there are three other fake websites registered with them. These three websites have the same web layout and web content. The pharmacy does not even have a certification as a fake dealing website.

  • Chechnya, a Russian Federation country with a history of cross-border smuggling of narcotics
  • Somalia, a leading seaport city in the Eastern Mediterranean
  • Yemen, an unstable country of war which is currently experiencing an influx of refugees from the Arabian Peninsula
  • Azerbaijan, a major oil producing country in the North Caucasus region of the Russian Federation that is involved in a number of terrorist activities
  • Belarus, a major industrial state in the former Soviet Union that is experiencing a series of anti-government protests
  • Donor tracking website, we discovered that the pharmacy has a registered agent based in the city of St. Petersburg in Russia
  • Scam Adviser, we also discovered that the pharmacy has been listed as a rogue internet pharmacy

Erectile dysfunction drugs or ED drugs are sold for as high as $59.26, Cialis, $89.51 and Levitra, $168.04. This is a bit expensive for a generic Viagra and it does not include shipping fees and other costs.

The pharmacy accepts payments by Credit Cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Their main shipping option is Airmail shipping, which takes between 14 and 21 days.

You must have a valid prescription or other legal documentation from your doctor to order from this pharmacy.

A lot of testimonials are posted on their website, all of these testimonials are very positive, however, they must be taken seriously as they were posted on the same day. This means that the reviews are not genuine.


EuroKingGear is a Canadian pharmacy which claims to have the lowest prices for erectile dysfunction drugs . They say that their generic products are FDA approved and have been verified to work as they claim. I was unable to find information about the owners of the pharmacy since their listings and other details are private due to the confidential nature of its business.

This pharmacy offers branded drugs as well as generic pills. They accept debit and credit cards. They do not accept insurance or any other long term contract for the provision of drugs.

I went through the pharmacy’s website looking for shipping methods and delivery methods and all of them are covered. The online pharmacy is offering a 30% discount on the next order. Discounts are available until 31 December 2004.

They offer no particular information about the pills they offer but they claim that their generic drugs are 1-2 times cheaper than the branded Viagra which is sold at the local pharmacy.

I tried to negotiate a discount for myself but they would not allow it. I had to ask around in order to get any information about their pharmacy to be completely honest.

There are no testimonials from customers of the drug store. The site has no social media accounts which is unusual for a site so new.

There are only a few testimonials from other online pharmacies on the internet. I am not sure if these are genuine or are just posted to gain attention.

Since the site is now offline, I didn't want to blindly accept all of their statements. There are many things that make the site unreliable so it would have been interesting to check them all.

However, from the data that they have, I can say that euro king gear is affiliated with 27 online pharmacies. This makes it one of the busiest online drugstores I have seen, not least because of the number of pharmacies joining the network.

I love the fact that they offer a 30% discount on the next order until 31 December 2004. I would be surprised if they do not extend these discounts indefinitely.

I compare the pricing of Cialis and Viagra at local pharmacies to see if this is more affordable.

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